uneven bars   (不均一なバー)

She finished second on balance beam and uneven bars.

Ross won the uneven bars and balance beam competitions.

Individually Downie qualified for the uneven bars final.

behind bars   (バーの後ろ)

He confesses to the murder and is put behind bars.

The prize for respondents is "20 years behind bars."

So they set a big trap to put Induchoodan behind bars.

bars and restaurants   (バーやレストラン)

The resort has a handful of bars and restaurants.

The square is lined with numerous pubs, bars and restaurants.

Several bars and restaurants were also located at Münsterstraße.

restaurants and bars   (レストランやバー)

The resort has over 50 restaurants and bars.

Several restaurants and bars operate on the Rose Quarter property.

boasts a 1.6 kilometer long stretch of stores, restaurants and bars.

parallel bars   (平行棒)

The first is a straddled Healy twirl on parallel bars.

Liukin won the silver medal in the all-around and on the parallel bars.

Pete, wearing nothing on his upper body, shows off for Saadia, giving her a private demonstration of his skills on the parallel bars.

gay bars

pulling people out of gay bars to cheers.

Many gay bars can be found on Colfax Avenue and on South Broadway.

The gay bars around Sheridan Square and down on West Street were packed.

iron bars

It was stabilized by iron bars inside the body.

The small square windows originally featured meshed iron bars.

Tellers were behind iron bars and removed from their customers.

bars and clubs

Today the area is known for its thriving bars and clubs.

There are no gay organisations, venues, bars and clubs, or pride events.

Zipaquira is also famous for its night life and different kinds of bars and clubs.

gold bars

While there her fortune, much of it in the form of gold bars and valuable paintings, disappeared.

Raju's client is the Penguin who plans to pay Dollmaker some gold bars in exchange for Batman's body.

The possible existence of £12 million worth of gold bars remains in doubt with no proof of their existence.

chocolate bars

The number 21 appeared when Karen paid NZ$21 for chocolate bars.

He purchased hard biscuits, dry sausages, hard candy, and chocolate bars.

Chocolate manufacturers produce a range of products from chocolate bars to fudge.

vertical bars

Larger specimens sometimes develop four to six lighter vertical bars on the back half of its body.

The standard line once again inherited the De Luxe look for 1940, this time with body-colored vertical bars.

The early preproduction models can be identified by the grill, which is divided in two and has vertical bars.

local bars

The group performed in local bars before Baker met Beth "B.A.L."

Sales are primarily done through growlers and kegs sold to local bars.

DJ Cameo began his DJing career in 1997 playing in local bars and clubs in West London.

few bars

It is preceded by a few bars of The Whitlams' song "Gough".

In these areas there are also a few bars, a pizza restaurant and two hair salons.

Much of the lake is undeveloped but there are a few bars and restaurants along the lake.