basement level   (地下階)

The Azadi Museum is located at the basement level.

The basement level is covered with rock-faced stone, which continues around the exterior.

It stood three stories tall, and included a partially raised basement level and an attic level.

raised basement   (隆起した地下室)

The third floor and raised basement are servant quarters.

The entire house is constructed in brick above a raised basement.

The two-story building is rectangular, set atop a raised basement.

basement membrane   (基底膜)

This is most likely due to the biochemistry of the parenchymal basement membrane and the astrocytic foot processes.

FOXC2 is required during early development of the kidneys, including differentiation of podocytes and maturation of the glomerular basement membrane.

potentially malignant) condition, because the biologically abnormal cells have not yet crossed the basement membrane to invade the surrounding tissue.

basement rocks   (地下の岩)

The higher competence of the Caledonian basement rocks made them more resistant to erosion.

North of Muruntau, Devonian and Carboniferous carbonate rocks are thrust over the top of the older basement rocks.

The Coyote Mountains range consists of uplifted metamorphic basement rocks overlain by younger volcanic and sedimentary rocks.

full basement   (全地下)

It has one story above ground but also has a full basement.

Unusual for a Wright-designed house, it has a full basement.

The courthouse also has a full basement.

basement rock

The plateau consists of thick sandstone formations that overlie granitic basement rock.

It has been excavated into the basement rock beneath the volcanic field, and is itself surrounded by a rim less than high.

It can be described as rooted to its basement rock as opposed to an allochthonous block or nappe which has been relocated from its site of formation.