Фразы и примеры предложений

bay window   (эркер)

A bay window on the track side is the station office.

Two rounded bay window units rise the full nine stories.

The eastern bay has a two-storey height faceted bay window.

bay windows   (эркеры)

The east and north ends sport trompe-l'œil bay windows.

Three-sided multi-paned bay windows projected into the courtyard.

window shapes, loggias topped with arcades, bay windows, balconies).

bay horse   (бухта лошадь)

St Lite was a bay horse bred in Japan by Koiwai Nojo.

Excelebration is a bay horse foaled on 13 April 2008.

Genetically, a bay dun is a bay horse with the dun gene.

central bay   (центральный залив)

On both sides of the central bay there are a single bay.

The central bay projects and is surmounted by a pediment.

The central bay is in the form of a portico, with Corinthian columns and pilasters.

bomb bay   (бомбовый отсек)

The radio operator sat inside the fuselage, above the bomb bay.

The aircraft is stealthy, except briefly when the bomb bay opens.

The torpedo or bomb load was accommodated in an internal bomb bay.

across the bay   (через залив)

Kabo (Kabusgan) Island lies eastward across the bay from Surigao City.

During May 1935, it detected returns from woods across the bay at a range of .

When the 399-room hotel opened for business in February 1888, 1,440 San Diegans traveled across the bay.

small bay

Vũng Rô Bay Vũng Rô Bay () is a small bay in Phú Yên Province, Vietnam.

710), the seat of the former municipality, is located on the coast of a small bay.

Bay of Morto Bay of Morto is a small bay in Turkey known for several military activities in the past.

bay platform

The station has one side and one south facing bay platform.

A second bay platform was added in 1889.

The platform has three platform edges, numbered 2, 4 (a bay platform) and 5.

payload bay   (отсек полезной нагрузки)

The airlock had an additional hatch into the payload bay.

You're the last EVA person in the payload bay of a shuttle."

Still on the arm, Garan took the pump module inside "Atlantis"s payload bay.

large bay

Thus, the name refers to the large bay that is the location.

Balayan Bay Balayan Bay is a large bay of Luzon Island in the Philippines.

Tayabas Bay Tayabas Bay is a large bay in the southern part of Luzon island in the Philippines.

projecting bay   (выступ)

The second floor windows in the front facade's projecting bay are topped with curved hoods.

The front facade has a slightly projecting bay; a porch, enclosed in 1905, abuts the projecting bay.

bay mare

Xtra Heat is a bay mare bred in Kentucky by Pope McLean.

Hypericum was a bay mare bred and owned by King George VI.

Aida was a bay mare bred by Henry Chaplin's Blankney Stud.

engine bay

This caused an intense in-flight fire in the engine bay.

The diesel engine may be located above the frame in an engine bay or under the floor.

A special serial number plate is added to the center console and engine bay VIN plate.

each bay

Steps lead up to entrances in each bay.

Rectangular transoms within each bay separate the two stories.

There is a triforium gallery with four cusped arches to each bay.

bay area

Around that time Rick Rock also contributed heavily to fellow bay area artist Spice 1's Immortalized album.

But before he left the bay area, he linked up with Meat Beat Manifesto to record vocals for their ...In Dub CD & DVD release.

Once recovered, Ned began collaborating with bay area artists such as E-40, San Quinn, Keak da Sneek, Ya Boy, and Mistah F.A.B.

cargo bay

The cargo bay is by , and could transport to , or to the ISS at .

After being secured in the shuttle cargo bay, a new perigee kick motor was installed.

This carrier was used to mount the satellite into a cradle in the Space Shuttle cargo bay.

around the bay   (вокруг залива)

The victims had rented a boat to fish around the bay.

"hogged") land around the bay.

"Platja d’es Torrent" is north west of Ibiza town, and west around the bay from Sant Antoni.

center bay

0f simple design, the north facade has a projecting center bay.

The entrance pavilion has elements related to the center bay of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.

It is located in the center bay of the main facade and consists of a wooden door with upper light.