İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not be used   (kullanılmaz)

This should not be used above S = 1.17874 (40 °Bx).

The R–X cannot be used to react with the alcohol.

Diffie–Hellman cannot be used to sign certificates.

not be able   (mümkün değil)

She will not be able to seek parole again until 2026.

Jane says he will not be able to move on until Red John is dead.

You will not be able to look away."

not be confused   (şaşkın değil)

This airport should not be confused with the W.K.

It should not be confused with Eastern Orthodoxy.

Rushlights should not be confused with rush-candles.

still be seen   (hala görülüyor)

Parts of the old adjoining walls can still be seen.

This can still be seen today in the Dining-Room.

The remains of this dam can still be seen today.

not be considered   (dikkate alınmamak)

The authors of most cannot be considered neutral.

Anonymous petitions will not be considered.

Thus it is not segmental and cannot be considered an abugida.

only be used   (sadece kullanılabilir)

This functionality however, could only be used in Japan.

This is a single use ticket, that can only be used by one person.

Therefore, this zone should only be used for leaf-node functions.

not be allowed   (izin verilmiyor)

Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp."

It cannot be allowed that the frustrated determine Germany's fate."

Some missions however stipulate that the wingmate must not be allowed to be killed.

still be found   (hala bulunabilir)

A few Bungi speakers can still be found in Manitoba.

These five elements can still be found in this garden.

As of 1996, it could still be found in both countries.

not be seen

Meanwhile Amanda is found but she cannot be seen.

The Ifrit cannot be seen but only heard by its breath.

Since they are translucent, they cannot be seen by radiographs.

not be found   (bulunamadı)

A replacement could not be found on short notice.

Extreme climate should not be found here.

One album that can not be found for sale is "The Rustic EP".

then be used

It can then be used in the filament winding process.

The sum can then be used as a net present value figure.

Trained models can then be used for predictive analytics.

not be made   (yapılmayacak)

"Too much should not be made of these problems.

However, voice calls cannot be made on the Galaxy Camera.

So it is true that one cannot be made an artist or an orator.

not be taken   (alınmaz)

This was said in a joking manner and should not be taken seriously.

Dioguardi attempted to flee so that his photograph would not be taken.

Other HIV-1 antiretroviral drugs should not be taken with this therapy.

not be possible

It may not be possible to hand strip a poor quality coat, i.e.

This would not be possible with MBE, which compromises this 'freedom to fall.'

That would not be possible when writing using the financial characters 參拾 (30) and 伍仟 (5000).

not be held

The first scheduled Series night game would not be held until .

By the next day, Mackay realised that the position could not be held.

By law, a minor may not be held for more than six months while awaiting trial.

not be determined   (belirlenmemiş)

The mass of the nebula cannot be determined directly.

The cause of the crash could not be determined.

Lucy's cause of death cannot be determined.

not be returning   (geri dönmüyor)

News" that she would not be returning for season two.

As he left Los Angeles, he expressed a premonition that he would not be returning.

On the same day, Aron revealed that he would not be returning for the second series.

not be increased

The boiling point cannot be increased beyond the critical point.

Consequently, the spatial resolution of an image can not be increased arbitrarily.

The FTA stated that its contribution is contingent to completion of the line all the way to Ala Moana Center and will not be increased.

not be released   (serbest bırakılmayacak)

The video will not be released during the investigation.

The band's second album, "Epic", would not be released until 1998.

He will also not be released from prison unless he can post a $5 million bail.

not be given

Checks cannot be given except on the last move of the series.

An expert going beyond their ability should not be given any value.

Despite this, Halleck insisted that Milroy not be given any more commands.

never be able   (asla mümkün olamaz)

I thought, I'll never be able to do what these guys do.

At the time the doctor said that he would never be able to walk.

The fences, I'll never be able, as old as I am and broke down, to fix back.

not be renewed

In February 2016, FBC was informed their license would not be renewed.

On 28 May 2019, the team announced that his contract would not be renewed.

In March, Thompson was told that his Pompey contract would not be renewed.

not be done

In 1970, Yuri Matiyasevich proved that this could not be done.

They said if something could not be done, mass suicide might result.

However, this could not be done until the WABF had traded out its difficulties.

later be known

This would later be known as the Progressives.

This skirmish would later be known as the First Battle of the River Raisin.

The date, July 7, would later be known as the National Day to Combat Racism.

not be easily

Ways of alkaloid biosynthesis are too numerous and cannot be easily classified.

The C class, with a narrow firebox between the frames, could not be easily converted.

Additionally, this cannot be easily and reliably measured in the field with living birds.

not be available   (müsait değil)

This will not be available anymore after episode 41.

The results may not be available to event attendees.

I.e., the maximum power may not be available.

not be removed   (kaldırılmadı)

The kinetic energy of the ground state cannot be removed.

They can not be removed or changed.

This prosecutorial role can not be removed from her by the Scottish Parliament.

not be changed

These systems cannot be changed from within.

The category cannot be changed once the timer has started.

A private post cannot be changed and shared with new people.

not be sold

Those goods will not be sold, but given to you.

In South Africa, "spirit coolers" cannot be sold to persons under the age of 18.

Each had to be registered with the French government and approved or they could not be sold.

only be found   (sadece bulun)

The species can only be found in Papua New Guinea.

It can only be found in Taupo and Taranaki at the Pouakai Range.

In the present day it can only be found in the highlands of Crete.

often be seen   (sıklıkla görülür)

Will often be seen on vertical surfaces such trees, fences and walls.

Peale's dolphins can often be seen from the beach, playing in the surf.

Canada Geese and Black Ducks can often be seen during migratory periods.

not be reached   (ulaşılamadı)

Line 7 for example cannot be reached again.

The park is bisected (but can not be reached by) the A9 motorway.

Its location changes at times and it cannot be reached by ordinary means.

not be enough

The lack of electrical brain activity may not be enough to consider someone scientifically dead.

Often it is built out of a combination of facts, each of which would, in itself, not be enough justification for the stop.

He engages in intense intellectual and physical training; however, he realizes that these skills alone would not be enough.

not be included   (dahil edilmeyecek)

The attic or basement may or may not be included in this area.

Insurance cover for diving accidents may not be included in standard policies.

Soon after, Ciara confirmed that the song would not be included on "Ciara" (2013).

still be used   (hala kullanılabilir)

With proper care, an Electro 35 may still be used today.

The topographical survey he carried out will still be used nearly forty years later.

Old eurocheques could still be used, but they were now processed by national clearing systems.

not be applied   (uygulanamaz)

The absence of any evidence as to his "nomen" means that onomastic analysis cannot be applied.

However, the maximum modulus principle cannot be applied to an unbounded region of the complex plane.

The changes during this period are so profound that the rules of Modern Khmer can not be applied to correctly understand Old Khmer.

not be identified   (tanımlanamadı)

His grave, though, was lost and could not be identified later.

This was done in a secret way, so that these activists could not be identified.

Even God under the attributes of thought and extension cannot be identified strictly with our world.

not be completed

Monet's painting was very large and could not be completed in time.

Though filming started, it could not be completed due to various reasons.

This link would not be completed in time for the opening of the new bridge.

not be fully

The border would not be fully reopened until 1985.

Technologies used to conduct research may not be fully understood.

Trustee duties cannot be fully excluded, core of that is fiduciary.

often be found   (sıklıkla bulunur)

She can often be found presenting state occasions.

They can often be found on prickly pears in the fall.

These items can still often be found for sale at auction.

later be used

It would later be used as a public library.

The village lands would later be used by Israel as the Hiriya landfill.

That would later be used as the main theme to the "Austin Powers" film series.

not be explained

Possible organics were found that could not be explained by contamination.

But, it cannot be explained in normal economic terms to an outsider, especially an American.

His use of this title, usually borne by the sovereign rulers, cannot be explained with certainty.

now be found

ICTV Shorts can now be found under Original Series.

Originally erected in Grant Park, the memorial can now be found in Horner Park.

They can now be found throughout Europe including Holland and The United Kingdom.

not be achieved

All this could not be achieved within the standard "Smash" format of 24 pages.

However, it became clear that the objectives cannot be achieved by this date too.

Success could not be achieved by merely using the normal methods of solving Army or diplomatic ciphers.

not be required

Programs for reading documents may not be required to read the external subset.

Treatment may not be required and no complications follow the resolution of the cysts.

Few would think he should not be required to pay for the services the Union renders him in this context.

only be accessed   (sadece erişilebilir)

Some truss rods can only be accessed by removing the neck.

Like Aventure Électronique, Best Buy can only be accessed from outdoors.

It is not in the game proper, but can only be accessed by editing game data with a hex editor.

only be done   (sadece yapılabilir)

This could only be done at few places and involved much delay.

Substitutions are unlimited but can only be done when play is stopped.

The Retreat, on the other hand can only be done by the fourth year students.

not be drawn   (çizilmez)

Therefore, the solution line cannot be drawn to obey the rules.

Nations from the same group could not be drawn against each other.

Teams from the same association could not be drawn into the same group.

only be reached   (sadece ulaşıldı)

This airport can only be reached by car or bus.

Platform 2 can only be reached via Platform 1.

The more remote beaches can only be reached via dirt roads.

later be called

This viewpoint would later be called Tory democracy.

This system would later be called the Tetrarchy.

This idea would later be called the e Process.

not be separated   (ayrılmamak)

The various entries may or may not be separated by "episodes".

Where teams still cannot be separated, a draw shall take place.

Cells which always attach to something cannot be separated by the CCE.

not be directly

formula_3), which cannot be directly observed using non-invasive functional imaging modalities.

Unlike many other functions of state, entropy cannot be directly observed but must be calculated.

The areas given are as noted in the articles and references provided, but may not be directly comparable.

not be so

She is usually telling the boys to not be so immature.

It should not be so interpreted."

While this may not be so in our world it certainly is so in WNA's world.

not be accepted   (kabul edilmeyecek)

(These may not be accepted names.)

He said "This cannot be accepted.

However, he added that violence against LGBT people is a "form of barbarism", and should not be accepted under any circumstances.

not be called

Note that these should not be called concentrations.

( You cannot be called founder if you're introducing an already existing organization.

Therefore, i) The constructor cannot be called on an object ii) However, it needs to access (and initialize) non-static members.

not be permitted   (izin verilmez)

Dual citizenship may or may not be permitted.

Due to the steepness of the new line heavy trains will not be permitted to use it.

But the student body was informed on May 1 that Barnes would not be permitted to run.

now be seen

It can also now be seen on the 2 cent Euro coin.

No identifiable remains of the church can now be seen.

I would not attempt to describe the sick and dying, who could now be seen on every side."

only be achieved   (sadece başarılabilir)

In his opinion, that could only be achieved through education.

Membership can only be achieved by recommendation by two other members.

This can only be achieved by ensuring high quality of examination with the available imaging tools.

only be made   (sadece yapılabilir)

Substitions could only be made if a player was injured during the game.

A block should only be made when the "esquiva" is completely non-viable.

Convictions can only be made when proof beyond a reasonable doubt is achieved.

not be trusted   (güvenilmez)

They cannot be independent and will not be trusted."

He could not be trusted to toe the existing party line.

Some felt that Clark could not be trusted because he had the same white face as the British military.

not be ignored   (görmezden gelme)

She could not be ignored, however, as she "knew enough to be nasty".

This is the standard expressed in the Constitution and it may not be ignored."

Because the GAUL works at global level, controversial boundaries can not be ignored.

not be confirmed

Its next home cannot be confirmed.

Although his date of birth is traditionally given as 1740, this can not be confirmed and his early life remains an enigma.

Information appearing in some sources, according to which Kusel already had town rights in the 12th century, cannot be confirmed.

not be regarded

376) cannot be regarded as any real exceptions to this statement.

Note that the material in this section should not be regarded as accurate.

According to "The London Stage", 12 May, however, may not be regarded as the première.

only be seen   (sadece görülmek)

The channel can only be seen in Syria.

Yellow words can only be seen by players who have their account set to "Open Chat."

not be played

It looked as if the game would not be played.

None of these occur in Icelandic words and therefore may not be played with a blank.

Stereo recordings often cannot be played on monaural systems without a significant loss of fidelity.

not be denied   (inkar edilemez)

But that it has happened and is continuing to happen cannot be denied.

But even this negative connotation cannot be denied in light of the magical texts.

After the Battle of Borodino it was clear that the French could not be denied the city.

not be expected

A very exact description therefore will not be expected.

This distribution regarding host specificity would not be expected.

This would not be expected to happen, unless the economy is already at a full employment level.

not be treated

Pregnant women should not be treated within their first trimester.

Health does not regenerate and injuries cannot be treated mid-mission.

People with disabilities cannot be treated as "less than" other customers.

not be affected

The published edition of the encyclopaedia will not be affected by the changes.

HKEAA chairman Irving Koo assured the students that their education would not be affected by the error.

Academies are not required to follow the national curriculum, and so would not be affected by the reforms.

not be moved   (taşınmayacak)

But the equipment could not be moved in time and was destroyed in Minsk.

Because Corbett cannot be moved, they simply tow the buoy back to England.

The judge ruled that the Expos could not be moved or contracted until the case was over.

not be understood

Doctrine cannot be understood unless it is prayed.

Attempted usage of 天 as such will not be understood.

As such, these tasks are relatively fluid and cannot be understood as separate processes.

not be built

not be built or used solely by indigenous peoples.

As a result, the exit could not be built.

They also pointed out that a new arms control system cannot be built if the previously created mechanisms are destroyed.

not be subject   (konu olmayacak)

Parties contesting the election within an alliance would not be subject to the 10% threshold.

Using euros and the yuan, this bank should not be subject to US sanctions against companies that use US dollars.

The agreement also stated that braceros would not be subject to discrimination such as exclusion from "white" areas.

not be resolved   (çözülmedi)

Any issues which could not be resolved between the participants was advanced to higher levels of leadership.

The company made this decision based on detonation problems found in some XP-400 engines that could not be resolved.

still be alive   (hala hayatta)

He'd probably still be alive and part of the peace process."

However, against that Næss was the last of the crew to still be alive.

How can a person lose his five most important organs and still be alive?

not be ruled   (yönetilemez)

However, they noted the presence of Compton-thick column cannot be ruled out.

This second autopsy found that mechanically-induced suffocation could not be ruled out.

A déjà vu feeling and an influence of overdose of Telugu masala flick cannot be ruled out in the end."

language be described

The town's arms might in English heraldic language be described thus: Vert issuant from base a bishop's staff Or surmounted by a bend sinister wavy argent.

The German blazon reads: "" The municipality's arms might in English heraldic language be described thus: Per fess argent a demilion azure armed and langued gules, and vert a mount of three enhanced of the first surmounted by a fess wavy of the second.

The German blazon reads: The municipality's arms might in English heraldic language be described thus: Per fess Or a beast with a wolf's head and an eagle's body displayed gules, its breast surmounted by a crampon palewise sable, and vert three trees of the first.

not be tolerated   (hoş görülemez)

Unfamiliar small animals outdoors will not be tolerated in the same way.

They warned him that a 'Popish Chapel' would not be tolerated within the town walls.

He further said that "acts of hate such as this will not be tolerated in California".

still be able   (hala mümkün)

If legs become disabled, the robot may still be able to walk.

The same applies to V.32bis and 14,400 bit/s HST modem, which would still be able to communicate with each other at 2,400 bit/s.

Another reason for consideration was, that whilst construction was ongoing, the family would still be able to use the old house.

not be obtained

Vitamin B, a bacterial product, cannot be obtained from fruits.

It thus cannot be obtained pure.

For some male poets too, the idea of Atlantis is constructed from what cannot be obtained.

not be present   (mevcut değil)

External signs of the disease may or may not be present.

Inflammation may or may not be present.

He should not be present as an actor in any scene of my creation.

not be more   (daha fazla değil)

The government's cynicism could not be more pronounced.

That is a cause that could not be more just.

In November 2008, Bush claimed, "Our aim should not be more government.

not be placed

It can not be placed to any of Categories of New Testament manuscripts.

Unlike most royal tombs, Munmu of Silla's tombstone could not be placed in front of them.

Barricades may not be placed in the four houses or any of the 17 spaces in the bottom-most row.

not be solved   (çözülmedi)

In this case, the entire episode was deemed a problem, so it could not be solved in this way.

As in the case of inverse velocity analysis, at singular configurations this problem cannot be solved.

In fact, by the time hierarchy theorem, they cannot be solved in significantly less than exponential time.

longer be able   (daha uzun süre mümkün)

With a change to a new website, players will no longer be able to chat.

Athletes will no longer be able to metabolize as much oxygen as they would at sea level.

He added that Americans would no longer be able to make purchases using their credit card lines.

not be true

On the other hand, the converse need not be true.

I was thinking, this cannot be true, It was a gift.

Some customs may not be true in all regions and they are never absolute.

not be proven

Whether Johannes Bückler also murdered Seligmann could not be proven.

Although he was suspected to be responsible, it could not be proven at first.

No specimens have been found though, so the existence of this cannot be proven.

only be able   (sadece mümkün)

But then it will only be able to implement its duties for no more than 60 days.

Meanwhile, a horse with the genotype "e/e" will only be able to color the hairs red, such as in a chestnut horse.

Residents of one section, therefore, will only be able to drive in their district and perhaps some surrounding ones.

not be verified   (doğrulanmadı)

At the time of her death, Kakon Bibi's age could not be verified.

The claims for 22 June cannot be verified; no Blenheims were lost.

However, the historical veracity of that claim cannot be verified.

not be carried

But these projects could not be carried out smoothly.

The points from the first round would not be carried to the Final Round.

When affairs cannot be carried on to success, proprieties and music do not flourish.

not be too

While a player is taking a free hit or starting a corner the back swing of their hit cannot be too high for this is considered dangerous.

He claimed that he kept his mouth open as he lived on air and that he stood on one leg so that it would not be too heavy for the earth to bear him.

Producer Mark Shivas was advised by Intellectual Animals UK that the pigs used should be female and six months old so as to not be too large or aggressive.

not be known   (bilinemez)

Whether he remained secretly a Muslim cannot be known from historical records.

The excised Biblical quote possibly suggests good and evil cannot be known, or told apart.

Back subsequently wrote to him that "to tell the truth Wentzel, things have taken place which "must" not be known."

not be completely

Many diseases that cannot be completely cured are still treatable.

The subject is intended to not be completely aware, on a conscious level, of the suggestions.

Soon it would be discovered that the theory about the corpus striatum would not be completely incorrect.

not be ready

He would not be ready before late July.

These aircraft, however, would not be ready until three years later.

In the summer it had become clear that the LM would not be ready in time.

longer be used

This definition should no longer be used, but is included here because many older publications refer to it.

By the beginning of the 1960s, it became apparent that this line could no longer be used in the longer term.

As Fort Calgary was moved to the district of Calgary-Buffalo, the name Calgary-Fort could no longer be used.

not be shown

Unlike earlier drawings, action could not be shown.

Planned status cannot be shown if the symbol is an unframed filled icon.

2020 (UHDTV/UHD-1/UHD-2) color space can reproduce colors that cannot be shown with the Rec.

not be sufficient

At this rate, there would not be sufficient bombs to arm all the V-bombers until 1961.

By itself this would not be sufficient to argue for a meaningful connection between the two events.

One bushel of grain being exchanged for 100 bushels of the same grain would not be sufficient consideration.

not be replaced

SMART-S 3D search radars will not be replaced by SMART-S MK2.

Dysprosium has relatively few applications where it cannot be replaced by other chemical elements.

Sapheosaurs, like other sphenodonts, had acrodont teeth which grew directly from the bone and could not be replaced.

not be extended   (uzatılmamış)

In most cases the patch cannot be extended to the entire phase space.

Line D is the only line in the network which will not be extended as part of the most recent expansion plan.

In August 2016, it was Lincoln Red Imps announced that Walkers recently expired contract would not be extended.

not be met   (karşılanmadı)

for armour, could not be met due to the lack of manpower and capital investment.

A consequence could be that the initial objectives concerning safety improvements will not be met.

According to estimates the demand stood at 1.5 million vehicles in 2007, which could not be met by the local producers.