wooden beams   (木製梁)

Similarly, erotic figures are also carved in wooden beams.

The heaviest wooden beams, called vigas, lie atop the wall.

The ceiling is decorated with wooden beams in Oriental style.

steel beams   (スチールビーム)

For much of their length, the platforms are covered by a concrete canopy supported by steel beams.

The house is constructed from salmon colored concrete-blocks, steel beams, glass and Philippine mahogany.

Claude Vasconi has been credited as the pioneer proponent of the concept of "Angelina"-style celular steel beams.

laser beams   (レーザービーム)

The set was rife with green laser beams and giant artificial phalli.

Using laser beams, you need to prevent the mutant herds from destroying your powerhouse.

The company is developing a unique far-field wireless power technology based on infrared laser beams.