İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

bear this name   (bu ismi taşı)

Several other lesser-known people also bear this name:

Several other locations also bear this name.

Some of the people who bear this name are:

not bear   (ayı yok)

It has prostrate branches which do not bear flowers.

This story does not bear close scrutiny.

Flexplay discs do not bear the DVD logo.

black bear   (siyah ayı)

The claws are blunt, while those of a black bear are sharp.

Kumamon is a black bear with red cheeks.

It teemed with black bear, grizzlies and had Dall sheep on the higher slopes.

bear the name   (adını taşı)

In Hungary two villages bear the name of Rákóczi.

She was the second French Navy vessel to bear the name.

His descendants still bear the name Mahfouz.

polar bear   (kutup ayısı)

The sleepy, hibernating polar bear of the strip.

The polar bear is a recent offshoot of the brown bear.

The ship crew finds a mysterious DNA sample, a polar bear.

brown bear

The brown bear is often described as nocturnal.

The brown bear can live an average of 25 years.

The polar bear is a recent offshoot of the brown bear.

bear arms   (silâh taşımak)

Recipients were also honoured with the right to bear arms.

Only samurai were allowed to bear arms.

"OHL" ordered that all strikers fit to bear arms' be sent to the front".

teddy bear   (oyuncak ayı)

Shake tries to take the teddy bear, but he loses his hand.

Dr Weird shows Frylock a teddy bear filled with razor blades.

Stepping warily into the shattered ruins, she meets a talking teddy bear.

bear his name

A city and a region of the country bear his name.

Stapleton Street continues to bear his name.

The Metzler paradox as well as Metzler matrices bear his name.

bear witness   (şahitlik etmek)

One fewer just man to bear witness.

We are here to bear witness to the animals being sent to slaughter.

There were homosexual castrati, as Casanova's accounts of 18th-century Italy bear witness.

grizzly bear   (Boz ayı)

The grizzly bear is the state animal of Montana.

The last Mexican grizzly bear was shot in 1960.

"Sharon is like a grizzly bear," he grumbled.

brought to bear   (ayılmak)

Onomastic analysis has also been brought to bear on the question.

New evidence can be brought to bear during a retrial at a district court.

Strong pressure was brought to bear to increase the Titan share of the London orders.

right to bear

Recipients were also honoured with the right to bear arms.

He believes strongly in one's right to bear arms and calls for a permanent lift on assault weapons bans.

As Keene's guest, Butina rang the NRA's Liberty Bell, saying, "To the right to bear arms for citizens of the whole world."

bear fruit

These began to bear fruit in the mid-2010s.

This sponsorship enabled the Calabash to grow and bear fruit.

Her efforts began to bear fruit and the institution stabilized.

unable to bear   (dayanamamak)

Women who are unable to bear children are stigmatized.

Puja's grandfather is unable to bear this shock, and dies.

Emily soon faints, unable to bear whatever it is that she sees.

bear children

Women who are unable to bear children are stigmatized.

Henry began pursuing her; Catherine was no longer able to bear children by this time.

The German Nazi government strongly encouraged women to stay at home to bear children and keep house.

still bear   (hala ayı)

His descendants still bear the name Mahfouz.

"Its long, geometric avenues still bear the marks of history.

Some of the older buildings on post still bear the original, right-oriented version.

bear no   (hayır ayı)

Thus, the four "Year One" issues bear no continuity to past issues of "Batman".

It was highly important to himself and the nation that the executive bear no resemblance to a monarchy.

"Concrete" also had a track named "Piss Christ", but the two bear no similarities other than the title.

bear the title   (başlığı taşı)

He was the first leader of the city to actually bear the title "Mayor".

Borough status entitles the council chairman to bear the title of mayor.

They probably held a hereditary priesthood, as several of them bear the title of "flamen" or "flaminica".

ship to bear

She was then renamed Rotterdam, being the second HAL ship to bear that name.

The United States Navy is named after Lincoln, the second Navy ship to bear his name.

FS Eger FS "Eger (Formerly FS "Marjata III) is the third Norwegian Navy ship to bear the name of "Marjata".

keep and bear   (sakla ve taşı)

The cartridge box represents exercising one's right to keep and bear arms to oppose, in armed conflict, a government that decreases liberty.

Guarantee against establishment of religion Guarantee of free exercise of religion Guarantee of freedom of speech Guarantee of freedom of the press Guarantee of freedom of assembly Guarantee of the right to petition for redress of grievances Guarantee of freedom of expressive association Right to keep and bear arms Freedom from quartering of soldiers In 1982, the Second Circuit applied the Third Amendment to the states in "Engblom v. Carey".

did not bear

Empress Hu and the other concubines did not have his favor, and she did not bear him any children.

After Emperor Taizong's death, all of his concubines who did not bear sons, which included Wu, were housed at Ganye Temple (感業寺) to be Buddhist nuns.

According to Worcester city records, a diner was operating on the site since at least the late 1930s, although they did not bear the "Miss Worcester" name.

bear in mind   (akılda tutmak)

Also bear in mind that despite the abundant amount of evidence in the case, the accused has emphatically denied guilt before various medias.

They also bear in mind the Summit scoring system, in which each letter A is worth 1 point, B is worth 2, C worth 3, up to Z which is worth 26.

We should bear in mind in this context that during the century now drawing to its close humanity achieved the capability of annihilating itself.