İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

bearing the name   (adını taşımak)

The ship is the fourth bearing the name "Marjata".

Notable individuals bearing the name include:

Individuals bearing the name Brigita include:

bearing his name   (adını taşımak)

A stone bearing his name is located about 20 rods west.

Davidson performed daily in 1993-94 in Branson at a theater bearing his name.

In 2019, the University announced a brand new residence tower bearing his name.

bearing the same   (aynı taşıyan)

An electoral ward bearing the same name exists.

A rail overbridge is also there (bearing the same name).

This album is the soundtrack to the Derek Jarman film bearing the same name.

no bearing   (rulman yok)

In addition, the color of the hoof has no bearing on its strength.

Mitrović's position on the list had no bearing on his appointment to the assembly.)

The final, which had no bearing on DFB-Pokal qualification, was lost 1–2 against BSV Schwarz-Weiß Rehden.

bearing the inscription   (yazıyı taşımak)

Above the sword and sceptre a ribbon passed bearing the inscription "Honor et Patria".

The obverse of the medal is a Roman sword hanging on a tablet bearing the inscription "FOR SERVICE IN THE SPANISH WAR".

The girl retrieved the headpiece from the cross, the portion bearing the inscription "INRI", and retained it as a souvenir.

ball bearing

The ball bearing rolls smoothly down the seam as if on a track.

A lab-suited technician places a silver ball bearing on the hood seam, and lets go.

A Roy Rogers ad parodied the "Ball Bearing" spot by rolling a ball bearing around the edge of a roast beef sandwich.

bearing the names

The Warrior Chapel houses a 1919 honour board bearing the names of the fallen from the Diocese.

It was opened in 1935 and bronze plaques bearing the names of those who died in both World Wars were added in 1965.

Excavations at Forum Novum revealed a series of inscriptions bearing the names of settlements along the Roman road Via Traiana.

load bearing

Most likely they are load bearing masonry.

Adobe walls are load bearing, i.e.

The load bearing walls on the first and second floors are brick with a plaster finish.

each bearing

Increased oil consumption can be detected by a flow meter for each bearing.

The dermal denticles are small and overlapping, each bearing three horizontal ridges leading to marginal teeth.

The skin is densely covered by overlapping dermal denticles, each bearing three to five horizontal ridges leading to marginal teeth.

bearing in mind   (akılda tutarak)

Immediately remanded in custody bearing in mind Talbot's "abuse of trust", sentencing was adjourned until 13 March 2015.

The landscape of the Vogtland is sometimes referred to as idyllic, bearing in mind its fields, meadows and wooded hilltops.

Both this site and Black Mountain are perhaps not surprisingly (bearing in mind the area history) dual ring-fenced for enhanced security.

bearing the title   (başlığı taşıyan)

Sambanthan, by now bearing the title "Tun", was forced to retire in favour of V. Manickavasagam in 1973.

A mistake in embroidery work resulted in a batch of Squadron badges bearing the title ‘242 Operational Conversation Unit’.

In August 2013, Paramount began rolling out a trailer for the film to test audiences bearing the title "Jack Ryan: Shadow One".