beaten up   (打たれました)

A reporter was also beaten up by the control team.

Lichnowsky was beaten up and died the next day.

He is promptly beaten up by her father and thrown out.

beaten to death   (beatられて死ぬ)

Certain prisoners were shot and killed or beaten to death.

An associate of his, Roy Tyson, was found beaten to death.

His grandmother was beaten to death and her possessions burned.

beaten back   (beatられた)

This was only beaten back with heavy artillery fire.

The desperate final attack of the Guard was narrowly beaten back.

A PAVN assault was launched during the night, but it was beaten back.

having beaten

Manchester City are the current holders, having beaten Watford 6–0 in the 2019 final.

Churchill Brothers were the current holders, having beaten Prayag United in the 2011 Final.

Celtic are also the current holders, having beaten Heart of Midlothian 2–1 in the 2019 final.

severely beaten   (激しくbeatられた)

He is severely beaten with the buckle end of the brother’s belt.

He was then arrested on 28 July 1915 and severely beaten at the Müdüriyet.

Found severely beaten on an isolated beach, Ann Coppola continued with the investigation.

badly beaten

Death comes across a giant and is badly beaten.

Barbe-bleue's bodyguard is cut down and he is badly beaten.

Meili was so badly beaten that she was in a coma for 12 days.

narrowly beaten

The desperate final attack of the Guard was narrowly beaten back.

In season 1998–99 Northern were narrowly beaten by Doncaster R.F.C.

At the next election in , Herring was narrowly beaten by Arthur Grigg of the National Party.

beaten off

These attacks were all beaten off.

Those mighty car-warriors encountering Karna, were beaten off and broke.

Further German attacks were beaten off, again destroying some enemy tanks.

brutally beaten

The police is alerted and Udayan is caught and brutally beaten.

Van Houten was brutally beaten in the face with a rock and died.

These people were brutally beaten and their skin was cut off with knives.

well beaten   (よくbeatられた)

She eventually finished well beaten behind Fridoline.

Her career was then interrupted by health problems and she was well beaten in two subsequent races.

She started 2/1 second favourite but was well beaten and finished third behind Rip Van Winkle and Paco Boy.

beaten only   (beatられただけ)

It was beaten only by Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me", which sold 80,000 copies more.

Here he put up a valiant effort beaten only by the juggernaut that is Master Minded.

In the late 1980s, "Bread" had the third-highest viewing figures on British television, beaten only by "EastEnders" and "Neighbours".

then beaten

They were then beaten on penalties in a play-off semi final against Shrewsbury Town.

Egg-whites are then beaten into the syrup until it forms a pale marshmallow-like paste.

His team was required to bring out 24 bogeys of copper every single day, if not, they were then beaten.