became the first   (成为第一个)

Elissa later became the first "Big Brother M.V.P."

Crowninshield became the first American yachtsman.

They became the first popular chain of restaurants.

became known   (出名)

This theory became known as "mobile polarization".

This strike became known as "The Penrhyn Lockout".

They became known as green sheets or spreadsheets.

later became   (后来成为)

She later became a coach for the West German team.

He later became known for his deep baritone voice.

He later became a political figure in Nova Scotia.

became part   (成为一部分)

The former township became part of western Wulipu.

In 2001 she became part of the Star Cruises fleet.

In 1977, the area became part of Hotan Prefecture.

became a member   (成为会员)

She became a member of a girl group named G.L.A.M.

In May 1834, Young became a member of Zion's Camp.

Hake became a member of the circle round Rossetti.

became more

The situation in BdL became more and more chaotic.

But they became more active as the war progressed.

They "became more Irish than the Irish themselves".

then became   (然后成为)

Ivory Records then became their recording company.

He then became an agent for United States Customs.

He then became a Civil Surgeon at Thane from 1881.

became involved   (参与其中)

Through this, Andy became involved in charity runs.

He became involved in a fake art scandal in 1910.

Ward became involved in local politics very quickly.

eventually became   (最终成为)

Legaic eventually became a key convert of Duncan's.

It eventually became a run-down apartment building.

He eventually became an authority on smelting iron.

soon became   (很快成为)

He soon became widely known as a popular preacher.

They soon became close friends and tennis partners.

This book soon became known to all Canadian mothers.

became popular   (变得流行)

Later the Little magazine movement became popular.

As a result, the phrase "Gum Time" became popular.

Some became popular, only to drop into obscurity.

quickly became   (迅速成为)

Rotisserie-style play quickly became a phenomenon.

He quickly became obsessed with the art of angling.

He quickly became a fan favourite in the Highlands.

what became   (变成了什么)

Few were sent to what became Northern Ireland, however.

He also helped create what became NFL Films.

It was the first of what became many camps.

became increasingly   (变得越来越)

Offscreen, in 1977, Jim became increasingly violent.

Daimler's problems became increasingly obvious.

It became increasingly pro-Beijing after 1997.

became interested   (变得感兴趣)

She became interested in science from a young age.

He became interested in film making as a teenager.

Quivar first became interested in music as a child.

became available   (可用)

Monzoom also became available for PC as Shareware.

The pre-order became available shortly after "Bad!"

It became available on Android on April 13, 2018.

became president   (成为总统)

Meijboom became president of the Governing Board.

He became president of Connecticut College in 2006.

He became president in 1969 and chairman in 1981.

when he became   (当他成为)

Chaklmers was 23 years old when he became master.

The seat was vacated by Adrian Fenty when he became mayor.

Daubney resigned when he became a father.

became the second

John Henry Wise became the second instructor in 1926.

In 2014 Malgorzata E. Cavar became the second moderator.

Romer Labs thus became the second division of Erber Group.

when it became   (当它变成)

It remained a bank until 1963, when it became Dr. J.M.

1 Black [chart] album than I was when it became the No.

That was when it became ridiculously easy to make films...

became extinct   (灭绝)

The order became extinct in the eighteenth century.

He died in 1503, and all his titles became extinct.

This creation became extinct upon his death in 1912.

became very

The poem became very popular even before his death.

She wrote that he "became very attracted to me".

The work of Cheikh Anta Diop became very influential.

became famous   (成名)

He became famous in the Chocim expedition in 1673.

In the 1930s, Pilchowa became famous across Poland.

Haxo became famous in the Siege of Antwerp in 1832.

subsequently became   (随后成为)

He subsequently became an NFL commentator for CNN.

He subsequently became an office worker in Hamar.

He subsequently became an automatic first-choice.

became a part

It became a part of Grant Thornton on 1 July 2007.

Political violence became a part of this warfare.

Kannada films became a part of the event in 1969.

became the new

The AFDL then became the new national armed forces.

Teichrob retired and Carolyn Jones became the new MLA.

In 2009, he became the new manager of Camross.

became a regular   (成为常客)

He became a regular forward and scored many goals.

He became a regular player as offensive midfielder.

He became a regular player as defensive midfielder.

became clear   (变得清晰)

Very soon, the MiG-17's shortcomings became clear.

It became clear that a better-defined unit was needed.

When it became clear it was going to happen, it was sad.

became a major

The taille became a major source of royal income.

It rapidly became a major freight route for the PRR.

In 1843 he became a major in the Texas militia.

became the most

It became the most produced airplane in history.

He became the most powerful magnate of Transylvania.

The Mašíns became the most disputed exceptions.

became head

In 1998, he became head coach of the Texas Toros.

In 1989 he became head of Jaljulia's local council.

Dykes then became head coach at California in 2013.

became active

He then became active in politics as well as art.

students became active in the civil rights movement.

In 2011, 171,271 people became active customers.

became a professor   (成为教授)

She then became a professor at Mercer University.

Brown became a professor of classics at Wesleyan.

In 1904 he became a professor at University College.

became an important

Izapa became an important pre-Mayan site as well.

During the war Cairnryan became an important No.

This soon became an important source of profit.

became friends   (成为朋友)

When the two met, they immediately became friends.

Over the years Mahfouz and Somekh became friends.

During these days, he also became friends with P.S.

became apparent   (变得明显)

Stansbury's tactical errors quickly became apparent.

It quickly became apparent that he was a child prodigy.

During these tests, some design faults became apparent.

first became

Quivar first became interested in music as a child.

In 1910, the building first became a restaurant.

Healy-Rae first became involved in politics in the 1960s.

became the youngest

At 21 he became the youngest flight teacher in Germany.

At 32 years old, he became the youngest U.S.

She became the youngest Malaysian Winner on the PSA Tour.

became a popular

The song became a popular Irish nationalist anthem.

It became a popular instrument after about 1910.

Calcata became a popular site for pilgrimage.

became so

She stated the abuse became so severe that she contemplated suicide.

It became so popular that it was moved to the big stage in January 2009.

Captain Georges Lecointe and Gerlache became so ill they wrote their wills.

became the head

He became the head of the Greenwood summer project.

Barre shortly afterwards became the head of the SRC.

On 2018, Sagnik Ghosh became the head of the channel.

song became

The song became a popular Irish nationalist anthem.

This song became her second album's title track.

The song became known outside the United States.

thus became   (因此成为)

A conflict with the Trịnh thus became unavoidable.

Kunigunde thus became her daughter's sister-in-law.

The 1995 election thus became the last election.

what became known

They established what became known as the London Principles.

This plan necessitated what became known as the Wheeler Survey.

He was a member of what became known as the Ľudovít Štúr generation.

became well

and Röövel Ööbik became well known in Finland.

That claim became well known in Romania.

A site which latterly became well known in Baillieston was chosen.

became independent   (变得独立)

The Ivory Coast became independent on 7 August 1960.

Cartagena became independent in November 1811.

It was during his period that India became independent.

became an independent

The IELA became an independent church body in 1986.

New Zealand became an independent Province in 1970.

It became an independent parish in the 18th century.

became the third

He became the third non-Oman player for the club.

She became the third WPRA competitor to wear Back No.

Mark became the third, and only male, two-time champion.

became the only

In 1996, it became the only Marine Reserve in Hong Kong.

Duncan became the only churchgoer in his impoverished family.

As a result, Gunnison became the only legal nude beach in the state.

became director

and in 1908 became director of the pottery studio.

Tracy Fitzpatrick became director in November 2014.

In 1979, he became director of corporate finance.

became chairman   (成为董事长)

He became chairman, CEO and president of the H.E.

Ash became chairman of the Dartington Trust in 1972.

He became chairman of the Labour Group in 1953.

became an assistant   (成为助手)

In 1911, Schrödinger became an assistant to Exner.

He became an assistant at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Mora became an assistant coach at his alma mater in 1960.

became well known

and Röövel Ööbik became well known in Finland.

That claim became well known in Romania.

A site which latterly became well known in Baillieston was chosen.

again became

In April 1945, Wołczyn again became part of Poland.

On 11 June 2015, Kilman again became Prime Minister.

After 1995 Zayaev once again became not needed.

area became

In 1977, the area became part of Hotan Prefecture.

After almost 100 years, the area became public.

This area became known as the German Northern Marianas.

became the main

Quantity rather than quality became the main focus.

This became the main factory for wine manufacturing.

In May 1943 RAF Calveley became the main base for No.

became the largest

ATG became the largest theatre group in the UK.

In 1987 Wyoming became the largest coal producing state.

The German film industry soon became the largest in Europe.

became aware   (意识到)

As he became aware of the plans of Brig.

Opposition grew as more people became aware of what was planned.

The memo was removed shortly after journalists became aware of it.

company became

The company became the Hunter Division of Interfloor.

The company became Ireland Fraser & Co. Ltd. in 1927.

In 1957, the company became Wiss and Janney Associates.

became a free

Ruf became a free agent following the 2019 season.

He became a free agent, at the end of that season.

Brooking became a free agent on February 27, 2009.

became less

With each passing week victory became less likely.

This became less frequent following the crisis.

Ewing fell ill and became less of a regular presence.

became engaged

They became engaged at the request of his parents.

Instead of learning Spanish they became engaged.

In the spring of 1790, he became engaged to Johanna.

became ill   (生病了)

He became ill in 1920 and died in Lebanon in 1922.

He became ill in 1890 and died in Madrid in 1898.

Winee became ill shortly after the ships left Macau.

became widely

He soon became widely known as a popular preacher.

None of these constellation became widely accepted.

It also became widely used in trade and commerce.

later became known

He later became known for his deep baritone voice.

and later became known as Monroe City, Illinois.

It later became known as the ultraviolet catastrophe.

became a hit   (成为热门)

It became a hit, selling 25,000 tickets per week.

This version became a hit in Italy, Portugal and Poland.

His 1955 song "Onna Sendō Uta" (おんな船頭唄) became a hit song.

became a full

It became a full community college on July 1, 1946.

It became a full member of the organization in 2014.

In 1985 he became a full member of the Gallery.

became acquainted

Edson also became acquainted with Ernst Chain and D D Wood.

He became acquainted with Aldo Rossi, of whom he was a pupil.

She became acquainted with brother Michael, and his wife Lauren.

became associated   (变得关联)

These elements became associated with conservatism.

Blue became associated with holiness, humility and virtue.

The band soon became associated with S.L.

became the basis   (成为基础)

The document became the basis of Korean foreign policy.

It became the basis for the television series "Daktari".

This idea then became the basis for Tenchi.

became chief

In 1877 he became chief baritone with Carl Rosa.

Sun later became chief executive of Chinalco.

Later on he became chief editor and co-chief executive.

school became

In 1967 the school became an annexe of Hull College.

Zlarin school became the main district school.

The school became the "Boys' National School".

became professor

In 1834, he became professor at the Royal Academy.

In 1643 he became professor of history and poetry.

In the latter year, he became professor emeritus.

station became

This station became wheelchair accessible in 2004.

In & , the flagship station became KRLA (1110AM).

The station became unstaffed from June 1, 1993.

officially became

The community officially became a reserve in 1837.

It officially became Mount Morris College in 1884.

Warman officially became a city on October 27, 2012.

became a partner   (成为合作伙伴)

He was aided by a local banker, who became a partner.

He became a partner in 1927 of Hentz, Adler & Shutze.

Dewar became a partner in Ross Harper Murphy, in 1975.

became operational   (开始运作)

The new squadron became operational on 5 February.

Edinburgh Trams became operational on 31 May 2014.

The pipeline became operational on 1 December 2006.

became assistant

In 2018 he became assistant coach of Mjøndalen IF.

He became assistant secretary of the PSP in 1983.

In 1992, he became assistant coach for top team.

became a prominent

After returning, he became a prominent "heel" in New Japan.

The Kerrs' son Michael Kerr became a prominent British lawyer.

Boudinot became a prominent lawyer and his practice prospered.

became very popular

The poem became very popular even before his death.

In 1928, Edgar Chahine became very popular in France.

With the movie Kadgam, Prudhviraj became very popular.

became close

They soon became close friends and tennis partners.

Despite a 14-year age difference they became close friends.

He didn't want Jon to leave after they became close friends.

became a teacher   (成为老师)

In 1930, he became a teacher at the Naval school.

He became a teacher at the Académie Julian in 1889.

Directly after graduation, Hart became a teacher.

became the subject   (成为主题)

Jonah became the subject of her next book, "After Cleo".

Kalis became the subject of threats from Ohio State fans.

The first conference also became the subject of a documentary video.

became too

If it became too cold, parts of "Columbia" might freeze.

When the liquid drop became too big, it split into two drops.

Whenever Da-hae cried, Ha Ryu became too restless to do anything.

became a successful

There he became a successful and prosperous weaver.

He later became a successful stallion in Germany.

After time, Taber became a successful coal mining town.

gradually became   (逐渐成为)

Those who remained gradually became Muslim.

She gradually became a leading soprano in the Boston area.

The buildings in front of Lake Villa gradually became shops.

became the official

This video became the official "I Found You" video.

This day became the official "gendarme day" in 1936.

It became the official song on January 12, 1917.

became editor   (成为编辑)

In 1977, he became editor for the "New York Voice".

She became editor of the coffee table magazine "Taj".

Clements became editor of the "Tribune" in 1961, aged 33.

became only

Beckham became only the fifth Englishman to win 100 caps.

He became only the fourth Italian to win the Spanish Grand Tour.

They also became only the seventh set of twins to play in the league.

became common

This approach became common practice later (e.g.

They became common in Austria, also by Haydns settings.

This lasted only until magnetic compasses became common.

became pregnant   (怀孕了)

She became pregnant as a result of rape at age 10.

She became pregnant and gave birth to a son John.

At the end of high school, Riria became pregnant.

became an associate   (成为合伙人)

In 2017, they became an associate member of the ICC.

In 1868 he became an associate professor at Greifswald.

In 2016 he also became an associate of St Paul's Institute.

became the director

In 2011 he became the director of mobile engineering.

She became the director of World Summit Award in 2003.

In 1893, he became the director of Vienna Zoo.

title became

The title became extinct on his death in circa 1670.

the title became extinct on his death in 1682.

The title became extinct on his death in 1928.

became the leader

But he became the leader of SHP in May 1986.

Jephthah became the leader in resisting these incursions.

On lap 168, Harvick became the leader.

became a leading

Selbert became a leading advocate of sexual equality.

Zanzibar became a leading port in this trade.

He soon became a leading Melbourne barrister.

became the president

He became the president of the Mahuva Municipality.

After a while he became the president of the council.

In 1940, Arias became the president of Panama.

became the sole   (成为唯一)

slowly took over, and Stevens became the sole host.

After Lois' death, Lana became the sole Superwoman.

He later became the sole owner of this business.

became a separate   (成为一个单独的)

It became a separate princely state in the 17th century.

In 1924 it became a separate urban district.

Parisienne became a separate model in 1959.

building became

The building became a private residence in 1971.

The building became a community arts centre in 1974.

The original building became the Main Building.