Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

part because   (một phần vì)

"We got the part because Adam wanted us," Gary Lane said.

In part because the field of film studies itself had changed.

Bahlman shut down 99, in part because of the case's legal costs.

partly because   (một phần vì)

This they couldn't do, partly because of the cost.

These are partly because of rural urban migration.

This is partly because Haeckel's drawings were very inaccurate.

only because   (chỉ vì)

But that's only because they called the dogs off.

She does go to meet him, only because of court order.

I am tired of people knowing me only because of my language.

important because   (quan trọng bởi vì)

The place is important because of its aesthetic significance.

mainly because   (chủ yếu là do)

It was mainly because of the celebrity-ness".

This is mainly because of the high cost of meat in Finland.

This was mainly because they feared a return to Yugoslav rule.

not because   (không phải vì)

But not because someone wanted the painting itself.

But not because of the play on the field.

(2004) suggested they do not because of subtle features in the skull.

because many   (vì nhiều)

This was because many people from his extended family had curly hair.

From summer 2012, he played as center because many defenders got hurt.

The list is not complete, because many of the earlier holders are unknown.

named because   (đặt tên bởi vì)

He was named because of his parents' desire for him to be .

The church was so named because of its proximity to Oxford Castle.

It was so named because it was originally thought to control abscission.

simply because   (đơn giản bởi vì)

This was not simply because he would not live up to her expectations.

However, something does not breach the peace simply because it is irritating.

My book would have him there simply because he should have been there all along."

chosen because   (được chọn bởi vì)

The name was chosen because of two meanings.

Magnesium was chosen because it does not act as a tamper.

A triangle was chosen because it appears in Hart's videos.

because he did   (bởi vì anh ấy đã làm)

during the interview because he did not understand what Rebellious is for.

Tiberius Gracchus objected to this because he did not want to lose the veterans.

John Waters was asked to direct, but refused because he did not write the script.

largely because   (phần lớn là vì)

This was largely because Jefferson was quite suspicious of monopolies.

The goods were sent to Terceira largely because of the proximity of the island.

Detroit turned into a major industrial region, largely because of the Detroit River.

because most   (bởi vì hầu hết)

The truth of his heightening and trigger is obscure, because most who have seen it are dead.

Lossless compression is possible because most real-world data exhibits statistical redundancy.

The experimental community was never successful, partly because most of the land was not arable.

perhaps because   (có lẽ vì)

The Spanish era is calculated from 38 BC, perhaps because of a tax (cfr.

The Yazidis, perhaps because of their secrecy, also have a place in modern occultism.

The tribes stayed in the Roman province, perhaps because the Romans offered stability.

because no   (bởi vì không)

The place was serene, because no one suffered from guilt.

Data is unknown because no agency collects such information.

Compared to LCD, brightness is gained because no polarisers are required.

probably because   (có lẽ vì)

It often contains fluid-filled cavities, probably because of its rapid growth.

Guitarist and singer Jimmy Love was lively on the stage, probably because of it.

Oxen are killed more often than cows, probably because they are given less protection.

just because   (chỉ vì)

But just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die.

It was such a great feeling, and not just because I was a kid.

It's just because I'm tired of talking to three people sometimes."

because all   (bởi vì tất cả)

Magee claimed that he killed Kot because all "casinos cheat gamblers".

This is well defined because all elements in the same class have the same image.

I'm farting because I need to f**king fart, because all I've eaten is f**king beans!...

so named because   (được đặt tên như vậy bởi vì)

The church was so named because of its proximity to Oxford Castle.

It was so named because it was originally thought to control abscission.

McDeek) Avenue in Terrace is so named because of Wright's totemic affiliation.)

possibly because   (có thể bởi vì)

However, possibly because of a misunderstanding, fighting resumed.

Some galls may not be occupied, possibly because an egg was not laid or it did not hatch.

This rivalry happens possibly because of the fact that they are falling for the same girl.

time because   (thời gian vì)

North America was avoided this time because of the Civil War.

In 1940 boys slept in the basement for a time because of air raids.

This made wealth for him and he had a lot of leisure time because of this.

so because   (vì vậy)

And it did so because it was a true collaboration.

He was named so because Upari - Upwards and Chara - Going i.e.

Pillow lace, called so because of the pillow used to produce handmade bobbin lace.

primarily because   (chủ yếu là vì)

Swift chose Colletti primarily because of his sweet and endearing demeanor.

The storm was remarkable primarily because of how far and wide it was observed.

This is primarily because of the World Bank's decision to reject project finance.

because he felt   (bởi vì anh cảm thấy)

He dropped out of high school because he felt the teachings were elitist.

Tom Baker disliked Leela's character concept because he felt that she was too violent.

On one occasion he turned down a show because he felt it tended too much towards sexual arousal.

name because   (tên vì)

The transitional ER gets its name because it contains ER exit sites.

It was given this name because it faced the Ōkura Bakufu's western gate.

It acquired its name because the two engines drove three tractor propellers.

because he wanted   (bởi vì anh ấy muốn)

50 also asked for a stage because he wanted to perform.

Dogbert hired him because he wanted an H.R.

Ross reveals he stole the moon rock because he wanted to be an astronaut.

significant because   (đáng kể bởi vì)

The stand is significant because Moses is perched upon the top.

This story was significant because it was the first about an ordinary person.

It is also significant because of its fine medieval and Arts and Crafts design.

because both   (bởi vì cả hai)

It is because both species can endure a temperate climate.

It was an interesting release because both bands had left the label.

The UN embargo proved ineffective, largely because both Portugal and South Africa refused to participate.

used because   (được sử dụng bởi vì)

The 8051 is widely used because it is very inexpensive.

The name was used because Lovecraft liked "the ring of it".

Purportedly, oil lamps were used because the power was out.

because they did   (bởi vì họ đã làm)

I want them to see themselves, because they did disrespect me also.

Strings later left Rockland because they didn't release her solo album.

Merchants were the lowest caste because they did not produce any products.

possible because   (có thể bởi vì)

This is possible because the interpreter is a MIDlet.

Higher speeds were not possible because of intersymbol interference.

This is possible because of the ionized gas they leave in their wake.

not only because   (không chỉ bởi vì)

The multicultural presence became noticeable, not only because of Asia but also because of Europe.

Lee decided to cancel the comic with #7, not only because of the weak sales but to use Smith on more popular comics.

For twenty two days, the ship was unable to move not only because of the low tide, but also because of the absence of even a slight breeze.

because when   (bởi vì khi)

This confusion happens because when it squats it stands on its soles.

This is because when No.

Linear equations are so-called, because when they are plotted, they describe a straight line.

down because   (xuống vì)

In 1984 the G was nearly taken down because of maintenance fees.

Bacall said at the time: I turned it down because it's just not a part.

"I had to turn it down because we were in the middle of that development.

difficult because   (khó vì)

However, positioning can be difficult because of hip pain.

Xin's early days in London were difficult because she didn't speak much English.

She later stated “My life was very difficult because he was so far away from me.

because it does   (bởi vì nó)

Magnesium was chosen because it does not act as a tamper.

This pathway is anaerobic because it does not require oxygen to synthesize or use ATP.

This diagram is called a "vacuum bubble", because it does not link up to any external lines.

mostly because   (chủ yếu là vì)

Poor sales, mostly because of player confusion, were blamed.

Arrays are useful mostly because the element indices can be computed at run time.

Ostrovsky is known outside of Russian-speaking countries mostly because of these two works.

called because   (gọi vì)

Mont-Royal), so called because it leads to the foot of Mount Royal.

It is so called because the dancers wear face masks which look like .

A compulsory armistice was then called because of the lack of any warships.

because people   (Bởi vì mọi người)

He's totally ordered, regular structure today is because people up.

This is because people fall forward as part of their gait when moving.

That dynasty eventually fell because people forgot religion ("dharma").

either because   (Hoặc Là Vì)

Some high mountain villages are car free either because of inaccessibility or by choice.

However she is always turned away, either because of Sherman or her own rough personality.

Berengaria did not attend them, either because she was not advised of them or by her own decision.

because he believed   (bởi vì anh tin)

Butler refused because he believed "it wasn't a black man's war."

Kano was excited about the story because he believed it is controversial.

However, Ellis did not always use E-Prime because he believed it interferes with readability.

because each   (bởi vì mỗi)

They were close friends, but looked jealous because each had a lover.

This was done because each episode's theme was changed to correspond to a book.

Ostriches are becoming more and valuable because each and every part can be used.

failed because   (thất bại vì)

Isabela nearly failed because of hunger and disease.

The plan failed because very few liberals prepared to help Weber.

His expedition to Halychyna had failed because of mutiny within his army.

so called because   (được gọi là bởi vì)

Mont-Royal), so called because it leads to the foot of Mount Royal.

It is so called because the dancers wear face masks which look like .

The Cathedral Quarter is so called because St Anne's Cathedral lies at its heart.

because only   (bởi vì chỉ)

This scoreboard works because only one team can get points in an end.

Garments were very expensive because only the finest fabrics were used.

This is made more difficult because only one item can be carried at any given time.

years because   (năm vì)

Conventions were suspended during the Depression years because of travel expenses.

(He had to wait for two years because the legal age of marriage for women was twelve.)

Completion of the building was delayed 24 years because of the depression and two wars.

necessary because   (cần thiết bởi vì)

This procedure is apparently necessary because of the economics of the industry.

The lock was necessary because the Kootenay River was than the level of Columbia Lake.

The fiber positioning system is necessary because of the wide field of view of the GMT.

because it did   (bởi vì nó đã làm)

It had not previously qualified for the record because it did not have a full postal address.

Capra cut two reels off "Lost Horizon" because it didn't work and then someone tried to put it back.

Despite a certain appeal, it was finally discontinued because it did not provide sufficient resolution.

both because   (cả bởi vì)

Dillon was a Francophile both because he had French origins and for his own personal tastes.

This points to a post-exilic date of composition both because of the use of the Persian period term and because Judah had a king before the exile.

As a queen, she was often seen driving her Rolls-Royce through Belgrade, which was a major rarity at the time, both because she was a royal and a woman.

likely because   (có khả năng vì)

This is most likely because differential lightings leading to different optimal camouflages.

This is likely because of the high rates of vasovagal syncope in the young adult population.

However, this last hypothesis is the least likely because the research tanks were well oxygenated.

because he thought   (bởi vì anh nghĩ)

He steered Bing away from Jane because he thought she was only being nice.

He also believed in heavy taxation because he thought it increases effort.

He claims to have ended the show because he thought "It's a good time to finish."

especially because   (Đặc biệt bởi vì)

They gradually became a pride of Tachov, especially because of its condition that they are in.

The village was a local trade center, and remains so especially because of the trade of timber.

The film was below average at the box office, especially because it was a typical A center movie.

work because   (làm việc vì)

Initially, Losey could not find work because she was a woman.

He does not work because he has to pay the rent or the phone bill.

I know I've lost work because of being gay, and it is always an issue.

year because   (năm vì)

Her studies were interrupted for one year because of the Polish–Ukrainian War.

However, the campaign was delayed one year because of another revolt in Egypt and Babylonia.

She retired from swimming for a year because there were no opportunities for female swimmers there.

controversial because   (gây tranh cãi vì)

"Baby Doll" was controversial because of its underlying sexual theme.

This act was seen in part as controversial because of its impact to many types of businesses.

The temple event became particularly controversial because it was attended by Vice President Gore.

season because   (mùa vì)

He left them after one season because they were relegated.

He missed the 1902 football season because of typhoid fever.

Motagua at the end of the season because of his low coach's consideration.

up because   (lên vì)

", but Biković gave up because of the obligations he had in Russia.

He denies it, saying Jimmy would make that up because he hates them.

Other armadillo species cannot roll up because they have too many plates.

school because   (đi học vì)

He wasn’t punished by the school because of his elite athletic status.

He dropped out of high school because he felt the teachings were elitist.

However, she cannot go to school because she is undergoing rehabilitation.

because such   (bởi vì như vậy)

This is because such orders cannot be appealed "as of right".

'And because such a place doesn't exist (that I know of), the book had to.'

This is done because such claims would necessarily dilute the liability of solvent defendants.

notable because   (đáng chú ý vì)

The Kevada is notable because of its mausoleum.

He said that, "Multiculturalism is no longer notable because it is everywhere."

because of lack   (vì thiếu)

Many native species were lost because of lack of woodland support.

Liturgical life was suffering because of lack of instruction for the novices.

Advanced students often find themselves excluded from masterclasses because of lack of funds.

rejected because   (bị từ chối vì)

The next year he was rejected because of the Jewish roots of his father.

Others were rejected because they were considered for other lines on the network.

The proposal was rejected because of a low turnout, even though 50.3% of voters approved it.

because of poor   (vì nghèo)

These however, were closed two years after because of poor enrollment.

The MAX was discontinued months after its introduction because of poor sales in Japan.

However, he describes those critiques as coming across because of poor media reportage.

because she did   (bởi vì cô ấy đã làm)

Xin's early days in London were difficult because she didn't speak much English.

She went to the to register for ordination, but was turned down because she did not have a master.

She initially decided not to attend the audition because she did not think she would get the part.

because of what   (bởi vì cái gì)

"You are what you are because of what goes into your mind."

The worst loss I've ever been associated with because of what was on the line."

Satan sins, not because of what he wills but because of what God wills for him.

occurs because   (xảy ra bởi vì)

This occurs because Al(OH) has a very large lattice energy.

In rare cases, ejaculation occurs because of prostatic disease.

As a result, a struggle occurs because the female is resistant.


It has been called the “Everest of Rivers” because of the extreme conditions.

We can’t deify “Christ, Shakespeare, and Keats” because of their heterogeneity.

He considers his work to be “magical” because he considers the universe magical.

film because   (phim vì)

She made the film because there was no visual record of the Russian Revolution.

However, producer Spoor refused to release the film because it was "poorly made".

Shroff was initially hesitant to do the film because he did not want to get typecast in the elder brother role.

because he does   (bởi vì anh ấy làm)

Ross secretly tries to get an annulment because he does not want to have had three divorces.

He did not watch the series before becoming a contestant, because he does not own a television.

She is 25 years old, is sociable if somewhat grumpy and arrogant because he does not like to mess with your stuff.

partially because   (một phần vì)

This is partially because there is no life guard on duty.

This is partially because qualitative reasoning increases with age.

She resolved to combat this issue, partially because she feared the White Race was dying out.

cancelled because   (hủy bỏ vì)

It was cancelled because of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871.

The game was cancelled because of his injury and was made up on January 23, 2006.

However that game also had to be cancelled because of extreme weather conditions.

because of financial   (vì tài chính)

It closed in 1974 because of financial problems.

Note: Congaz and Haiduc-Unisport withdrew because of financial problems.

By 1930 she had to leave New York because of financial and health problems.

least because   (ít nhất bởi vì)

Some of his works of poetry are still cherished, not least because of the tunes set to them.

However, the project proved to be nonviable, not least because seal numbers had declined massively.

During removal, the shelf was accidentally dropped at least because a retaining bolt had not been removed.

particularly because   (đặc biệt bởi vì)

70% ethanol is the most effective concentration, particularly because of osmotic pressure.

The textures and lighting were cited as high points, particularly because of the gameplay role of shadows.

The change to remove his image generated controversy, particularly because 2007 was the 150th anniversary of Elgar's birth.

presumably because   (có lẽ bởi vì)

This unit is very popular, presumably because it is easier to calculate the cost of a piece of land.

Males tend to have larger home ranges than females, presumably because, being larger, they require more food.

The area around Licancabur was first settled by the Atacameno people, presumably because of the water in local canyons.

delayed because   (trì hoãn vì)

Filming was delayed because June Lang had an infected throat.

Further climbing activities were delayed because of a snow storm.

Planned development of the site was delayed because of the economic slowdown.

because of how   (bởi vì làm thế nào)

He said, "I am always going to have anger because of how he did me.

The storm was remarkable primarily because of how far and wide it was observed.

Keyes said the crew is like family because of how long they have been together.

because his father   (bởi vì cha của anh ấy)

Johnny's nervous because his father Jim is also a gambler.

Jørn Utzon lived in Helsingør in his youth because his father was an engineer at .

Carbo saw Yawkey as a father figure, because his father did not really care about him.

occurred because   (xảy ra vì)

This has occurred because Barbados is rising at 1 inch per 1000 years.

This occurred because the boat was too full and listed to one side at the turn.

The match, however, never occurred because Gowen legitimately no-showed the event.

precisely because   (chính xác bởi vì)

His net worth, however, is not known precisely because the Trump Organization is privately held.

And it was precisely because Team Dealer brought so much fire power to the fight that we made final operational decisions.

The ever-wealthier Vietnamese are embracing Christmas precisely because of its non-religious glamour and commercial appeal.

life because   (cuộc sống vì)

He plays at life because he is unable to live it.

Hoppen has struggled in life because of her dyslexia.

I'm like that in real life because I trust everyone too much.

popular because   (phổ biến vì)

This design is popular because of its economy and speed.

He was popular because he was medieval.

He was popular because his weather predictions were funny and somewhat cryptic.

case because   (trường hợp vì)

We had a very strong case because I had the truth on my side.

Morris began researching the case because it related to Dr. Grigson.

After a while he returned to his obsession with his wife case because he had some new information.

not least because   (Không kém vì)

Some of his works of poetry are still cherished, not least because of the tunes set to them.

However, the project proved to be nonviable, not least because seal numbers had declined massively.

It remains subject to a wide margin of error, not least because the samples are mainly from Europe and North America.

people because   (người vì)

I told him to love the people because one day they can love you, too."

But they’re not bothering those people because those people are not big names."

The song contains lyrics that may offend people because of its religious content.

place because   (nơi vì)

Dayalan's school gets first place because of Arivazhagi's and Pazhani's hard work.

Even if they had some rules, sexual harassment still took place because were no consequences.

According to ancient folk legends, solar eclipses take place because dogs in heaven eat the sun.

interest because   (quan tâm vì)

Karst sites are of interest because of the biological communities they contain.

His history is of particular interest because it appears to intertwine with that of the Trojan War.

The compound is of scientific interest because of its high nitrogen content and explosive properties.

attention because   (chú ý vì)

It came to his attention because arrow points and flakes were found on the surface.

It received much attention because of its mix of jazz and rap, using live jazz musicians.

Maybe I attracted attention because I have bright and playful videos about some taboo subjects.

because they believed   (bởi vì họ tin)

They closed most rural schools because they believed that teachers were TPLF sympathizers.

He prevented the Germans for setting a house on fire, because they believed it to be used to shelter partisans.

Nevertheless, they continued to resist, in part because they believed the Soviets would execute any who surrendered.

because they felt   (bởi vì họ cảm thấy)

Mirabelle was given a long skirt because they felt a short skirt would appear too shameless.

They had recently increased their budgets because they felt the movies were more profitable that way.

Coca-Cola wanted the business in their asset list because they felt it would save both consumers and Coca-Cola money.

role because   (vai trò vì)

Dam methylase also plays a role because the oriC has 11 5'-GATC-3' sequences (in "E. coli").

Varela was attracted to the role because she believed that "Dallas" was "legendary" and had a "legacy".

Savini accepted the role because he is friends with Dana Gould, a former staff writer on "The Simpsons".

area because   (diện tích vì)

It was considered to be too dangerous in that area because it was on the edge of the balloon barrage.

Normal business and travel has been hampered in this area because of frequent street fights and agitations.

Geologists chose the area because of a wide crater created about 1.8 billion years ago by a large meteorite.

closed because   (đóng cửa vì)

Newspapers cannot be closed because of their content.

The village school closed because of falling pupil numbers.

"It closed because Mr. Calk wanted it to close," Brennan testified.

made because   (làm bởi vì)

That only got made because we were flush with funds.

This move was made because mold was found in the building.

Overall, 2,624 insurance claims were made because of property damage.

because it allows   (bởi vì nó cho phép)

This is an important property because it allows the use of a "flipping" technique.

The surface area is important because it allows atmospheric oxygen to dissolve and sunlight radiation to penetrate the water.

formula_332 is characterized as structure-neutral because it allows formula_26 existing in whatever partition level of formula_38.

again because   (một lần nữa bởi vì)

In 1939 the journal was closed again because of World War II.

We can’t let it happen again because that would be total mismanagement."

Incumbent mayor James Baker was ineligible to run again because of term limits.

abandoned because   (bị bỏ rơi vì)

The project was abandoned because of the death of producer Majendran.

The album was abandoned because the members had different priorities.

The mine was abandoned because of a lack of funds to purchase an engine.

died because   (chết vì)

And he probably died because he finally relaxed.

Some of the subjects died because of the tests.

In the next year he died because of illness.

game because   (trò chơi vì)

Akers and Pickering missed that game because of injuries.

Manziel was scratched from the final game because of a concussion.

Receiver Deonte Thompson missed the game because of a hamstring injury.

unique because   (độc đáo bởi vì)

The tea is unique because of the use of egg yolk in its preparation.

Ohio Central's T-6 is unique because it was the only one built with Hi-Ad trucks.

The climate and natural history of the island are unique because of its position in Lake Ladoga.