become more   (もっとなる)

Schools have also become more open to LGBT persons.

Her choices later become more daring and ambitious.

"Part of it is I've just become more libertarian.

later become   (後になって)

Chiron would later become a great teacher himself.

She has later become a professional dancer herself.

Her choices later become more daring and ambitious.

become the first   (最初になる)

Ramdulari went on to win and become the first woman MP of Patna.

The junior class will become the first senior class in 2018/2019.

the Celts become the first nation to be discernible in the region.

become known   (知られるようになる)

He eventually would become known as Emperor Monmu.

Their genre has become known as Bangsian fantasy.

The colony was to become known as "Nueva Germania".

become part   (参加する)

The bridge had also become part of U.S. Route 89A.

These squads have become part of a year-round cycle.

It has since become part of the Heritage Trust.

what would become   (どうなる)

His descendants are what would become the Kinniku clan.

This was the start of what would become the city of Kanazawa.

More property was added to what would become the park in 1980.

not become   (にならない)

A person cannot become resistant to antibiotics.

Women could not become judges, or testify in a trial.

However he could not become a regular player.

eventually become   (最終的になる)

The roadway that would eventually become US 82 Bus.

The roadway that would eventually become SR 50 Bus.

This would eventually become the "Misa Criolla".

become increasingly   (ますますなる)

We will become increasingly distanced from history.

The income from tourism has become increasingly important.

Local have become increasingly important.

did not become   (にならなかった)

Beef did not become a commodity until the 1849 gold Rush.

The College did not become fully coeducational until 1996.

Eindhoven did not become part of the Netherlands until 1629.

later to become   (後になって)

Fournier was later to become Pope Benedict XII.

W. Scott, later to become Master of the Supreme Court.

Dr. Joseph Ratzinger, later to become Pope Benedict XVI.

become involved   (巻き込まれる)

Peacock has become involved in the St. Louis startup scene.

Toni and David become involved in helping political refugees.

Drumm would become involved in the industrial broom industry.

become popular   (人気が出る)

Protein kinases have become popular drug targets.

Many of his poems have become popular folk songs.

Snow kiting has also become popular in recent years.

become a member   (会員になる)

To become a member, one needs to pass the advanced test.

In July, 2013, they will become a member of Conference USA.

Institutions must purchase stock in order to become a member.

become the new   (新しくなる)

My original dream was to become the new Carl Barks.

So Beloslava become the new queen consort of Serbia.

FrP demanded Siv Jensen become the new finance minister.

become very   (とてもなる)

The pain of his head wound had become very severe.

The tone of the letters become very intimate.

Marlowe has worked to become very versatile.

become a major   (メジャーになる)

Now it has become a major commercial hub in city.

The annual event has become a major tourist attraction.

Drug resistance has "become a major concern".

now become   (今になる)

It has now become a sign of wealth and good taste.

Riendeau had now become Detroit's third goaltender.

The blockade runner had now become a blockader.

become the most   (一番になる)

Vancouver would quickly become the most important.

By 1877, it had become the most severe drought ever recorded.

Now, it has become the most developed suburban area of Thrissur city.

become available   (利用可能になる)

As the player progresses, more worlds become available.

Once every floor has been visited, all of them become available.

By defeating the boss, the next chamber will become available for play.

become so   (そうなる)

He had no idea it would become so widely known.

It has become so many other things.

It is a Grade II listed structure, having become so on 5 February 1970.

decided to become   (になることを決めた)

In 1956, he decided to become a De La Salle Brother.

Capp already had decided to become a cartoonist.

At the age of 25 he decided to become an entertainer.

become a popular   (人気になる)

Fort Monroe has become a popular historical site.

It has since become a popular topic on social media.

Tayvallich has become a popular sailing centre.

become friends   (友達になる)

They had become friends at Tanglewood in the 1950s.

Vicky and David become friends, making Foxy jealous.

Stewart would later become friends with Ruffin.

become less   (少なくなる)

In recent decades they have become less frequent.

By 11 January, Besty had become less organized.

Badgers do not hibernate but may become less active in winter.

having become   (なった)

in 1983 having become First Parliamentary Counsel in 1981.

The Trust was then dissolved, having become a huge propaganda success.

It is a Grade II listed structure, having become so on 5 February 1970.

become the largest   (最大になる)

By 2006, it had become the largest discount brewer in Canada.

It would later become the largest amphibious base in the world.

By 1976 Saudi Arabia had become the largest oil producer in the world.

become an important   (重要になる)

Kangiten has now become an important deity in Shingon.

The rivalry has become an important part of both men's careers.

become an important topic not until the second half of the nineties.

become too   (なりすぎる)

It had become too troublesome and much too expensive to handle.

The stress of running a studio had become too much for her, she said.

Some pets become too afraid to wander into their yards out of fear of being shocked.

rose to become   (になりました)

Then he rose to become vice-governor of Guizhou.

He later rose to become an Admiral of the Fleet.

He rose to become a peer and Marshal of France.

order to become   (なるために)

Bills must pass each house in order to become law.

Institutions must purchase stock in order to become a member.

He agreed to the project in order to become more financially stable.

wanted to become   (なりたかった)

He wanted to become Nevada's first black Senator.

Early in life she wanted to become a writer.

Launder and Gillat wanted to become producers and directors.

become famous   (有名になる)

The Paris-based existentialists had become famous.

By this one will become famous and will also make God proud."

I wanted to know what my idols went through to become famous."

become a part   (参加する)

Leggings have become a part of many school uniforms.

"The craic" has become a part of Irish culture.

The PIE controller has become a part of the DOCSIS 3.1.

become extinct   (絶滅します)

Some orders and communities have already become extinct.

A related language, Mlahsô, has recently become extinct.

The language appears to have become extinct during the late sixth century.

become a professional   (プロになる)

She has later become a professional dancer herself.

At about the age of twenty, he decided to become a professional musician.

Seacoast programs include training to become a professional medical assistant.

then become   (その後になる)

The two then become traveling companions.

The two electrons then become correlated.

DTA will then become known as GlobeCast.

soon become   (すぐになります)

The two women would soon become lifelong friends and lovers.

One day, Duff met Andre Recke, who would soon become her manager.

The girls soon become friends with the young ranch hands who help them.

become president   (社長になる)

He eventually rose to become president judge.

In 2000, he moved up to become president and CEO of the club.

During his time aboard "Ohio", Zachary Taylor had become president.

grew to become   (になった)

This later grew to become Women's College Hospital.

Eventually Sendas grew to become one of Brazil's largest chains.

This grew to become a village and later the township of Mullumbimby.

become a regular   (定期的になる)

However he could not become a regular player.

Since then he has become a regular member of the starting fifteen.

started to become   (なり始めた)

In his third season, Abueva started to become an "Angry Beast".

It was in this site that the library started to become a bookshop.

The deficiencies of the local mortuaries started to become an issue.

become common   (一般的になる)

Posters advertising events have become common.

had become common at every level of society.

Gliding flights of over have become common.

become members   (メンバーになる)

Yale College did not allow women to become members until 1969.

The Workers' Party decided not to become members of the Forum.

In March 2004, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia have become members of NATO.

become the head   (頭になる)

In the 2011 offseason, King Rice left to become the head coach at Monmouth.

By 1953, she had become the head of the division with a 121 men working for her.

On December 5, head coach Will Healy resigned to become the head coach at Charlotte.

become aware   (気付く)

Soon, both Nanda and Shridaman become aware of what is happening.

The robbery was only become aware off on Monday 2 May 1977 as the bank opened.

Many said they had become aware of the plans only after they had been approved.

left to become   (残った)

In the 2011 offseason, King Rice left to become the head coach at Monmouth.

In 1902, Rabbi Shimon Shkop left to become the rabbi of Breinsk, Lithuania.

In 2012, Jain left to become the founder and CEO of technology company, Humin.

become the second   (二番目になる)

Within a year, it had become the second busiest in Singapore.

"Experiment" left Albany in 1785 to become the second American ship to sail to China.

Dustin Pedroia has since become the second such Red Sox player (2007, 2013, and 2018).

become head   (頭になる)

In this time Pampady Daira become head office.

He left the NIC in 1997 to become head of the American Institute in Taiwan.

On January 16, 2015, John Fox accepted a four-year deal to become head coach.

become much   (多くなる)

This process has become much harder throughout the years.

I need to become much stronger mentally."

The "festa" has become much more lively by the time Lucy returns.

become well   (元気になる)

The author claimed to have become well acquainted with Mr. Gardner.

Most were young men several of whom would become well known in later life.

A single print of the film survived, however, and it has become well known.

become established   (定着する)

have become established in the south-western corner of the Park.

This is being implemented as new Transmetro lines become established.

Having become established in European universities, this usage spread around the world.

become independent   (独立する)

The pups become independent after one month.

By 1960, French African colonies had already become independent.

As formula_41 the solutions become independent of formula_11 where

already become   (すでになっている)

Some orders and communities have already become extinct.

By 1960, French African colonies had already become independent.

It is likely that Ireland became settled by sea after it had already become an island.

recently become   (最近になります)

A related language, Mlahsô, has recently become extinct.

Suppressed in 1805, the Complex has recently become a school.

How or whether Montgomery had recently become pregnant is unclear.

become the next   (次になる)

When Tom was born at last she started grooming him to become the next Spook.

In February, it was decided that Optimus Primal would become the next Prime.

There is growing concern that cyberspace will become the next theater of warfare.

become active   (アクティブになる)

He went on to become active as a leader in the community.

Since then, 78 registered political parties have become active.

By 1957 about 22,000 Russian Orthodox churches had become active.

become widely   (広くなる)

Naranjo has become widely recognized.

has become widely established in western Europe, including the UK.

what has become   (何になった)

Version 2 was published in November, 1982 and defines what has become known as Ethernet II.

During this time, a variety of cultures and territories influenced what has become the Republic of Ecuador.

The Comic Village has since become a regular part of what has become the UK’s largest convention of its kind.

up to become   (になるまで)

This child would grow up to become the Emperor Nero.

Subsequently she grows up to become Spider-Girl.

At least one of her brothers grew up to become a mariner.

quickly become   (すぐになります)

Vancouver would quickly become the most important.

They quickly become entangled with each other.

Afterwards, they have dinner and quickly become friends.

become an independent   (独立する)

", to become an independent magazine with the same general focus.

The Kāśyapīyas are believed to have become an independent school ca.

In 1985, Chino Fire decided to become an independent agency once again.

become a successful   (成功する)

Malone went on to become a successful arranger and record producer.

By the end of the book he has become a successful professional artist.

Wooley decides to stay and become a successful performer of magic in Japan.

become pregnant   (妊娠する)

How or whether Montgomery had recently become pregnant is unclear.

She grows up to become pregnant without knowing the man in her life.

Any female capable of ovulation may become pregnant after rape by a male.

become engaged   (従事する)

Ryan leaves, defeated, and Nick and Lou become engaged.

They become engaged in the season finale.

Jane helps John through his grief, and they become engaged.

become the main   (メインになる)

Coal mining would become the main industry in this area.

CNR would become the main competitor to the CPR in Canada.

This has become the main activity within the Port of Gibraltar.

become close   (近くなる)

They become close friends and eventually start dating.

As time passes, the two meet and become close friends.

Anand starts flirting with Asha while Rakesh and Kitty become close.

become apparent   (明らかになる)

However, this would only become apparent after the French Revolutionary Wars.

These conditions are present at birth and most become apparent in early infancy.

Both nephews were imprisoned in Cork Gaol for reasons which will become apparent below.

become clear   (はっきりする)

During the race, Messala and Judah become clear leaders.

It had become clear that the Soviet Union was beginning to loosen up.

If that is done, the signs become clear and "haply you will understand".

become a teacher   (先生になる)

At the time, she was studying to become a teacher.

Alcuin graduated to become a teacher during the 750s.

Later, Wickramasinghe opted to become a teacher in music.

become well known   (有名になる)

Most were young men several of whom would become well known in later life.

A single print of the film survived, however, and it has become well known.

Many circus clowns have become well known and are a key circus act in their own right.

began to become   (なり始めた)

Coverage began to become intensely negative.

It also began to become an intellectual, rather than an industrial, center.

These singles began to become popular and were spreading around on social media.

expected to become   (になると予想される)

Miloš Zeman was expected to become party's leader.

The joint meeting was expected to become an annual occurrence.

Evenings of Chess are expected to become regular recurring events.

grown to become   (成長する)

SCA had grown to become the third largest waste hauler amidst all this internal turmoil.

Today, Colerain has grown to become one of the largest high schools in the state of Ohio.

The gym has grown to become one of the largest and most successful in the state of Hawaii.

likely to become   (なりそう)

This showed Charlotte appeared likely to become a major banking center.

One theory holds that higher educated women are more likely to become career women.

FusionCharts was in 2010 named as one of the 15 companies likely to become the next Infosys.

become quite   (かなりなる)

Baccarat has become quite famous at the royal houses.

The issue has become quite controversial and political.

But, in time, they might become quite a formidable force."

become the world   (世界になる)

It went on to become the world's largest discounting house.

German restaurants have become the world's second-most decorated after France.

In April 2013 Penguin Random House was created to become the world's largest publisher.

resigned to become   (辞任した)

I, Lieut.-Col. Tucker having resigned to become brigade quartermaster.

In 1940, he resigned to become president of the Ottawa Electric Company.

On December 5, head coach Will Healy resigned to become the head coach at Charlotte.

invited to become   (に招待されました)

In 1638, he was even invited to become a cardinal in Madrid, refusing the offer.

In 1832, Jabez Tunnicliff was invited to become the minister of Cradley Baptist Church.

In November 2014 CCGs were invited to become co-commissioners of primary care in their area.

merged to become   (合併して)

Later, the two groups merged to become Baekje.

In 1973 they merged to become American Financial Group.

In 2013, the schools officially merged to become Melba College.

become fully   (完全になります)

The College did not become fully coeducational until 1996.

Young animals become fully mature in about six to seven years.

It took about an hour for the ICS structure to become fully operational.

become important   (重要になる)

Sicily would become important to Rome as a source of grain.

This caused Christianity to become important to the Byzantine identity.

The Dawes Rolls have become important records for proving tribal membership.)

become law   (法律になる)

Bills must pass each house in order to become law.

The bill did not subsequently become law.

The Mayor's agreement is required for an Act of Changsha People's Congress to become law.

become the dominant   (支配的になる)

Islam would become the dominant religion late in the Middle Ages.

By 1800, Delhi dialect had become the dominant base of the language.

By 2016 smart-phones have become the dominant seller in the Chinese market.

become a priest   (司祭になる)

He later left legal practice to become a priest.

Was it, like, collect twelve crisp packets and become a priest?"

It was while at St. Edmund's that he decided to become a priest.

become interested   (興味を持つ)

INTERVIEWER: How did you become interested in the cut-up technique?

But for the rest, I am not prepared nor do I plan to become interested in politics."

At the same time, students have become interested in this sector outside the classroom.

become synonymous   (同義になる)

Vadding is a verb which has become synonymous with urban exploration.

Consequently, the name "DeMille" has become synonymous with filmmaking.

In French culture, the word "zénith" has become synonymous with "theater".

desire to become   (なりたいという願望)

He has a strong desire to become Tycoon Shō's successor.

She has publicly expressed a desire to become an astronaut.

Burgess grew up in Harlem, and his mother disapproved of his desire to become a musician.

become an actor   (俳優になる)

He followed William to London to become an actor.

Kim did not realize that he would become an actor and singer.

In 1960, he decided to become an actor.

again become   (再びなる)

Combating racism has again become a priority of CUIC.

In August 1978, he once again become vice president when Njie resigned.

With Quentin's device in their possession, the three men will once again become famous.

become better   (上手になります)

They become better critical thinkers.

By the mid-1930s Leicester Square had become better known for cinemas.

Teachers need to go back to school periodically to become better educators.

become a doctor   (医者になる)

Influenced by his father, Samuel Tai also intended to become a doctor.

Following 1914, he left baseball to become a doctor, but later returned to the sport.

He then attended Bowdoin College, where he majored in pre-med with plans to become a doctor.

become infected   (感染する)

Mice may ingest the spores and become infected.

They may open when scratched and become infected and crusty.

The mammalian host then eats this vegetation and can become infected.

become familiar   (慣れてくる)

This is a convenient way for many in the public to become familiar with the medium.

A territory-holding beaver will investigate and become familiar with the scents of its neighbors.

He said the objective of his visit was to become familiar with the state of Azerbaijani armed forces.

become something   (何かになる)

Kohlit has become something of a modern-day El Dorado.

"What could become a tense process has become something pleasurable.

I become something different.

become associated   (関連するようになる)

By the end of the decade, eugenics had become associated with Nazism and poor science.

His firm had become associated with forced labour and atrocities in the Belgian Congo by 1911.

By the end of World War II, many eugenics laws were abandoned, having become associated with Nazi Germany.

become standard   (標準になる)

Facets have become standard in modern enterprise search solutions.

After the missing lanes are built, they will become standard motorways.

This machine has since become standard in hospitals throughout the United States.

intended to become   (になることを意図した)

Influenced by his father, Samuel Tai also intended to become a doctor.

He disclosed that he never intended to become an actor, but was "roped in" when he visited India for Easter.

It means "learning place", suggesting that the town is intended to become a significant center for education.

woman to become   (なる女性)

She was the first woman to become a bishop in the Church of Denmark.

She was the second woman to become a University professor in Germany.

She was the first woman to become Secretary of the Navy in U.S. history.

become highly   (高くなる)

They are known to become highly imprinted to their owners.

who went on to become highly influential fimmakers in their own right.

As a result, they have become highly interconnected, and interdependent.