becomes more   (より多くなる)

Overall the disease becomes more common with age.

But she becomes more unstable as the lie escalates.

He becomes more mature as the series progresses.

becomes increasingly   (ますますになる)

With each loop, he becomes increasingly skilled in combat.

Reliable identification becomes increasingly difficult as time passes.

Family life becomes increasingly mundane as he begins to seek something more.

then becomes   (その後になる)

She then becomes a member of the reformed Acolytes.

She then becomes von Lichstein's girlfriend.

Leonard also said: "The Internet then becomes a useful tool.

becomes clear   (明確になる)

The truth becomes clear for the first time.

It then becomes clear that something isn't quite as it seems.

It becomes clear that terrorists have infiltrated the Secret Service.

becomes involved

She becomes involved with a group of boy scouts, who is led by Ken Warren.

Involuntarily Anna becomes involved in an amazing and dangerous adventure.

becomes involved with Sonny's sister Courtney Matthews (Alicia Leigh Willis).

soon becomes

The attraction soon becomes an obsession.

It soon becomes a torrid love affair.

Shruthi soon becomes pregnant but dies of childbirth complications.

becomes pregnant   (妊娠する)

When Candy becomes pregnant, they go back to St.

Book 8 – Semele becomes pregnant with Dionysus.

Meanwhile, Italia also becomes pregnant with his child.

becomes apparent

It becomes apparent that these two are not human.

Unusual social development becomes apparent early in childhood.

Lizzie quickly moves on when it becomes apparent George isn't that into her.

becomes very

The man becomes very enraged and feels very unwanted.

He becomes very ill. Anjili is least concerned.

Therefore, timing of desertion becomes very important.

later becomes

She later becomes a regional manager for Home Base.

She later becomes a successful event planner outside Gotham.

She later becomes a disciple of Magneto.

eventually becomes

She eventually becomes Toni Topaz's girlfriend.

Ravi eventually becomes disinterested in his education.

Kathir eventually becomes a successful restaurant owner.

quickly becomes

Kyosuke quickly becomes Kirino's confidant for her secret hobby.

Via her telepathic abilities she quickly becomes Sam's girlfriend.

In this capacity, Johnston quickly becomes something of a local legend.

road becomes   (道になる)

At its northern end the road becomes Brecknock Road.

The southward continuation of the road becomes NY 270.

Upon entering Cuernavaca, the road becomes divided Free State Road.

becomes less   (少なくなります)

One becomes less an individual and more part of the mass.

The Lerner index increases as demand becomes less elastic.

Later she becomes less uptight and ends up friends with the two boys.

becomes suspicious   (疑わしくなります)

Karen becomes suspicious and investigates Dave.

Owen becomes suspicious of Darrow's influence over Sophy.

Later, Carmel becomes suspicious when Jim begins behaving oddly.

becomes obsessed   (取り付かれる)

Gino becomes obsessed with Bobby and plans to kill him.

Gary becomes obsessed with Izzy's welfare.

Lennart becomes obsessed with Theres due to her angelic voice.

becomes part

In 1911, the region becomes part of the municipality of Betim.

Wally watches Woody make a sandwich, gets too close, and becomes part of it.

Conan becomes part of a eunuch choir which performs in front of the royal family.

becomes the new

the previous eldest hand becomes the new dealer.

Tsukuru becomes the new owner and Ryuk stays with him.

During this time, the Spider Hero becomes the new Ronin.

becomes the first

Aaron becomes the first hereditary high priest.

1903 Walter Travis becomes the first three-time U.S.

The Champion becomes the first team to score 10 points.

becomes aware

During recovery the patient or animal becomes aware.

On the train, Mileva becomes aware of their presence.

He becomes aware that the house is haunted after seeing several strange phenomena.

becomes friends

Roz becomes friends with Frasier's father Martin.

Parr becomes friends with Bebb, however, and marries Bebb's daughter.

Stanley becomes friends with a man named Mick and a woman named Shirl.

becomes available   (利用可能になる)

Many will die before a suitable organ becomes available.

It becomes available to retire debt, fund growth and innovation.

When funding becomes available, this section will also be completed.

becomes jealous

Wagner becomes jealous of her interaction with other men.

Sanjeev becomes jealous and angry, insulting Raj and his family.

Lannie becomes jealous and uses violence to deal with the problems.

becomes too

Eventually, Stag becomes too exhausted to go on.

Sometimes the heat becomes too high, so a shadow may be desired.

If it becomes filled with honey, it becomes too heavy to handle manually.

becomes known

Hence, he becomes known as "the Silent Knight."

In Thompson, Route 21 becomes known as County Home Road.

If this method is used then the art becomes known as ANSI art.

becomes angry

He becomes angry, and the manager tries to restrain him.

Ross initially becomes angry but gives Joey his blessing.

Marta becomes angry and hands him the recording of them having sex.

route becomes

Here, the route becomes Market Street and is lined with several homes.

At this point, the truck route becomes a four-lane divided highway, heading to the east.

After this intersection, the route becomes rural again, continuing northeast through Granby.

becomes so

Ephialtes becomes so desperate by Leonidas' refusal that he throws himself off a cliff.

The Sheriff becomes so enamored of his theory that he appeals to Pendergast's regional F.B.I.

For high formula_13, the level of energy becomes so high that the electron can easily escape from the atom.

becomes even

The sky becomes even darker after the execution.

This time, he becomes even more lethal and starts targeting Sivaji.

When he finds this out he becomes even more determined to be his own man.

becomes convinced

He becomes convinced they are seeing each other.

In the aftermath, Jai becomes convinced he is invincible.

She becomes convinced when she sees Casey's cache of weapons.

when it becomes   (になったら)

It is very hardy, largely evergreen to -10 °C, when it becomes deciduous.

Lizzie quickly moves on when it becomes apparent George isn't that into her.

The microgametocyte, when it becomes spherical, gives rise to numerous, elongate microgametes.

becomes a member

She then becomes a member of the reformed Acolytes.

Valérie Rabault becomes a member of the Socialist Party in 2000.

Röda Sten Kulturförening becomes a member of Trans Europe Halles (TEH).

becomes even more

This time, he becomes even more lethal and starts targeting Sivaji.

When he finds this out he becomes even more determined to be his own man.

At one point, Nietzsche becomes even more adamant about his Polish identity.

becomes much

The relationship between Benson and Foster is initially hostile, their bond becomes much more complex.

Quote #3: "The lesson for me was that if you break a discipline once, the next transgression becomes much easier.

Breaking a diet provides an appropriate analogy – once you do it, it becomes much easier to make further exceptions."

becomes concurrent

At 178th Street, U.S. 9 becomes concurrent with Broadway.

In Arlington, VT 7A (the Ethan Allen Highway) intersects and becomes concurrent with VT 313.

US 17 becomes concurrent with I-64 in the direction of Suffolk (technically eastbound, but heading west).

becomes infatuated

Barry becomes infatuated with his older cousin, Nora Brady.

He wants to use this trick as bait for Evgenia, since he becomes infatuated with her.

Along the way, he becomes infatuated with attention from Hunter, eventually wanting to kill him.

gradually becomes

At Tamworth, Roger gradually becomes worse and dies.

She gradually becomes more open and falls in love with Tidus.

They spend time together and Kamla gradually becomes fascinated by him.

becomes upset

Meanwhile, Paula becomes upset at the home.

As he does, Elijah becomes upset and stands at the balcony.

Hearing this, Bebe becomes upset and leaves the house, clearly upset at Don.

becomes romantically

Logan also becomes romantically involved with the victim's relative.

Natalie achieves stardom and becomes romantically involved with many Hollywood men.

Larry sells his home and assumes a nomadic lifestyle, while he becomes romantically involved with Megan.

becomes evident

Cliff's dislike for Lester becomes evident during the first screening of the film.

The power of dimensional analysis as an aid to experiment and forming hypotheses becomes evident.

One detail that becomes evident from Dueholm's archive letters is that the population of the priory was quite transitory.

becomes attracted

Gannon continues his ruse and becomes attracted to Stone.

Later, Father Francis becomes attracted to her and kisses her twice.

Carol becomes attracted to him.

becomes engaged

Camille becomes engaged to Marcel Vigneauz.

They grow rich and Bill becomes engaged to Swift's daughter.

She becomes engaged to George Darrow.

becomes enraged   (激怒する)

Carter becomes enraged and tries to retaliate, but Damien breaks up the fight.

Leland / BOB then becomes enraged and screams, "Leland says you're going back to Missoula, MONTANA!"

When Hong-rim returns to the city, he indeed becomes enraged by this sight and determines to kill the King.

becomes difficult

Due to the fact that remixing is limitless, it becomes difficult to end.

When associative bias gets stronger, the bias becomes difficult to override.

It becomes difficult for these markets to compete with the pricing set by foreign markets.

becomes trapped

Dave becomes trapped by the fire, but he is eventually rescued.

When the osteoblast becomes trapped, it becomes known as an osteocyte.

It finally becomes trapped in an agony of conflict and self-loathing, and destroys itself.

when he becomes   (彼がなるとき)

Kevin takes off his shirt when he becomes stressed.

He finds himself out of his depth when he becomes besotted with her.

Later, when he becomes a gentleman in London, he is wearing his usual "South Park" attire, including his bow tie.

becomes close

Sally becomes close to Eileen Clarke (Myra De Groot).

Daisy drives an ambulance during the Blitz and becomes close friends with Lloyd's mother Ethel.

During the repair efforts, Yar becomes close to Castillo, but is unnerved by tense interactions with Guinan.

becomes ill

During the trip she becomes ill and Sadazo takes her place.

Kelvin becomes ill and goes to sleep.

Bowie becomes ill and is bedridden.

becomes interested

In time, he becomes interested in Kahoko because of her carefree music.

Libby's singing career takes off, and Paul then becomes interested in Libby.

There, she becomes interested in a local cattle herder, Sarju (Rajendra Kumar) after listening to his song.

becomes romantically involved

Logan also becomes romantically involved with the victim's relative.

Natalie achieves stardom and becomes romantically involved with many Hollywood men.

Larry sells his home and assumes a nomadic lifestyle, while he becomes romantically involved with Megan.

becomes possible

Christ-mysticism holds the field until God-mysticism becomes possible, which is in the near future.

This is a very lossy phenomenon that only becomes possible when radar has significant excess sub-clutter visibility.

It becomes possible to produce any product on any day in response to real customer demand making possible a true Demand Flow.

becomes furious   (激怒する)

Max becomes furious with the area boys because they don’t like him.

Marilyn becomes furious with Rita when her attitude begins to change.

A. is extremely protective of his van, and becomes furious if it gets any damage.

becomes concerned   (心配になる)

Yogasiddhi becomes concerned at the state of the princess.

Norris becomes concerned for her and asks her for the truth.

The team becomes concerned that Sebastian is taking it too far.

highway becomes

The highway becomes a freeway at its trumpet interchange with US 460 Bus.

The highway becomes a four-lane divided highway at SR 239 (Victory Boulevard).

The highway becomes a two–lane road again as it heads toward the New York boundary.

thus becomes

Boaz thus becomes Ruth and Naomi's "kinsman-redeemer."

Turtle thus becomes a millionaire.

Chaturanga thus becomes, after a point, a psychodrama of unbelievable cruelty.

becomes extremely

Judy becomes extremely uncomfortable and confronts Emma about the weapon.

The text describes Kālī's emerging out of Durga when she becomes extremely angry.

Behind the headland on the cliff tops there is a car park which becomes extremely busy in the summer.

until it becomes

This is a skill which improves with practice until it becomes second nature.

Physical Education is offered in kindergarten and at every grade level until it becomes optional in grade 11.

Adult gizzard shad consume large volumes of zooplankton until it becomes scarce, then turn to organic debris for food.

becomes necessary   (必要になる)

Therefore, application of ultrasonic energy during the down stroke becomes necessary ("pre-triggering").

When a CSF leak occurs at the temporal bone, surgery becomes necessary in order to prevent infection and repair the leak.

With the piccolo, it becomes necessary to place the near side of the embouchure hole slightly higher on the lower lip, i.e.

often becomes   (しばしばになる)

It does not unfold in time, its duration often becomes ephemeral.

During competition season, it often becomes seven days with practice twice a day sometimes.

Schinwald's early training in fashion and costume history often becomes apparent in his work.

relationship becomes

Their relationship becomes even more troubled with the introduction of Macoy.

Towards the end of season three, Paula finds out about Rebecca's lies, and their relationship becomes strained once again.

The two are old friends who have grown up together, but their relationship becomes complicated when they each start dating other people.

again becomes

At the Berkel-Enschot exit, the N65 once again becomes the A65.

It intersects with SH 151, where development once again becomes patchy.

North of the Kokomo area US 31 again becomes a rural divided highway, which skirts Peru, Rochester, and Plymouth.

when she becomes   (彼女がなるとき)

Vicky notices Sapna when she becomes a successful model.

Gambi later makes a special suit for Jennifer when she becomes Lightning.

The text describes Kālī's emerging out of Durga when she becomes extremely angry.

becomes depressed   (落ち込む)

Sienna becomes depressed and struggles with her baby Sebastian.

Richard becomes depressed and starts cheating on Elizabeth and drinking.

Pauline becomes depressed.

becomes frustrated   (イライラする)

Chris becomes frustrated with Aidan's habit of refusing help with his problems.

During Jillian's workout, Mike becomes frustrated, and he punches the treadmill.

As the weeks pass, he becomes frustrated and meets a beautiful woman, Megan, on the beach.

becomes embroiled

Delfino becomes embroiled in an argument with a Federal official, Peter Harkness (Fred Kohler).

In the third expansion, the protagonist becomes embroiled in a royal power struggle, at the same time as a massive monster invasion of Astoltia, controlled by a mysterious hooded man.

Set in Hangzhou, in modern-day China, a young woman becomes embroiled in controversy after a cell phone video of her being disrespectful on a public bus to an elderly person goes viral.