becoming the first   (成为第一个)

becoming the first English man to play in a Scottish FA Cup final.

He won, becoming the first president of the Vallikunnom panchayat.

degree in 1951, becoming the first female history doctor in Norway.

before becoming   (成为之前)

She worked as a secretary before becoming an artist.

He joined the police service before becoming an actor.

He played two seasons in the CFL before becoming a coach.

becoming more   (变得更多)

The region changed a lot, becoming more European.

The colour is red brown becoming more grey with age.

By mid-1984, MDMA use was becoming more noticed.

eventually becoming   (最终成为)

She married secondly, Jerry Foster, eventually becoming widowed.

"Left Alternative"), eventually becoming a member of its anarchist wing.

It was rebuilt and enlarged, eventually becoming the Cross Street Chapel.

becoming increasingly   (越来越多)

Internet cafes are also becoming increasingly common.

Literature by this time was becoming increasingly popular.

Internment was becoming increasingly difficult to support.

later becoming

play, later becoming a ballboy for the team.

Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG took over in 1985, later becoming Deutz AG.

Currie joined Supertramp, then Burlesque, later becoming a session musician.

thus becoming   (因此成为)

32 in the charts, thus becoming the band's first top 40 single.

Botvinnik won, thus becoming world champion, ending the "interregnum".

Italy returned to the contest in 2011, thus becoming part of a "Big Five".

becoming part

He is known to have opposed Zangezur becoming part of the Armenian SSR.

In 1883 the StLIM&S was acquired by Jay Gould, becoming part of a system.

Italy returned to the contest in 2011, thus becoming part of a "Big Five".

becoming known

Online applications are now becoming known as "Cloud Apps".

In 2015 the company underwent a rebrand, becoming known simply as brightside.

Prior to becoming known as the Lakers, sports teams were known as the Hornets.

becoming a member

Jack played two shows with the band before actually becoming a member.

He served as a patrolman for six years before becoming a member of SWAT.

"Left Alternative"), eventually becoming a member of its anarchist wing.

becoming the second

becoming the second Democracy (After Russian Federation) to have such a stand in the world.

In 1953, she directed "", becoming the second female animator to direct an animated feature film.

He took over prior to the 2011 season, becoming the second baseball coach in the school's history.

becoming the youngest

Amateur in 1981 at age 19, becoming the youngest winner in the history of that event at the time.

Frank Sibley succeeds Sexton at QPR, becoming the youngest manager in the history of the top-flight.

In 1998, at the age of 29, Omar Abdullah was elected to the 12th Lok Sabha, becoming the youngest minister.

becoming involved

Niall Quinn revealed his regret at becoming involved in the Saipan incident.

Patarkatsishvili announced that he was considering becoming involved in the bid.

Despite becoming involved in hockey, Turner was still primarily a baseball player.

becoming the only

English was becoming the only language of the educated.

I’m focused on becoming the only gay world champion in boxing history."

This led to CCS becoming the only viable solution to overcome this political conflict.

becoming only

Ralph Guldahl retains his U.S. Open crown, becoming only the fourth man to win back-to-back titles.

He was voted into the NBA All-Star Game in 2004, becoming only the second Canadian All-Star in NBA history.

On Opening Day in 2003, Cruz struck out 6 consecutive batters, becoming only the second Cubs reliever to do so.

becoming the third

It ended up becoming the third best-selling album in 2001, selling 4.42 million copies.

The 550th TFTS traded in its F-4s in August 1977 becoming the third F-15 training squadron.

Ryo Matachi followed by becoming the third athlete to complete Stage 3 with a time of 5:04.67.

becoming the most

English schools in Alexandria are becoming the most popular.

Positron emission tomography is becoming the most useful imaging technique.

They are quickly becoming the most common type of voice phone service in many areas.

becoming popular

Dr. Miller's school was becoming popular with each passing day.

Ben Nevis is becoming popular with ski mountaineers and boarders.

Smoking a tobacco-molasses shisha is now becoming popular amongst the youth in India.

becoming president

Adkins rose through the ranks at D-C, becoming president in 1985.

He worked there until he retired in 1985, becoming president emeritus.

The TSE argued that as a formal putschist, he was banned by the constitution from ever becoming president.

becoming a professional

Before becoming a professional chef she earned a degree in business.

Whittaker was a brick layer prior to becoming a professional MMA fighter.

For much of her life, she never considered becoming a professional painter.

becoming too

Family groups may split after becoming too large for the available resources.

At age 62, Heyting quit radio work because it was becoming too much of a physical burden.

Soon after the First World War, the original church was becoming too small for its congregation.

dream of becoming   (成为梦想)

In the episode he attempts to realise his dream of becoming a rock guitarist.

Delfin's dream of becoming a doctor did not materialize as he earlier had a family.

As a child, he reportedly told his 15 siblings about his dream of becoming a nationally known fighter.

becoming less

However, by the mid-80s, he was becoming less successful.

Blue eyes are becoming less common among American children.

Beating of prisoners is common, but is becoming less frequent.

thereby becoming

1, thereby becoming the first single to dethrone Psy's "Gangnam Style" in a week.

King was made Earl of Lovelace in 1838, Ada thereby becoming Countess of Lovelace.

However, he became insane and murdered several prostitutes, thereby becoming Jack the Ripper.

prior to becoming

He also owned a fitness center prior to becoming a wrestler.

She was employed as a registered nurse prior to becoming a legislator.

Whittaker was a brick layer prior to becoming a professional MMA fighter.

up becoming

Kouandété ended up becoming Alley's adjutant.

Cynthia and Jason share drinks and end up becoming intimate.

The album ended up becoming the best selling R&B album of 2012.

quickly becoming

Another prank that is quickly becoming a tradition is the Orc Raid.

He was quickly becoming one of the hottest properties in Maltese football.

They are quickly becoming the most common type of voice phone service in many areas.

becoming the new

With the help of his allies, Soma avoids becoming the new dark lord.

Bruce Banner died in "Civil War II", with Amadeus Cho becoming the new Incredible Hulk.

Soma manages to escape his fate of becoming the new dark lord with the help of his allies.

becoming a major

Tourism is becoming a major employer in the local area.

This is increasingly becoming a major tourist attraction for the area.

The nobility was only holding Germany back from becoming a major power in the world.

dreams of becoming

This "ended his early dreams of becoming a doctor."

Meanwhile, Randy dreams of becoming a performer and artist.

Tsubasa is a young boy who dreams of becoming a Shinki master.

becoming head

Urey was put in charge, Dunning becoming head of one of its divisions.

He subsequently joined the CNRS, becoming head of research there in 1970.

He left as hospital director in 2012, becoming head of a nephrology clinic.

until becoming

WSTO was originally called Viking Media Corp, until becoming WSTO in the early 1970s.

He remained with the Steelers until becoming head coach of the expansion Carolina Panthers in 1995.

After a curacy in Bodmin he was at St Mary Abbots until becoming the Vicar of St Peter Mancroft, Norwich in 1890.

then becoming

She was married at the age of 13, before having a son, and then becoming a widow at 15.

He obtained his "license" in 1927 and his "agrégation" in 1930, then becoming a secondary teacher.

The Pileus is 1.4–3.5 cm in diameter and conic to convex to broadly convex then becoming flat in age.

becoming the largest

They merged into InBev, becoming the largest brewery.

At the 1975 state election the LM had ambitions of becoming the largest non-Labor party.

With a population of 15,683 it is on the way to becoming the largest district in Heidelberg.

well as becoming

1 in several countries as well as becoming one of the biggest selling singles of all time in the UK.

Recently, it is again a thriving District, having Dalian Development Area within it as well as becoming a bedroom community to downtown Dalian.

Recently, it is again a thriving town, having Dalian Development Area within its area as well as becoming a bedroom community to downtown Dalian.

becoming available

Many young people are trying to create food trucks, and a wider range of products is becoming available.

It has received a somewhat cult status from the internet, becoming available on VOD, iTunes, and DVD from Redbox.

The pre-facelift C24 Serenas all have a 2.0 L engine, with the optional 2.5 L engine becoming available from 2002.

years before becoming

She played bowls four years before becoming totally blind.

He served as a patrolman for six years before becoming a member of SWAT.

It was a boys' school for 95 years before becoming co-educational in 1992.

becoming a regular

Later that same day, Narumiya joined Leon's Shishi no Ana stable, becoming a regular member of JWP's roster.

He reprised the role in August 2017, becoming a regular cast member, until Daz was written out on 31 January 2019.

He started off his career as a midfielder but changed to a striker, becoming a regular for the Rangers reserve team.

becoming the band

32 in the charts, thus becoming the band's first top 40 single.

2 in Australia, becoming the band's highest-charting single there.

3 in the Japanese chart becoming the band's best selling album, with sales exceeding 60,000 copies.

becoming more common

Moreover, 4K post production was becoming more common as of 2013.

Satellite communications are becoming more common on cruising boats.

WiFi is becoming more common.

history by becoming

In 2001, Bell made history by becoming the first male president of the denomination.

She made history by becoming the first African to win the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship.

On 1 September 2009, Azizan making history by becoming the first Chief of Defence Forces from RMAF.

becoming a full

Wells began his film career as a camera assistant, becoming a full cameraman in 1919.

The usage of stars is however completely optional, even after becoming a full member.

It has also shown continued interest in becoming a full member in the Nordic Council.

becoming very

The album was a Chartbuster in 2002 with songs becoming very popular.

The monsoon season in Bihar is usually becoming very unpredictable and erratic.

It is becoming very popular to mix the pepper crab with a fresh jackfruit sauce.

now becoming

It is now becoming rare in the Coast Ranges.

Online applications are now becoming known as "Cloud Apps".

There were about 8,000 built but it is now becoming quite rare.

becoming the fourth

This led to Peter Haring becoming the fourth player of the season to play as captain.

In June 1984 the range was updated, becoming the fourth generation U11/12 series (2WD/4WD).

By the end of the year the EP had sold 204,326 copies, becoming the fourth best-selling album of 2012.

becoming a professor

In 1887 he obtained his habilitation, becoming a professor of phylogeny at Jena two years later.

In 1910 he attained the title of associate professor, becoming a professor "without chair" in 1921.

He obtained his habilitation (higher academic qualification) in 1962, becoming a professor as a result.

finally becoming

He was 25 before finally becoming a Surrey first team regular in 1982.

At Purina, he moved through various management roles, finally becoming the President and CEO:

On March 5, 2009 Royal University of America was merged into Dongguk University, finally becoming Dongguk University Los Angeles(DULA).

way to becoming

Louisville was on her way to becoming an industrial city.

After signing with Mercury, Rodriguez was soon on the way to becoming famous.

With a population of 15,683 it is on the way to becoming the largest district in Heidelberg.

without becoming

Those who believe in Christ should first have faith in Him without becoming engaged in such overwhelming phenomena.

He did not care for the naval lifestyle, however, and left at nineteen years of age without becoming a commissioned officer.

Existing operations might not be able to expand or build new facilities without becoming subject to the initiative's provisions."

ultimately becoming

In 1905, the "University Farm" of Berkeley was formed near Sacramento, ultimately becoming UC Davis.

Lajjun became the center of an "ʿAmal" (subdistrict) in the "Mamlaka" of Safad (ultimately becoming one of sixteen).

Ranken was invited by Michael Attenborough to work as Movement Director at the RSC, ultimately becoming an Associate Artist with the company.

becoming a part

In 1905 he had opposed the PPS zp becoming a part of SPD.

Even after becoming a part of the office scene, few knew her well.

It was due to Ukraine and the whole Siberia becoming a part of its already large area.

becoming increasingly popular

Literature by this time was becoming increasingly popular.

Christmas is not a national holiday but is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam.

The routes are becoming increasingly popular over flying, especially on the LAX-SFO route.

becoming more popular

Their fleeces are also becoming more popular due to their unique colour pattern.

Outside Japan, its use is becoming more popular in both Asian and non-Asian dishes.

A new technology has been developed and is slowly becoming more popular with police.

becoming an independent

Biswas started in politics by becoming an independent MLA in 1972.

Since becoming an independent artist, Delisme has built an atelier in Haiti.

26 Squadron RFC at Netharavon, becoming an independent squadron on 8 October 1915.

becoming a partner

In 1864, Meyer joined Lazard Frères, becoming a partner in 1868.

In 1963, he joined Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP becoming a partner in 1969.

After graduating, Sachs went to work in the family business, becoming a partner in 1904.

soon becoming

The emerging young leaves are white tomentose, soon becoming glabrous.

Kotane joined SACP a year later in 1929, soon becoming a member of the party's politburo.

The album was released in limited numbers and sold out quickly, soon becoming a collectors' item.

becoming the group

The single debuted at number one, becoming the group's third UK number one single.

4 in its fourth week, becoming the group's third consecutive top five in the country.

It peaked at number 4 on the Kent Music Report, becoming the group's first top 5 single.

goal of becoming

He attended Fairfield Medical College with the goal of becoming a physician.

When BCTV called in 1995, she reached her lifelong goal of becoming a sports anchor.

Hearing their music apparently triggered in Reinhardt a vision and goal of becoming a jazz professional.

rapidly becoming

But it was rapidly becoming so.

However, the Boardwalk and Baseball theme park was very rapidly becoming a financial disaster.

These were rapidly becoming the future of rail traction with ever-increasing power to weight ratios.

becoming pregnant

Loki also exhibits gender variability, in one case even becoming pregnant.

He is also credited with teaching Kuma, the mother goddess, the correct way of becoming pregnant.

He had several wives and is said to have slain any of them to have the misfortune of becoming pregnant.

ended up becoming

Kouandété ended up becoming Alley's adjutant.

The album ended up becoming the best selling R&B album of 2012.

Eventually he ended up becoming a popular politician in Russia.

intention of becoming

Despite his early interest in art, he had no intention of becoming an artist.

He attended Hamilton College in New York with the intention of becoming a writer.

In 1966 moved to Rome with the express intention of becoming a costume designer for the cinema.

becoming a tropical

A circulation developed within the storm, becoming a tropical depression on October 1.

It initially drifted westward while slowly organizing, becoming a tropical storm on March 7.

Agnes proceeded to weaken, becoming a tropical low on the 22 April before dissipating late that day.

gradually becoming

The French social protection system is gradually becoming universal, covering all individuals.

Resistance, though, is gradually becoming more common, and demeclocycline is now rarely used for treatment of infections.

The change goes as planned, but she comes to realize that it has made her not completely human, and she is gradually becoming an elf.

subsequently becoming

French was later elected to Tamworth Borough Council, subsequently becoming an alderman.

Later he studied for a BA at the University of Wales, subsequently becoming a part-time university tutor.

He held early radio jobs in Erie and DuBois, Pennsylvania, subsequently becoming a weather forecaster on Erie's WJET-TV.

becoming an important

By World War II, control theory was becoming an important area of research.

Jack3d quickly gained notoriety and DMAA was becoming an important ingredient.

Wollheim's stories were published regularly from 1940; at the same time he was becoming an important editor.

becoming an actor

He joined the police service before becoming an actor.

He began studying law, but dreamed of becoming an actor.

His enthusiastic personality led him to becoming an actor.

process of becoming

"In fieri", the process of becoming, is similar to building a house.

Education can also be defined as the process of becoming an educated person.

In general, such elements up to iron are made in large stars in the process of becoming supernovas.

fast becoming

Namchi is fast becoming a tourist spot and pilgrimage centre.

Menji products are fast becoming a staple on many dollar/discount store shelves.

The UAE is fast becoming the capital of Brazilian jiu-jitsu or Jiu Jitsu in the world.

becoming a free

Richardson spent four seasons with the Clippers before becoming a free agent.

Kirk Gibson re-signing with the Detroit Tigers after becoming a free agent.<br> 3.

He then signed with the Chicago Cubs, becoming a free agent at the end of the season.

becoming chief

After the war he rejoined the US Attorney's office, becoming chief assistant.

By 1965 he was assistant chief engineer of the Olympus 593 project, later becoming chief engineer.

Following his release, due to his experience, he rose through the ranks, becoming chief of staff by 1982.

becoming the head

Perea was elected first custodian, becoming the head of the Church in New Mexico.

His dedication resulted in his becoming the head of the Benin Football Association.

With the win, Amato is now 4–3 against Bowden since becoming the head coach at NC State.

becoming its first

He started the Society for Photographic Education, becoming its first chairman.

In 1931, she joined the American Institute of International Law, becoming its first female member.

In 1929, Finland opened a resident embassy in Buenos Aires, becoming its first embassy in Latin America.

becoming a teacher

He and his wife moved to the city, becoming a teacher at the school.

After the war he attended Manchester School of Art before becoming a teacher.

in botany, she was featured in an alumni news magazine and was recognized for becoming a teacher.

becoming director

In 1934, he joined the British Union of Fascists (BUF), soon becoming director of the group's Shoreditch branch.

In 1900 he attained the title of professor, later becoming director of the mineralogical-geological institute (1907).

He was particularly associated with the zarzuela, and joined the Teatro de la Zarzuela in 1978, becoming director in 1985.

upon becoming

She moved back to West Hollywood upon becoming emancipated at 14.

Therefore, upon becoming manager, he had to reestablish the theatre's former stature.

The film was said to be loosely based on Burns' experience upon becoming a stepfather.

becoming just

Anthony Griffin took over as coach for the 2011 season, becoming just the third head coach in the history of the Brisbane Broncos.

She discovered comet C/1954 O1 on 28 July 1954, becoming just the second woman to discover a comet at the Skalnaté pleso Observatory.

After losing the first three games of the series, the Red Wings won three consecutive games to force a Game 7, becoming just the eighth team in NHL history to accomplish the feat.

becoming a popular

Eventually he ended up becoming a popular politician in Russia.

becoming a popular chart hit.

He keeps a low profile personal life even after becoming a popular singer.

becoming aware

Some communities are becoming aware of this problem and are putting forth efforts to minimize the hazy, orange skyglow.

Friedman researched the MJ-12 documents since first becoming aware of them from Wiliam Moore and Jaime Shandera in 1984.

By continuing to constrict her neck long after becoming aware of the emergency, Coutts showed the necessary mens rea for murder.

becoming a writer

Linden had ambitions of becoming a writer rather than an actor.

In 1929, she moved to New York City in hope of becoming a writer.

From 16 years of age onward he was committed to becoming a writer.

hopes of becoming

Jackson moved to New York in 1990 with hopes of becoming an actor.

A year later, Browning's private hopes of becoming provost of King's were dashed when M.R.

Hopkinson spent from May 1766 to August 1767 in England in hopes of becoming Commissioner of Customs for North America.

becoming the club

Thompson finished the season on high, becoming the club's top-scorer, as well as finishing in eighth place.

In 2005, he joined Llanelli, becoming the club's first full-time player since the Jock Stein era in the 1950s.

He finished the season with 17 goals in 36 games, thereby becoming the club's top scorer for the fourth season in a row.

becoming chairman

He joined the Eurosceptic European Research Group (ERG), becoming chairman in 2018.

One change he has instituted since becoming chairman is requiring directors to retire at age 75.

Verey started his banking career at Herbert, Wagg & Co, eventually becoming chairman of Schroders.

increasingly becoming

Brussels is also increasingly becoming multilingual.

This is increasingly becoming a major tourist attraction for the area.

Cycling is increasingly becoming a touristic and (at least local) economic factor in the 2010s.

interest in becoming

She told him of her interest in becoming a singer and briefly performed for him.

It has also shown continued interest in becoming a full member in the Nordic Council.

He grew up in New York City and showed interest in becoming a psychiatrist at age seven.

becoming a successful

Galya, a young worker in a provincial factory, dreams of becoming a successful model.

Her sire Crepello won the 1957 Epsom Derby before becoming a successful sire of winners.

After retiring from competition, Sugarfoot transitioned into becoming a successful trainer.

becoming independent

It became part of the French colonial empire in the end of 19th century before becoming independent in 1975.

Founded in 2000, it was included in the channel pack of the Israeli digital system HOT before becoming independent.

It’s a group of IT companies connected to Cleverlance, either through acquisition or by becoming independent as a start-up.

becoming active

Washburn was also involved in civic causes, including becoming active in the temperance movement.

He worked in Riga, Stockholm, and Gdańsk, before becoming active in Tallinn from about 1672 until his death in 1710.

Le Chatelier was a charter member of the Comité de l'Afrique française, a lobby group that was becoming active in the French Congo.

becoming extinct

By 1907, the Mississippi Choctaw were in danger of becoming extinct.

It is regarded as possibly becoming extinct in the eastern parts of New Zealand.

It originates from the ancient Doric dialect and is nowadays in danger of becoming extinct.

becoming an assistant

Later that year he went to Princeton University, becoming an assistant professor in 1930.

A. Milne contributed humorous verse and whimsical essays to "Punch", joining the staff in 1906 and becoming an assistant editor.

At the outbreak of the uprising, he returned to Lithuania becoming an assistant commissioner of the Polish National Government in Augustów.

interested in becoming

He was also interested in becoming a boxing trainer.

AJ is interested in becoming a lawyer some day.

This experience made him interested in becoming a lawyer.

avoid becoming

To avoid becoming infected, he cuts off his arm with a chainsaw.

War to "avoid becoming enslaved to others" is justified as self-defense.

Tripas as prepared Mexican style require care by the cook, to avoid becoming rubbery.

towards becoming

The story tells of Basquiat's connection to art and his journey towards becoming an artist.

On 2 March, as part of his progress towards becoming an officer, he was promoted to "Vizefeldwebel" (a senior noncommissioned officer).

In 1997, he retired as a triathlete and turned his attention towards becoming a firefighter and emergency medical technician, joining Engine 2 of the Austin Fire Department.

becoming a lawyer

She studied Law, becoming a lawyer after graduation.

AJ is interested in becoming a lawyer some day.

This experience made him interested in becoming a lawyer.

again becoming

Then it changed again becoming the (E.G.U.

In 2011, the organization was renamed, again becoming the Civil War Trust.

Tudor's work was again becoming a kind of religious resistance and, as Drăgan writes, intolerable for the communists.

dreamed of becoming

At a young age, she dreamed of becoming an actress.

He began studying law, but dreamed of becoming an actor.

From an early age, she had dreamed of becoming a musician.

becoming obsolete

The periphery is armed with short, broad, downwardly directed spines becoming obsolete towards the aperture.

In 1993 rail service Ferrocarril General Manuel Belgrano, the Marcos Paz becoming obsolete narrow gauge railway.

The practice of observing local time was becoming obsolete and the need for everyone to agree to the exact time became essential.

becoming friends

He transferred and studied there from 1858 to 1864, becoming friends with Paul Deussen and Carl von Gersdorff.

Although Clovis fails to gain any evidence that he is cheating, he does wind up becoming friends with the husband.

Though the two get off to a rocky start, they meet again at the wedding of Salim and Farah, eventually becoming friends.

becoming the highest

It continued to chart well finishing with over 8 million tickets sold becoming the highest grossing Korean film of 2008.

During its early access phase, "Beat Saber" received positive reviews, becoming the highest rated game on Steam less than a week after its early access release.

He then declared for the 2004 NBA draft where he was selected by the Atlanta Hawks with the sixth overall pick, becoming the highest Stanford player to be drafted in the NBA.

becoming the last

Latvia abolished "de jure" the death penalty for war crimes in 2012, becoming the last EU member to do so.

Harry Heilmann hit .403 in 1923, becoming the last AL player to top .400 until Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941.

And in early 1917, he replaced General Dmitry Shuvayev as Minister of War, becoming the last in the Russian Empire.