Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

not been able   (không thể)

But so far we have not been able to arrest them.

Maskaev had not been able to really hurt Peter.

She had not been able to consult with lawyers.

not been found   (không được tìm thấy)

Sodium orthosilicate has not been found in nature.

It was lost during the war and has not been found.

Despite searches over 70 years, it has not been found.

not been seen   (không được nhìn thấy)

Brandon has not been seen or heard from since.

He has not been seen or heard from since.

not been released

As of 2009, the album has not been released on CD.

In 2010, the papers had still not been released.

To date, the miniseries has not been released on DVD.

not been used

Factory, Valley has not been used since the mid-1990s.

These have not been used for years however.

As of 2010, it had not been used since the Baptist group left.

having been appointed

He is Bermuda's current head coach, having been appointed in December 2015.

In 2003, he joined All Saints Church, Fulham having been appointed Vicar of Fulham.

Williams was the first colonel of the regiment, having been appointed July 23, 1861.

previously been used   (trước đây đã được sử dụng)

A 1,078 engine had was previously been used in the F4 CC.

The technique had previously been used to isolate heavy isotopes of neon.

StarLink contains Cry9C, which had not previously been used in a GM crop.

having been elected

Quill was a councillor on Cork County Council at the time, having been elected in 1925.

He then focused on pursuing a political career, having been elected in the autumn of 1918.

in Economics having been elected an Examination Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford in 1984.

having been promoted

Italy were absent, having been promoted to Division One.

In 1809, having been promoted to Major, he distinguished himself in the Siege of Zaragoza.

They currently play in the Top 14, having been promoted as 2008–09 champions of Rugby Pro D2.

only been found   (chỉ được tìm thấy)

"E. abramovi" has only been found in Russia.

Fossils of the genus have only been found in the upper levels of the formation.

It has only been found at five sites at springs or seeps in the local waterways.

having been built

The church was listed in the 1851 census as having been built in 1849.

The Methodist Chapel is a little more recent having been built in 1865.

But I wouldn't see them as having been built because there was a state of war.

not been determined

The cause of death has not been determined.

upper limbs, neck, abdominal and thoracic walls, and the penis) has not been determined.

It has not been determined what role drugs may play in the treatment of cerebellar ataxia.

not been confirmed

Presentation, but this has not been confirmed.

The number of independent travellers has not been confirmed.

However, this has not been confirmed.

never been released

The film has never been released on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Notably, the film has never been released on VHS or DVD.

not been fully

The disease mechanism of iMCD has not been fully described.

The ichtyofauna of the country has not been fully researched.

The origin of the Surameli family has not been fully elucidated.

not been made

The identity of this option holder has not been made public.

However, a sequel has not been made yet.

But it appears to have not been made.

not been established

An exact occurrence rate has not been established.

It has not been established from which time period it comes.

The safety of the vaccine in pregnant women has not been established.

having been born

He was a native of New Mexico, having been born at Santa Fe in 1888.

Kay is a fan of mechanical antiques, having been born into a family of engineers.

The Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke represent Jesus as having been born in Bethlehem.

not been identified

The function of this protein has not been identified.

The namesake of Thompson Creek has not been identified.

long been used   (sử dụng lâu)

Agates have long been used in arts and crafts.

The 'platform' metaphor has long been used in a variety of ways.

However, many species have long been used in traditional medicine.

having been made

He was back in France on 26 June 1814, having been made a Baron of Empire on 8 April 1813.

The song is now considered a standard, with many recordings having been made by many artists.

In 2006, having been made the first Pacific and first Samoan Cardinal, he died at the age of 82.

not been shown

Medical DXM use has not been shown to cause the above issues.

Compliance has not been shown to be different between the two types.

Petroleum-derived distillates have not been shown to be carcinogenic in humans.

long been known   (được biết đến từ lâu)

's releases has long been known for being garish.

This plant has long been known as an invasive species.

Copper(I) salts have long been known to bind CO, albeit weakly.

previously been part   (trước đây là một phần)

The area had previously been part of West Monmouthshire.

It had previously been part of a two-MP electoral division in County Durham.

The state was created in 1998, the territory having previously been part of the Federal District.

not been observed

The object has not been observed since October 2016.

A sexual form of "E. dermatitidis" has not been observed.

Such "closed cyclol" molecules have not been observed either.

already been used

D21 has already been used in more than 180 in about 250 voting events.

However, this name had already been used for a different species in 1881, so was illegitimate.

The protein MAGE-3 has already been used in lung cancer treatment and has received positive feedback.

never been found

The perpetrators of the crime have never been found.

The bodies of Rein and Benscotter have never been found.

This letter has never been found.

having been used

(Narsieh, having been used in this manner, was left in the region to fend for himself.)

The name has a rich history in Baltimore, having been used by a National League team in the 1890s.

The 3600 series is quite notable for having been used in a quite number of lines and compositions.

not been given

At that point even the Supreme Court order had not been given.

Complaints were made that they had not been given an advanced copy of the final report.

He impressed against Portugal but has not been given another chance on the big stage since.

not been paid

The ship was arrested as it had not been paid for.

Work crews had not been paid for months, and downed their tools.

Her builder refused to launch her, as he had not been paid to that time.

long been considered   (từ lâu đã được xem xét)

Ward had long been considered a 'Face of the 1980s' as a "Vogue" model.

Consequently, he has long been considered the archetypal absolute monarch.

For this reason, it has long been considered a frontier region and has hosted many conflicts.

having been given

The siege of Taunton having been given up, there was no longer any incentive for remaining on the wrong side of the water-line.

Occurring during the First Crusade, she was murdered for refusing conversion to Christianity after having been given the offer.

(Growler no longer exists, having been given to his granddaughter Minnie Hunt and subsequently destroyed by a neighbour's dog.)

not been proven   (chưa được chứng minh)

The benefit of supplements has not been proven.

The carbon could be from organisms, but this has not been proven.

However, the clinical validity and utility have not been proven yet.

having been founded

It is the second newest party in Lithuania, having been founded in 2018.

It is one of the oldest science journals still being published, having been founded in 1823.

PAL is the oldest airline in Asia operating under its original name, having been founded in 1941.

not been recorded

It has not been recorded in Vietnam since 1997.

The species has not been recorded in the east Pacific.

They have not been recorded farther than away from the ocean.

having been released

He joined Haarlem in June 2009, having been released by Ajax.

In December 2016, having been released by Truro City, Basso joined F.C.

McLaren was announced by the club on 19 May 2011 as having been released.

not been completed

Although the roof construction has not been completed yet.

The s in Calais had not been completed.

As of 2008, the construction of Taltali Bridge had not been completed.

having been found

Leopard complex patterns are also very old, having been found in horse remains from 20,000 years ago.

The body was later recovered, having been found in a nearby field, but the injured left leg was missing.

Gold was mined here until at least 1922 when 3 ounces was recorded as having been found by three miners.

now been converted

The building has now been converted to loft apartment use.

It has now been converted into residences.

The site has now been converted into a shopping and leisure area.

often been used   (thường được sử dụng)

A Forth system has often been used to bring up new hardware.

It has often been used this wider sense by Christian authors, e.g.

In contemporary South Africa, Boer and Afrikaner have often been used interchangeably.

never been able   (không bao giờ có thể)

The youth answered that he had never been able to run like that before; he liked it.

The team has never been able to advance past the Quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament.

I have never been able to completely harden myself to the sacrifice of American lives.

having been replaced

It is now obsolete, having been replaced by DASS2.

It is now out of print, having been replaced by the 2004 compilation "".

Cumbric is extinct, having been replaced by Goidelic and English speech.

already been made

Several arrests of these people have already been made.

James had already been made Marquis of Ormond at his baptism.

Kate tells her the decision has already been made and they are leaving.

not been published

"CVG Presents" has not been published since 2009.

To date, the essays have not been published as a book.

A portion of the manga has not been published in takubon.

not been studied

The life cycle of "E. bohmi" has not been studied.

The life cycle of "E. abramovi" has not been studied.

The life cycle of "E. elaphi" has not been studied in detail.

never been seen

It was approximately 9:45 p.m. She has never been seen again.

Another reviewer wrote, "Miss Louie Pounds has never been seen to better advantage.

Controversial for its explicit sexual content, it has never been seen uncensored in Japan.

having been established

It is the oldest such magazine having been established in 1926 by A.E.

Vietnamese Family Day () occurs on the 28th of June each year, having been established in 2001.

The parish of St John the Baptist is the "oldest Catholic parish in northeastern Ohio", having been established in 1823.

previously been known   (trước đây đã được biết đến)

It had previously been known as "Pterostylis" sp.

It had previously been known as "Livistona" sp.

not been properly

The FA decreed she had not been properly registered and Arsenal were deducted three points.

By 2004, more than eight years after they had been moved, the displaced farmers had not been properly compensated.

Both groups may include among them Catholics who, as in too many other areas of doctrine, have not been properly catechized."

yet been found

No trace of typical Neolithic monuments has yet been found.

His remains have not yet been found.

(A third part of the story is thought to have existed, but no copy has yet been found.)

never been used

Fertilizers or chemicals have never been used.

Byers initially claimed the knife had never been used.

The long wave band had never been used.

not been officially

By 18 January 2013, the song had not been officially promoted to US radio stations.

Details of the operating system's internal architecture have not been officially publicized.

It has not been officially approved as a free or open source license by the FSF, OSI, or Debian.

yet been released

As of 2012, the film has not yet been released on DVD.

However, neither film has yet been released.

The song "Red Balloon" had not yet been released by Hardin.

not been included

Netball has not been included in the World Games since.

Such information has not been included in any census since then.

V.21, expresses confusion as to why these epistles had not been included in Marcion's canon.

now been replaced

It has now been replaced by Parkside Methodist church.

The early light source of a neon lamp has now been replaced with super-bright LEDs.

The once small windows in the chancel have now been replaced by large modern windows.

long been associated   (từ lâu đã gắn liền)

They have long been associated with the Arapaho.

Copenhagen has long been associated with beer.

The church has long been associated with British climbers.

already been created

If the planet has already been created, the katamari can replace it or be shattered into “stardust”.

Marcus Aurelius had already been created consul with Antoninus in 140, receiving the title of Caesar – i.e., heir apparent.

His son Henry succeeded him in the earldom, having already been created Lord Apsley in 1771 on his appointment as Lord Chancellor.

not been involved

He had not been involved in any of the activities to that point.

The majority of abortion opponents have not been involved in violent acts.

Briggs persuaded the court that she had been present but had not been involved.

not been reported

Acute overdose of tamoxifen has not been reported in humans.

He admitted some of the violence had not been reported to him.

An immediate commercial use of his patent has not been reported.

ever been found

No fossil remains of dodo-like birds have ever been found on the island.

None have ever been found."

She is presumed murdered, although no trace of her body has ever been found.

having been taken

Today, the sport is most firmly established in Canada, having been taken there by Scottish emigrants.

In August 1943 the first American prisoners arrived, having been taken prisoner in the Tunisian campaign.

Her boyfriend Marshall is also gone, having been taken out of Blake Holsey in the general panic over the missing student.

having been killed

Three crewmen having been killed, the rest of the crew took to the lifeboats.

Three other aviators and a mechanic were not as fortunate, having been killed during the film's production.

At the war's end in May 1945 the battalion comprised around 500 women, with 70 having been killed in service.

never been officially

The game has never been officially released outside Japan, although fan translations exist.

The two songs appearing only on vinyl or cassette have never been officially released on CD.

The squadron has never been officially disbanded and still exists as a "zero strength" unit.

yet been established

Lactation guidelines associated with melarsoprol have not yet been established.

Various areas in Europe have reported this fungus, but no direct link to CCD has yet been established.

The MTBF has not yet been established, but the ability for the projectionist to effect a quick repair has gone.

not been updated

By 1951, many of the trams had not been updated.

Previously, it had not been updated since 2003.

It was once popular, but has not been updated since 2005.

not been well   (không được khỏe)

Its use, however, has not been well studied.

Like most volcanoes in southern Philippines, Latukan has not been well studied.

Livvi's leg had not been well and if she wasn't able to play, then it would be a 1 vs 1 challenge.

having been involved

He was, however, deeply suspected of having been involved in Sancho's murder.

He was governor of Cognac, after having been involved in the last campaigns of the Seven Years' War.

Chechen rebel authorities, including president Aslan Maskhadov, denied ever having been involved in any such swap.

not been done

/ Has everything he does not been done better?"

This had not been done by 2016.

This had not been done in the major leagues since the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers.

not been widely   (không được phổ biến)

However, the impact of this omission on long-term pain has not been widely studied so far.

Private equity has not been widely used in Egypt in the past as a source of funding for businesses.

The name Chloanthaceae has not been widely adopted and "Pityrodia" is now included in the Lamiaceae.

not been approved

It has also not been approved that one should offer the Prayer in a hurry.

It is available in Europe but has not been approved by the United States FDA.

However, this has not been approved by those who now hold the rights to Feedback.

already been established

A Jewish Historical Society had already been established in the congregation.

A transport network for herrings and salted cod had already been established in the Hanseatic era.

The equal rights of women in marriage had already been established in the earlier Turkish civil code.

not been previously   (không phải trước đây)

Tests concluded that the Illinois man had not been previously infected.

This feature had not been previously reported with this type of amyloidosis.

Next to the thermal baths, a plot that had not been previously unexplored was excavated between 2009 and 2012.

previously been held   (trước đây đã được tổ chức)

The seat had previously been held by Labour's Mark Gosche.

This teaching position at the University of Washington has previously been held by former U.S. diplomats Ronald Woods and Charles T. Cross.

On 1 September 2012, MOJWA took over the southern town of Douentza, which had previously been held by a Songhai secular militia, the Ganda Iso.

previously been released   (trước đây đã được phát hành)

"Contraption" had previously been released as a demo on "Singles Vol.

Genetically modified moths have previously been released in field trials.

Several songs on the album had previously been released on long-playing albums.

yet been placed

None have yet been placed in special measures.

It has not yet been placed in Aland's Categories of New Testament manuscripts.

It has not yet been placed in any of the Categories of New Testament manuscripts.

having been held

The village is listed as having been held from Earl Hugh d'Avranches by a Saxon named Dunning.

Additionally, the France Women's Sevens will return to Paris after having been held in Biarritz in 2018–19.

Monica found out that Jake was actually alive, having been held captive by Helena Cassadine, and got a chance to be a part of Jake's life.

not been successful

The medal position in the World Cup race has not been successful yet.

This may be attempted when depression treatments have not been successful in the past.

The group had sold 45 million albums in their region, but had not been successful yet elsewhere.

already been released

Three singles had already been released in the UK.

The song had already been released on the Canadian iTunes Store.

Four singles had already been released in the UK from the album before "Perfect Way".

having been previously   (đã từng)

Fishponds Wood, as its names implies, includes a pond area, and is a regenerated woodland, having been previously felled.

Chaplin was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1972, having been previously excluded because of his political beliefs.

The controversial book reportedly was inspired by an investigation by the FBI with portions of the book having been previously seized.

having been introduced

Electricity was still new to San Diego, having been introduced in 1886.

They do not appear in APP-6A proper, having been introduced by MIL-STD-2525B.

Garson joined the Church of Scientology in 1970, having been introduced to it by Chick Corea.

not been preserved

But this work has not been preserved either.

"en bunden opgave"), and it has not been preserved in all verbs.

Fresh food is food which has not been preserved and has not spoiled yet.

previously been married   (trước đây đã kết hôn)

He had previously been married to a Russian noblewoman, Rimsky-Korsakov.

Edward Nares, as her second husband; she had previously been married to the Rev.

He had previously been married to Jane Moses, who died in 1800, leaving one daughter.

having been recorded

was selling well in the US having been recorded prior to the change in line-up.

It is endemic to India (Maharashtra), having been recorded from Junnar in Maharashtra.

The area is known for its diversity of birds, with 212 species having been recorded as of 1987.

yet been determined

& D. Shearer, if any, has not yet been determined.

's color and taxonomic type have not yet been determined.

This protein localizes to the endoplasmic reticulum; its substrate has not yet been determined.

having been written

It is credited as having been written and directed by Rd.

It uses sounds from American English to simulate having been written in that language, while conveying no actual meaning.

He described the grand style as difficult to render, arguing this fact as evidence of the Iliad having been written entirely by Homer.

just been released   (vừa được phát hành)

It has just been released on DVD and is available online.

Richard Moir plays Tony, who has just been released from jail.

In 1988, she married Eric Vigne, a former drug dealer 15 years her senior who had just been released from prison.

having been created

Miss Livvy still hangs heavy over the sisters: having been created, she is now difficult to dispose of.

Daredevil discovers that the Wolverine-like culprit is Albert and recalls his history of having been created by the Reavers.

From Ennerdale the natural line follows the unnamed spur to the west of Deep Gill, footpaths having been created through the forestry.

not been possible

It has not been possible to form either of these irregular marriages since 1 July 1940.

Fleming writes that it has not been possible to track Pilecki's early intelligence from the camp.

According to different sources it received the Grand Prize, something that has not been possible to verify.

having been selected

Like Jean-Claude, Asher is fantastically handsome, having been selected for his beauty by Belle Morte, the vampire that made him.

On 8 August 2010, Robinson retired from international football with immediate effect, despite having been selected for a friendly against Hungary.

The current LIU program now competes as the LIU Sharks, with the new nickname having been selected by polling of alumni and students of the two campuses.

having been awarded

In 2013, Derry was the inaugural UK City of Culture, having been awarded the title in 2010.

He was the highest decorated Jewish officer in the Free French, having been awarded the Médaille militaire.

The club has played one season in the Championnat National, having been awarded promotion in the 2009–10 season.

traditionally been used

APP has traditionally been used for a number of specific typesetting tasks.

Culm soils have traditionally been used for grazing as they are heavy to work and acidic.

The meat, blubber and oil of cetaceans have traditionally been used by indigenous peoples of the Arctic.

often been compared   (thường được so sánh)

He has often been compared to a young Zlatan Ibrahimović.

The type has often been compared to the many "Super Char B" projects from before the war.

Her songwriting style has often been compared to Adele, Tori Amos, Bon Iver, and James Blake.

having been sent

On 30 May 2015, he won the Scottish Cup with ICT, despite having been sent off for a last man foul.

When Sappai returns (having been sent by Subbu to fetch fruits), Singaperumal beats him up severely.

McGuffin, having been sent away by a grieving Charles, confesses to his sins and sends two priests to the manor.

not been tested

As of October 2017, the glove has not been tested.

Restylane has not been tested in pregnant or breast-feeding women.

The drug has not been tested in children nor in any non-blind people.

not been held

The event has not been held since.

As of 2019 however, the Dumont cup has not been held on the slopes of Sunday River.

Since 2011 the parade has not been held and its website states it is looking for a venue.

largely been replaced

It has largely been replaced by SATA in newer systems.

This technology has largely been replaced with light emitting diode displays.

These forms of handrail have largely been replaced with fabric-and-rubber railings.

having been destroyed

Today, 12 towers still survive, three having been destroyed at different times.

This so-called gateman's house ("Pförtnerhaus") was reconstructed in 1979 after having been destroyed during the Second World War.

The cabin itself remains perfectly intact until the events of this film despite much of it having been destroyed in the original film.

not been accepted

Cash has not been accepted since August 2018.

These alternative chronologies, however, have not been accepted by all historians.

This view has not been accepted as offering an adequate explanation of the phenomena.

having been granted

Seven years later in July 2017, he died of terminal liver cancer in the prison after having been granted medical parole.

In response, the royal house would be overthrown, and a new house would rule, having been granted the Mandate of Heaven.

Among the most admired and skilled "auctorati" were those who, having been granted manumission, volunteered to fight in the arena.

often been described   (thường được mô tả)

"Deinosuchus" has often been described as the largest crocodyliform of all time.

As a result of his view, he has often been described by later writers as an advocate of ethical intuitionism.

The film has often been described as the best of the biographical films Ken Russell made for the BBC in the 1960s.