İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

years before   (yıllar önce)

Yam Tuan Radin ruled for 30 years before he died.

The marriage lasted two years before they divorced.

The charge lasted only 2 years before disbanding.

before moving   (Hareket etmeden önce)

He spent ten years in Italy before moving to London.

before moving to study with Joseph Mariano at Eastman.

He lived here before moving to study in Saint Petersburg.

before returning   (dönmeden önce)

50" on 18 July, before returning to Midway Island.

He retired in 1862 before returning to England.

He spent 18 months there before returning to Singapore.

days before   (Günler önce)

Three days before the official release date, M.I.A.

His death came 17 days before his 50th birthday.

He had announced his retirement just ten days before.

just before   (hemen önce)

The garden was restored just before the year 2000.

Von Herling leaves just before Altamont arrives.

The service module was discarded just before reentry.

shortly before   (kısa zaman önce)

The branch opened shortly before 20 December 1868.

He held a synod of his clergy shortly before 1066.

), was buried here: both died shortly before 1369.

before joining   (katılmadan önce)

He was an agriculturist before joining politics.

in 2016, before joining Persiraja Banda Aceh in 2017.

He spent four seasons there before joining Lokomotiv.

year before

Walmart had opened it doors there the year before.

He was hired a year before the show went on the air.

It was one year before the Japanese release.

before becoming   (olmadan önce)

She worked as a secretary before becoming an artist.

He joined the police service before becoming an actor.

He played two seasons in the CFL before becoming a coach.

months before   (aylar önce)

He died in 1874 a few months before reaching age 85.

George W. Bush was in office eight months before 9/11.

It was 6 months before it resumed production.

before his death   (ölümünden önce)

Moore later won additional races before his death.

He was married to Elizabeth Wood before his death.

The poem became very popular even before his death.

day before   (önceki gün)

He died one day before turning 74 on May 19, 2017.

A foreshock of 6.7 was registered the day before.

A day before the race, Ilderim prepares his horses.

before losing   (kaybetmeden önce)

14 Bucknell in the First Round before losing to No.

), before losing to Tours in the quarter-finals.

12 in the AP Poll before losing to on November 14, 1954.

before leaving   (ayrılmadan önce)

He played one season there before leaving football.

Shortly before leaving, he was awarded his D.Sc.

before leaving Scotland for the United States in 1923.

weeks before   (haftalar önce)

Oscarsson died four weeks before his 84th birthday.

Mathis Sr. died a few weeks before the Tyson fight.

He was 64, just six weeks before his 65th birthday.

before going   (gitmeden önce)

They lost all 11 games before going out of business.

Ichigo and the others attend before going home.

De Cruz was a psychologist before going into showbiz.

before the end   (sondan önce)

The AAF folded before the end of its first season.

Hughes returned to California before the end of 1860.

He was released before the end of the contract.

before entering   (girmeden önce)

He was a School teacher before entering politics.

Nanguzgambo and Associates before entering politics.

He was a Cabinet maker before entering politics.

long before   (çok önceden)

They arrived at the arena not long before tip-off.

Bay existed long before the coming of Spaniards.

They grow up to 4.5 centimeters long before pupating.

time before   (önceki zaman)

It took some time before peace was re-established.

The national party dissolved some time before 2013.

Its name in English means ""the time before Lent"".

before retiring   (emekli olmadan önce)

He spent a season with Mumbai City before retiring.

where he spent one season with them before retiring.

Hesketh worked as a salesman before retiring in 2006.

week before   (bir hafta önce)

Brian died a week before they were to be married.

Kane's father died a week before his third birthday.

He was teaching at Yale until the week before he died.

before reaching   (ulaşmadan önce)

Dora before reaching Tavares, 25.8 miles in 1887.

Sahar Road) before reaching the airport's forecourt.

He died in 1874 a few months before reaching age 85.

before turning   (dönmeden önce)

He died one day before turning 74 on May 19, 2017.

They reached an altitude of before turning back.

Argall attempted fishing before turning back.

before the start   (başlamadan önce)

They switched back before the start of the season.

Richter retired before the start of the next season.

The rider is given a flag before the start of the race.

before taking   (almadan önce)

drop the sanga- prefix before taking the prefix.

The flight has to be declared before taking off.

Students must pay for college before taking classes.

died before   (daha önce öldü)

Their benefactor Haines died before Louisa's birth.

Lord Paisley died before his father and had no son.

However, Wright died before presenting the project.

before making   (yapmadan önce)

He worked as an engineer before making aliyah to Israel in 1990.

He then moved to Aberystwyth Town before making his Port Talbot bow, .

The Parole Board must consider these submissions before making a decision.

even before   (Hatta önce)

even before the Tides became an Orioles affiliate.

The poem became very popular even before his death.

Some Khitans migrated into western areas even before.

night before   (önceki gece)

The night before, Chambers stayed at McNaughton's home.

LPL returned to Austin the night before RTX 2018 began.

Crișan hanged himself on the night before the execution.

hours before   (saatler önce)

Fueling was completed by three hours before launch.

The Short Program occurred hours before the bombing.

Their peak activity occurs around 3–4 hours before dawn.

season before

He stayed there one season before leaving for FC Metalurh Donetsk.

He made six appearances for the club that season before injury struck.

That was down by 21% from Game 7 in —the last season before the lockout.

month before   (bir ay önce)

The action is transferred to the month before.

They take place a few times per month before Christmas.

He died one month before the episode aired.

minutes before   (dakikalar önce)

Kelly set off three minutes before the backmarkers.

Jönsson played 90 minutes before being substituted.

It was three minutes before nine o'clock in the evening.

before signing   (imzalamadan önce)

before signing for HFC six months later.

Tonge was on trial at Chester, before signing for them permanently.

He played four seasons with San Antonio before signing with Memphis.

before finally   (sonunda önce)

Bundy scuffled with Lee before finally being subdued.

He touches her arm before finally departing.

He was 25 before finally becoming a Surrey first team regular in 1982.

before the war

He had known Ottoline Morrell from before the war.

Her husband died in 1968 before the war of 1971.

The NCC's last meeting before the war had been in 1937.

not before   (önce değil)

Tennyson escapes, though not before killing King Ferris.

Another source reports the foundation not before 1946/1947.

Ronnie reluctantly goes, but not before handing Anna a machete.

before the first   (ilkinden önce)

The legs have wide dark bands before the first bend.

Goodhue died before the first stone was laid.

Thousands starved before the first harvest.

before transferring   (aktarmadan önce)

Pasveer formerly played for FC Twente before transferring to Heracles Almelo in 2006.

He briefly attended Chaminade High School before transferring to Hewlett High School.

She attended Northwestern University for two years before transferring to Barnard College.

times before   (daha önce)

A copepod can dart about 80 times before it tires out.

It was played 119 times before Missouri left the Big 12.

The VHF band plan was modified several times before 1948.

games before

They lost all 11 games before going out of business.

He played three games before getting dropped.

He played two league games before he returned to Barnsley.

before heading   (gitmeden önce)

It curves to the southeast before heading east-southeast.

They could be seen making their beds before heading over to a PC.

The route curves north before heading northeast and entering White Oak.

before falling   (düşmeden önce)

The glossy green leaves turn red in autumn before falling.

It remained there only four years before falling in ruins.

The team then started the season 16–0 before falling to No.

before settling   (yerleşmeden önce)

She moved once more to Macau before settling in Guilin.

They lived there until 1833 before settling at Cloyne, Co. Cork.

He studied in Copenhagen until 1798, before settling in Dresden.

few days before

The insurance of the rink had expired a few days before.

The draw was held few days before the event.

Lightfoot died in Malvern a few days before her 77th birthday.

before coming   (gelmeden önce)

(Ladislaus would die before coming of age).

However, the idea of a bargain died before coming to a vote.

The boat then cartwheeled across the water before coming to rest.

before crossing   (geçmeden önce)

The storm continued to the north before crossing Sakhalin.

The road passes First Lake before crossing Route 4 near St. Croix.

Non-radio aircraft were advised to call at Lympne before crossing.

before being released   (serbest bırakılmadan önce)

He spent one season at Barrow before being released.

He served only four years before being released.

He made 7 starts for Double-A Wichita before being released on May 13.

before her death   (ölmeden önce)

She had probably ordered that tomb before her death.

They had two children before her death in 1891.

Lim also sexually assaulted the girl before her death.

place before   (önce yer)

Lizzie Deignan took second place before Niewiadoma.

This takes place before Doppler CFAR detection processing.

This test takes place before installation of the equipment.

before starting   (başlamadan önce)

WARDs would have two weeks of training before starting.

He was a tutor and principal before starting the school.

He worked as a publicist before starting his writing career.

well before   (önceden)

This happens well before a drop in oxygen saturation.

Plans to join the euro were in place well before 2011.

The parish was in the hundred of Loes well before 1086.

before ending   (bitmeden önce)

It passed through the town of Viborg before ending in Aarhus.

Orange Grove crosses Sierra Madre Boulevard just before ending.

It crosses the Nackawic River before ending at Route 605 in Pinder.

before winning

Söderling went up 5–0, before winning it 7–1.

Just before winning the second Cup, McMullen sold the team to YankeeNets.

He won his first title in before winning eight consecutive titles from to .

seasons before   (önceki sezonlar)

The Capitals lasted two seasons before folding in 1986.

The EISL lasted two seasons before folding.

The team went on hiatus for two seasons before returning in 2017.

before playing

Four African teams withdrew before playing any match.

Four teams though withdrew before playing any matches.

He left football, however, before playing a game for the team.

before the final

In total there were 8 groups before the final group took place.

He is saved immediately before the final destruction of the city.

The group went through member changes before the final line-up was released.

appeared before   (daha önce ortaya çıktı)

Lawson appeared before the HUAC on October 29, 1947.

It then appeared before Ayutthaya itself.

In 2011, Diaz appeared before a 3-member disciplinary panel.

before he died

Yam Tuan Radin ruled for 30 years before he died.

He got to listen to the whole album before he died.

They were married for 57 years before he died in 2007.

team before   (önce takım)

Collins was fired from team before the 2019 playoffs.

Shyatt read the letter to his team before their first game.

He made 15 appearances for the B team before his loan expired.

brought before

The Tuyere order that Svengaard be brought before them.

(Papp was also brought before the committee.)

He says that the matter should be brought before Athena.

before the election   (seçimden önce)

He later withdrew from the race before the election.

He joined TRS party before the election in 2014.

Days before the election new party PSI endorse this pair.

never before   (daha önce hiç)

The government had never before attempted a comprehensive overview.

Because of the war effort, women entered the workforce as never before.

Hence, the future is now and "Technosophie" is needed today as never before.

right before   (hemen önce)

The screenplay was completed right before crank-in".

"Zakouma elephants are getting massacred right before our eyes.

It was a community in its own right before the municipal mergers in 1977.

before attending   (katılmadan önce)

degree, before attending the Army's Officers Candidate School.

She worked for several years before attending Brockwood Labor College.

He worked as a lumberjack on the family farm in Sweden before attending UCLA.

before continuing   (devam etmeden önce)

He also promised not to harm her, before continuing the drive.

Thurneman dropped the two others off in Sala before continuing to Stockholm.

However, these have to stay in Darmstadt for about 20 minutes before continuing.

before eventually   (sonunda)

The Corbetts moved frequently before eventually settling in Troy, New York.

He joined the Marine Corps at age 18 before eventually moving into finance.

Again with Somerset in 2008, he started 8 games before eventually becoming the closer.

before finishing

Weinbaum died of lung cancer before finishing the second.

She realizes that it is Dr. Stephens, but not before finishing him off.

Anna ran very fast, and ploughed her head through the net before finishing.

few months before   (birkaç ay önce)

He died in 1874 a few months before reaching age 85.

It was renamed as 'Strathaven' a few months before closure.

A few months before the concert, the conductor died suddenly.

before the release

She died closely before the release of the camp.

1" and "Outlaw Nation" before the release of this album.

The band moved to Auckland before the release of the song.

before beginning   (başlamadan önce)

Gale often had to walk backwards before beginning rehearsals.

He worked as a farm labourer before beginning a career in horse racing.

Park attended UCLA for one year before beginning her singing career in 1998.

before the game

A website was made available before the game's release.

The team developed the setting before the game mechanics.

He had turned 19 five days before the game.

before getting   (almadan önce)

He played three games before getting dropped.

They were together for eleven years before getting married.

Natalia Oreiro took part in the film before getting pregnant.

before being appointed   (atanmadan önce)

He then rose through the company before being appointed finance director.

The latter title he was holding before being appointed to become a treasurer.

He served as a municipal judge before being appointed to the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico.

before passing   (geçmeden önce)

It then picks up SR 13 before passing west of Milan.

just before passing out in the doorway.

It crosses over the Mactaquac Basin before passing Tripp Settlement.

testified before   (daha önce ifade verdi)

He testified before the United States Supreme Court.

Colleagues at DPW testified before CNMI Senate.

Bracy has frequently testified before Congress.

immediately before   (hemen önce)

It also usually meets immediately before and after any COPs.

The highway turns due east, immediately before reaching NC 124.

He is saved immediately before the final destruction of the city.

before and during

Also, before and during weddings some traditions are kept.

Washington played a central role before and during the American Revolution.

Hung was raised in Taiwan under Japanese rule before and during World War II.

period before   (önceki dönem)

The FAA gave a 15-day grace period before enforcing the AD.

However, it disbanded for a period before reforming in 1971.

Published in 1924, the novel is set in the period before World War I.

before the season

Hannu Manninen retired before the season began.

He was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates before the season.

He was released shortly before the season.

before switching   (geçiş yapmadan önce)

93.3FM before switching to television and acting.

Sage studied drama and ballet before switching to music.

before switching to rugby union in 1895.

several years before   (birkaç yıl önce)

He suffered a stroke several years before his death in 2007.

An unaired pilot had previously been recorded several years before.

She worked for several years before attending Brockwood Labor College.

before dropping   (düşmeden önce)

Hill attended Boston University before dropping out to become an actress.

It stayed in the top 20 for four more weeks before dropping off the chart.

Wilson attended Smith College before dropping out and marrying David Wilson.

done before   (daha önce yapıldı)

This must be done before the incoming player shoots.

This can be done before the child is even one year old.

It's even more urban than anything else i've done before".

before graduating   (mezun olmadan önce)

Cloudman ran track at Bowdoin before graduating in 1901.

He married and had a child before graduating high school.

He also played baseball at Yale, before graduating in 1995.

before dying   (ölmeden önce)

Tina tells Dom how much she loves him before dying.

She produced one foal before dying in November 1941.

He wrote on orchids before dying in his 20s.

before the outbreak   (salgından önce)

Soon before the outbreak of World War I, Duffield returned to England.

In the last 18 to 24 months before the outbreak of the war, this changed.

He made 66 league appearances for Bristol City before the outbreak of World War II.

before the arrival   (varıştan önce)

They ruled since before the arrival of the Andals.

Abancay was already a populated area before the arrival of the Incas.

Most of these changes happened before the arrival of printing in England.

sometime before   (Bir süre önce)

The plaque was stolen sometime before June 28, 2006.

Married James Percy Price sometime before 1963.

Rutledge dates Regulus' death as "sometime before 106."

before departing   (ayrılmadan önce)

In total, Nkhatha made 69 league appearances before departing in 2015.

He appeared in seven games for the club before departing in late April.

He and the driver cover it up and before departing say, "Tyger, Tyger."

built before

It is believed to have been built before 1912.

The Black Stump School was built before 1871.

Most of the lines around Adelaide were built before 1900.

before deciding   (karar vermeden önce)

He studied law before deciding instead to become a journalist.

He attended school in Córdoba before deciding to become a veterinarian.

Jack knew the band and was fan of theirs already before deciding to join them.

few years before

A few years before his death he visited California.

A few years before his death, he resigned from the CPGB.

Susie Lankford taught for a few years before she married.

before receiving   (almadan önce)

He died before receiving the red hat or a titular church.

She had been recruited shortly before receiving her doctorate.

with teacher Ucha Japaridze, before receiving his diploma in 1953.

before arriving   (gelmeden önce)

The stream flows to the north and then east over before arriving at Lajjun.

She operated as part of 8 wolfpacks before arriving at Brest on 26 January 1944.

She stopped at Masulipatam on 26 September before arriving at Bengal on 16 October.

before serving   (servis yapmadan önce)

The mixture is blended and heated before serving.

The frozen pizza puffs are deep-fried before serving.

The chickpeas are steamed and shelled before serving.

appear before   (daha önce görün)

He was now to appear before the public in a new phase.

They were bailed to appear before magistrates the next day.

released before

He was released before the end of the contract.

A lyric video was released before the official video.

In 1945, Ying was released before the surrender of Japan.

round before   (daha önce)

Team Fancy reached the second round before falling to Boeheim's Army.

In 2004, he beat Lionel Sams in the first round before losing to Wayne Mardle.

They defeated Wofford in the second round before losing in the quarterfinals to No.