Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

not begin   (no comenzar)

As a result, construction did not begin until 1909.

Work did not begin on the building until 1929.

However, roundarm did not begin in earnest until 1827.

did not begin   (no comenzó)

As a result, construction did not begin until 1909.

Work did not begin on the building until 1929.

However, roundarm did not begin in earnest until 1827.

scheduled to begin   (programado para comenzar)

Production is scheduled to begin sometime in 2020.

Filming was scheduled to begin in January 2008.

The hearing was scheduled to begin on November 8, 2010.

begin work   (comenzar a trabajar)

The new treatment works was expected to begin work in October 1904.

Kimberly breaks her wrist to remove it so she can begin work as radio host.

Glenn managed to see through Jackson's disguise and begin work his way to find proof.

expected to begin   (se espera que comience)

Construction of Stage 1 is expected to begin in 2020.

Service was expected to begin in late 2015.

The first streetcar was expected to begin service in 2011.

begin construction   (comenzar la construcción)

Phase 2 did not begin construction.

Authorization to begin construction was given by public law on 9 June 1960.

They hope to begin construction in 2019 with a completion date of fall 2020.

set to begin   (listo para comenzar)

Tickets sales are set to begin in April 2018.

The first residents were set to begin moving in that month.

It is set to begin on May 23 in Valencia.

begin working   (comienza a trabajar)

This prompts his family to begin working once again.

No major configuration changes are necessary to begin working.

Stables was due to begin working on Radio Hauraki on 11 October 2010.

begin a new   (comenzar un nuevo)

In summer 2018 they begin a new tour (2018–2020).

As you begin a new year, how will you be the best you?

Zain makes plans to escape with Sahar and begin a new life.

begin play   (comenzar a jugar)

The Bengals would begin play in the 1968 season.

On October 26, 2012, Limestone announced they would add football and begin play in 2014.

On March 9, 1995, Phoenix was awarded an expansion franchise to begin play for the season.

begin a relationship   (comenzar una relación)

This time, they appear to begin a relationship.

They eventually begin a relationship following Tiger Cubs II.

Kathy's feelings for Chris grow and they begin a relationship.

begin recording   (comenzar a grabar)

Hampton toured with the band and soon begin recording other artists.

In 2003, Doss returned to the studio to begin recording for her second album.

The band entered Blackbird Studios, Nashville, to begin recording the album in March 2010.

planned to begin   (planeado comenzar)

The construction works are planned to begin in 2019.

The COSSAC staff planned to begin the invasion on 1 May 1944.

Construction of the new building is planned to begin in the fall of 2018.

then begin   (entonces comienza)

They make plans to go out again and then begin kissing.

Greg and Matt then begin clapping.

The soldiers then begin the main attack, with the Marathas doing well.

begin dating   (comenzar a salir)

Mark chooses Annalise and they begin dating.

Shauna develops feelings for Harry and they begin dating.

Carmel tells Jim that she loves him and they begin dating.

begin production   (comenzar la producción)

The Royal Ordnance Factories did not begin production until 1941.

In 16 months they were able to begin production of "Government Rubber-Styrene".

1973 saw the UK company Wal begin production of a their own range of active basses.

begin the regular   (comenzar el regular)

Dwight Smith replaced Williams to begin the regular season due to an injury.

Head coach Mike Pettine named him the backup behind Kirksey to begin the regular season.

Head coach Doug Pederson named McLeod and Jenkins the starting safeties to begin the regular season.

begin the process   (comenzar el proceso)

The start codon alone is not sufficient to begin the process.

In September 2015, NJTPA put out a request for proposals to begin the process.

This government held elections on 30 January 2005 to begin the process of writing a constitution.

begin the season   (comenzar la temporada)

Two teams begin the season with new head coaches.

Reid was named the starting free safety to begin the season.

Casilla struggled to begin the season.

decided to begin   (decidió comenzar)

Paul decided to begin divorce proceedings from Anne.

He decided to begin attending Arizona in 2008.

Once he decided to begin a fifth career, in journalism, Tudor returned to Bucharest.

begin broadcasting   (comenzar a transmitir)

when Hyde attempted to begin broadcasting the match.

The two are expected to begin broadcasting by the end of 2012.

In May 2009 it was announced that Vatican Radio would begin broadcasting commercial advertisements for the first time in July.

due to begin   (debido a comenzar)

Military involvement was due to begin in October 1932.

Second Army’s attack at Verdun was due to begin on 15 July.

Construction is due to begin in 2018.

begin writing   (comienza a escribir)

Mauriac persuaded him to begin writing about his harrowing experiences.

Sheldon decides to begin writing his book, which he will title "Marvels".

In another year Holley would begin writing in part about the difficulties youth faced.

begin to appear   (comienzan a aparecer)

Signs of life gradually begin to appear.

By this time, oriental carpets begin to appear in Renaissance paintings.

She returns to the vault as more villagers begin to appear at the property.

begin training   (comenzar a entrenar)

Al-Qaeda did not begin training Palestinians until the late 1990s.

He used this background to begin training his groups as paramilitary insurgents.

In 2006, he asked LeT's members to begin training operatives for suicide bombings.

begin playing   (comienza a jugar)

The duo then joined together with long-term producer Mark Ralph to begin playing live.

As such, Mahesh Tinaikar the lead guitarist of Rock Machine inspired him to begin playing the guitar.

Any performer can simply begin playing a song after the prior song is finished, or any participant can shout out a request.

begin operations   (comenzar operaciones)

The company promised to begin operations within 90 days.

The first to begin operations was No.

The pair were ready to begin operations in the midsummer of 1856.

able to begin   (capaz de comenzar)

He was then able to begin the reconstruction of the city.

Mitchell died that same year before he was able to begin his work.

Suchet was not able to begin the Siege of Tortosa until 16 December 1810.

begin to develop   (comenzar a desarrollarse)

Over time, the two begin to develop feelings for one another.

In the lungs, they enter alveoli and begin to develop to the fourth stage.

He soon begin to develop a relationship with Asuna and later married her in-game.

order to begin   (para comenzar)

In July 2016, the Lefortovo market was cleared in order to begin construction on the station.

In 1999, the band returned to the studio in order to begin the recordings of their next album.

Three weeks later Brown was flown to England in order to begin his rehabilitation at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

soon begin   (pronto comienza)

They soon begin what would be a very rocky relationship.

Kathy and Buffy soon begin to have serious disagreements.

Hampton toured with the band and soon begin recording other artists.

slated to begin   (programado para comenzar)

Liefeld was slated to begin writing and art duties on Youngblood beginning in May 2009.

As of 2018, the project is in the planning and design phase, with construction slated to begin 2020-2021.

Production for the film was slated to begin in late 2018, with filming taking place in the UK, Italy and Greece.

begin filming   (comenzar a filmar)

The second part will begin filming in 2019.

This allowed The Rock time off to begin filming "The Scorpion King".

The film was reportedly scheduled to begin filming in the following month.

begin airing   (comenzar a transmitirse)

Box Office", with both series expected to begin airing on the channel starting April 19, 2013.

A second season began airing from October 3, 2013, with a third to begin airing in October 2014.

Some websites specializing in media reported that the program was originally scheduled to begin airing on August 16.

begin to take   (comienza a tomar)

From 1953 prototype cartridges begin to take place in 7.62×51mm.

Brody and the others begin to take her away from the room in disgust.

Coastal dunes can be classified by where they develop, or begin to take shape.

ready to begin   (listo para comenzar)

Together, they look towards the future, ready to begin the game.

The pair were ready to begin operations in the midsummer of 1856.

In late 1878, the ship was ready to begin sea trials, which lasted until 30 January 1879.

begin and end   (comenzar y terminar)

Tags begin and end with < and >, respectively.

Feminine names begin and end with "t" in the Berber languages.

The Alpine Loop is generally considered to begin and end at Lake City.

plans to begin   (planea comenzar)

They made plans to begin the transatlantic flight from the Dominion of Newfoundland.

The Pentagon plans to begin replacing the aircraft with the Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider after 2025.

Italian carmaker Fiat has also announced of plans to begin production of its Siena sedan in Iran in 2008.

begin to fall   (comienza a caer)

Whilst in the cave, Kayley and Garrett begin to fall in love.

She collides with Raunak Singh and they begin to fall in love.

During the time they spend together, she and Quentin begin to fall in love.

usually begin   (generalmente comienza)

Symptoms usually begin 1–3 weeks after infection.

Symptoms usually begin insidiously between adolescence and age 45.

Pre-season competitions in southern Australia usually begin in late February.

begin building   (comenzar a construir)

Michael and Steve agree to begin building their relationship.

The Army Corps of Engineers put up temporary piers and begin building jetties.

And don't forget Gibbs measuring his basement as he prepared to begin building something new.

begin to grow   (comienza a crecer)

Once there, the Israelites begin to grow in number.

The two girls begin to grow apart.

The Straw Hats win again, but rifts begin to grow between the crew members.

begin an affair   (comenzar una aventura)

William then meets up with Maria and they begin an affair.

When Ryan confronts her, she kisses him and they begin an affair.

The pair then make love in Nadine's living room, and begin an affair.

begin to form   (comienza a formarse)

Plasmodium will then begin to form fruiting bodies, which will hold the haploid spores.

This makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere to surfaces to even begin to form biofilms.

Some embryos begin to form, but Vivian swaps the embryos and has Victor and Kate's embryos implanted in her.

begin his career   (comenzar su carrera)

He dropped out of secondary school to begin his career in that field.

Tuberville coached at Hermitage High School in Hermitage, Arkansas to begin his career.

Kim begin his career as a mergers and acquisitions banker at Goldman Sachs after graduating from Harvard.

begin using   (comenzar a usar)

Curry would begin using the name The D.O.C.

Eventually, the scientists perfect the Slipgate and begin using it to transport equipment between bases.

It also led to lifeguards across the US to begin using surfboards as standard equipment for water rescues.