marked the beginning   (始まりをマーク)

This tournament marked the beginning of hiscareer.

This marked the beginning of the Second Congo War.

This marked the beginning of the Revolution of 1905.

very beginning   (非常に始まり)

DIEGO has own brands since the very beginning.

We clearly had that from the very beginning.

"From the very beginning I became extremely excited about the project.

term beginning   (学期開始)

Senator from New York for a six-year term beginning on March 4, 1869.

Senator from New York for a six-year term beginning on March 4, 1867.

Senator from New York for a six-year term beginning on March 4, 1863.

before beginning   (始める前に)

Gale often had to walk backwards before beginning rehearsals.

He worked as a farm labourer before beginning a career in horse racing.

Park attended UCLA for one year before beginning her singing career in 1998.

until the beginning   (最初まで)

This overlay lasted until the beginning of 1998.

This trend continued until the beginning of World War II.

The mood was more or less optimistic until the beginning of 2001.

beginning of each

Players choose a card at the beginning of each turn.

At the beginning of each turn, the active player rolls the die.

Four House Captains are also appointed at the beginning of each year.

before the beginning

He retired before the beginning of the 2000 AFL season.

The circle has been known since before the beginning of recorded history.

Shortly before the beginning of the war he was drafted into the Waffen-SS.

marks the beginning

Midnight Breakfast marks the beginning of finals week.

711AD marks the beginning of the Arab period.

This marks the beginning of the war between Lau Bong and Hung Yu.

beginning and end

Solar terms govern the beginning and end of each month.

Note the use of zero at the beginning and end of the two cycles.

However, the beginning and end of the book of Job are in the normal prose system.

marking the beginning   (始まりの印)

Vijayalaya Chola restored the rule of Chola, marking the beginning of the Chola Empire.

In 1943, "Ossessione" was screened in Italy, marking the beginning of Italian neorealism.

In 1939, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invaded and occupied Poland, marking the beginning of World War II.

beginning to end

From beginning to end, there's joke after joke after hilarious joke.

The "new York Times" said "from beginning to end it is compounded as the sheerest twaddle."

DJ Swivel stated the song "goes through a lot of different emotions" from beginning to end.

just beginning   (始まったばかり)

The Tuscan War was just beginning.

At the time of its release, Internet-based gaming was just beginning.

and Sechs Kies took center stage and K-pop was just beginning to blossom.

years beginning

Chicago also had an "opera drought" of about eight years beginning in 1946.

His term as Colombia's president runs for four years beginning 7 August 2018.

Ruest trained in pair skating for two years beginning when she was 15 years old.

near the beginning   (初め近く)

Heddle looms were popular near the beginning of the 20th century.

It is featured in a sequence near the beginning of the feature film "Xanadu".

The side-friction coaster was invented near the beginning of the 20th century.

during the beginning

He returned to the world during the beginning of the spring.

The third phase is initiated during the beginning of the Late Jurassic.

She was a familiar face in television broadcasting in Nigeria during the beginning of the industry.

beginning his career

After beginning his career at hometown club IFK Eskilstuna, Larsson was signed by Arsenal.

He was a lifelong resident of Harrisburg, beginning his career at WHP-AM in the early 1930s.

Townend has worked for Mullins since beginning his career as an apprentice flat racing jockey.

new beginning

2 November 1948 meant a new beginning for Romanian cinema.

Allah gives the world a new beginning.

With the curse destroyed, everyone is celebrating a new beginning.

mark the beginning

Gomez stated that "Mayores" will mark the beginning of a "new era".

The 2006 year would mark the beginning of a new era in Stony Brook football.

This would mark the beginning of a long and enduring friendship between the two.

beginning around   (始めて)

Southern York Region experienced tremendous growth beginning around 1982.

Cultural differentiation began to take place in Newfoundland beginning around 7500 years ago.

Her final comic strip for NEA was "Marianne", beginning around February 1936, which ran weekly.

around the beginning   (初め頃)

Lud Germain probably arrived in France around the beginning of the 1930s.

This pit started around the beginning of the 19th century and closed in 1927.

The population peaked just short of 40,000 around the beginning of the 1930s.

saw the beginning

The 19th century saw the beginning of a great deal of abstract algebra.

The 1990s saw the beginning of annual gay naturist gatherings on a large scale.

The 1906 season saw the beginning of the decline of professional football in Latrobe.

period beginning   (期間開始)

The production was completed over a five-week period beginning in August 1928.

The historic properties reflect the time period beginning with the War of 1812.

The album collected the work of several of the label's acts over a 12-year period beginning in 1981.

thus beginning

Takahashi accepts this offer thus beginning the second generation of Mini-Moni.

In September 1935, Thomas met Vernon Watkins, thus beginning a lifelong friendship.

They were sent to Guayana and then to Angostura, thus beginning the campaign in the Apure.

beginning of season

He was replaced at the beginning of season four by Jon Abrahams.

At the beginning of season 2012/13, he re-signed with Maccabi Ashdod.

Then he transferred to Al-Masry since the beginning of season (2011–2012).

beginning work   (仕事を始める)

He received primary education in a small Russian Orthodox school before beginning work as a laborer.

Jim and Susan are credited with beginning work on the beautiful main house that sits on the site today.

In July 1914, shortly before beginning work on "The Trial", Kafka had broken his engagement with Bauer.

beginning in late

Episodes began broadcasting beginning in late March.

This version was also assembled in Australia, beginning in late 1959.

He then spent a year in Taiwan as "chargé d'affaires" and then worked in Rome beginning in late 2002.

beginning and ending

Each city is featured twice with the game beginning and ending in Tokyo.

"Xenogears" contributor Tomohiko Kira played guitar on the beginning and ending themes.

This leg consists of two figure-eight loops, beginning and ending at the upper Mount Baker Ski area.

beginning when   (いつから)

Barry Sadler, beginning when he was training to be a Special Forces medic.

Ruest trained in pair skating for two years beginning when she was 15 years old.

Gertrude Grubb was born in Blaine, Tennessee and courted by John Janeway beginning when she was 16.

beginning to take

He was a member of a norteña music group, whose career was just beginning to take off.

The word "merry" was then beginning to take on its current meaning of "jovial, cheerful, jolly and outgoing."

AQAP was beginning to take pieces of southern Abyan in late 2016, when they captured Zinjibar and other towns.

beginning of what

This was the beginning of what we know today as Freestyle Motocross.

This is the beginning of what Millward calls the 'classical period.'

This was the beginning of what today refers to explicit pictures in general.

year beginning

GDP has grown by about 5% a year beginning in 1995.

She auditioned for "Drag Race" every year beginning with season two.

He was one of the lighthouse keepers at Tillamook Rock Light for a year beginning in 1945.

construction beginning

The initial idea for the project dates back to 1996, with construction beginning in 1998.

Preparatory works commenced in late 2011, with bridge construction beginning in early 2012.

British architect Will Alsop was selected to design the building with construction beginning in May 2003.

week beginning

The music video for the track was filmed on the week beginning 27 August in Los Angeles.

"Eh, Eh" was the second most added song on Australian radio on the week beginning December 15, 2008.

reached number one on the "Billboard" Hot 100 on the week beginning June 25, 2018, jumping from number 52.

only the beginning   (始まりだけ)

This was only the beginning of Tucker's problems.

This is only the beginning", and was signed, "Autism".

The cookbook proved to be only the beginning of Lund's career.

just the beginning   (ほんの始まり)

The Third Division title in 1983 was just the beginning.

And that was just the beginning.

This is just the beginning.

beginning to show   (見せ始める)

By the 1990s the hall's age was beginning to show, and it was clearly rotting.

New models are beginning to show how kinetic friction can be greater than static friction.

The track was beginning to show all the hallmarks of a regulated circuit and even had a thriving social club open all week.