İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

story begins   (hikaye başlıyor)

The story begins in the attic of an ancient house.

"Last Alert"'s story begins on November 20, 1988.

The story begins with the creation of the world.

film begins   (film başlıyor)

The film begins in a prospering New York City in 1873.

The film begins with a young man dancing in a nightclub.

The film begins with the last stand of the Kerberos unit.

begins when   (ne zaman başlar)

The event begins when the steer breaks the barrier.

The novel begins when Francie is 11 years old.

Hatching begins when soil temperatures reach .

then begins   (o zaman başlar)

Nix then begins to transform into a hideous creature.

She then begins taking group selfies with her.

He then begins chasing her around the station.

arc begins   (ark başlıyor)

The body's observation arc begins at Mount Lemmon with its first observation.

The body's observation arc begins with its official discovery observation at Socorro.

The body's observation arc begins with its first observation at La Silla in October 2010.

observation arc begins   (gözlem yayı başlar)

The body's observation arc begins at Mount Lemmon with its first observation.

The body's observation arc begins with its official discovery observation at Socorro.

The body's observation arc begins with its first observation at La Silla in October 2010.

game begins

The game begins with three balls on each side.

The game begins with only the main character.

The game begins during the climax of "Final Fantasy VII".

video begins

The video begins with One Direction waking up in a tent.

The video begins in an old fashioned, abandoned roller disco.

The video begins with Agnes laying in front of an orange wall.

route begins

The route begins at Highway 61 in Grand Marais.

The route begins at I-45 exit 258 and ends at exit 260.

The route begins at a junction with Old US 40 in Wadsworth.

highway begins

The highway begins at K-268 between Lyndon and Quenemo.

The highway begins at K-96 between Leoti and Scott City.

The highway begins at I-45 exit 265 and ends at exit 268.

song begins

A butterfly lands on the cup, and the song begins.

The image fades to black as the song begins.

The song begins in 1841, during the time of the Irish diaspora.

begins a relationship

Ana begins a relationship with the man in the park.

Lucas begins a relationship with Chloe Lane.

Sipowicz begins a relationship with A.D.A.

begins dating

Shauna begins dating Jude Lawson (Ben Steel).

Soon she begins dating Bruce Wayne.

His son, Bartô is bitten by Mina's servant Amélie and begins dating her.

book begins

The book begins by describing Yahweh's judgement.

The book begins March 10 and ends March 23, 44 B.C.

The book begins hours after the end of the previous novel.

season begins

In Alabama the breeding season begins in January.

As the sixth season begins, the S.H.I.E.L.D.

The fifth season begins two years after the death of Norma.

novel begins   (roman başlıyor)

The plot of the novel begins on April 7, 1925.

The novel begins when Francie is 11 years old.

The novel begins with a brief introduction of Charity's life.

begins to fall

Eventually, Tang Jun begins to fall for Xiao Jie.

The policeman begins to fall and is revealed to be Tommy.

Watching her among his friends, he begins to fall in love.

episode begins

The episode begins with Lister playing video games.

The fourth episode begins with Gabe and Dr.

The episode begins on March 3, 1946.

begins to suspect   (şüphelenmeye başlar)

Subramani begins to suspect the relationship between Raja and Lakshmi.

The King begins to suspect Hong-rim's infidelity and soon gains evidence through his junior commander.

Matt begins to suspect Kimberly of the crime and Sydney informs everyone of this but Kimberly is cleared.

series begins

When the series begins, the sheriff is Don Lamb.

The first series begins during the northern summer of 2010.

The series begins with his birth and ends with his impressive funeral procession.

begins to feel

Slowly, Nandini begins to feel the same for Kunal.

He is repulsed by the factory and begins to feel uneasy about Cheeta.

Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) begins to feel sidelined by their new friendship.

begins working

Grand begins working on his novel again.

Tina begins working as a careers advisor at Hollyoaks High school.

San Le begins working in a machine tools factory after completing school.

begins and ends

(which begins and ends with a full stop) for ("i.e.

Daily fishing begins and ends with a whistle or siren.

That is not where the Irish connection begins and ends.

road begins   (yol başlıyor)

After this traffic light, the road begins to narrow.

In Lake Katrine, the road begins to narrow and traffic lightens.

The road begins in the village of Blakstad in Froland municipality.

process begins

The process begins in warmer climates and longer day light timings.

The reproduction process begins at the initiation of the courtship process.

This annual judgment process begins on Rosh Hashanah and ends with Yom Kippur.

river begins

The river begins on Mt.

The river begins in the Charente department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

The river begins at the confluence of the North Fork Tolt and South Fork Tolt rivers.

usually begins

Its season usually begins in October and ends in January.

CCCA usually begins at the central (sagittal) midline of the scalp.

TS usually begins in childhood.

player begins   (oyuncu başlıyor)

The player begins the game Golconda's central square.

Each player begins with three pieces, rather than fifteen.

The player begins the game by building a starting character.

begins near   (yakın başlar)

Gould (1997) uses the analogy of a random walk that begins near a wall.

PR 201 begins near Snowflake, approximately 5 kilometers north of the border.

Highway 321 begins near an exit from US 67/US 167 (Future I-57) at Highway 5 and Highway 367 in Cabot.

begins to take

With this, an "embryonic soul" begins to take shape.

Lutfeli Bey begins to take revenge, he is going to destroy Jalil.

Turning around, Bigger begins to take his hands out of his pockets.

soon begins

However, Francine's life soon begins to change.

He soon begins to realize that he is not a child anymore.

The others hesitate, and D'Anna soon begins executing hostages.

begins to develop   (gelişmeye başlar)

He begins to develop a masochistic complex as a result.

Once settled, the colony begins to develop.

At this time the company begins to develop the models "Renn".

play begins   (oyun başlıyor)

The play begins with a burglar breaking into a luxury flat.

The play begins on payday, with Troy and Bono drinking and talking.

Hepatitis finally accepts Trichinosis' machine, and his play begins.

begins an affair

However, she later begins an affair with him.

He meets Freya whilst on holiday, and begins an affair with her.

Shortly afterwards, d'Artagnan begins an affair with Madame Bonacieux.

begins to question

Due to this incident, Davey begins to question his violent lifestyle.

Li'l Bit begins to question the appropriateness of her relationship with her Uncle.

Frank begins to question his sexuality when he realizes that he has a crush on Jamie.

begins to see

Through a series of intense and unforgettable experiences, he begins to see the reality beyond.

Ridge names Thomas interim CEO of Forrester Creations, over Rick, Caroline begins to see a change in him.

Yu Cheng refuses as this is his best chance to go further in the sports and begins to see Xiao Mei as his obstacle to success.

begins just   (sadece başlar)

The E47 motorway towards Copenhagen begins just outside the city limits.

As this program begins just after Renzoku Terebi Shōsetsu aired from 8:00a.m.

It begins just west of Reyðarfjörður and heads through the Fáskrúðsfjörður road tunnel.

typically begins

The breeding season typically begins in November and lasts 2–3 months.

Alcohol intoxication typically begins after two or more alcoholic drinks.

The sword is sharp, and cuts on contact but typically begins to dull if not sharpened regularly.

begins to lose

Soon, their marriage begins to lose affection.

Over the course of a few days, Edward begins to lose touch with sanity.

When the thyroid takes up nitrogen over iodine, the thyroid begins to lose function.

begins to play   (oynamaya başlar)

He proclaims that his father was "[his] best buddy" as he begins to play.

At the very end of this version the "Gorgon Video" bumper begins to play but is suddenly cut off.

Melody begins to play the piano to keep the girls' spirits up and they hear Gorgeous singing upstairs.

show begins   (şov başlıyor)

Each show begins with an opening act.

The show begins with a video of Lali getting ready for the show.

But as the show begins, a dark secret within the house starts to unfold.

begins again

SR 42 begins again at U.S. Route 460 near Newport.

As the chorus begins again, she comes out of her bedroom.

If the Pie gets back to the Pie Shop safely, the game begins again.

begins to make   (yapmaya başlar)

lt gets caught in the snare, and begins to make a noise.

After cleaning him up, she begins to make him feel at home again.

The next day, Joe finds Kenjin's place and begins to make his way through Kenjin's men.

history begins   (tarih başlıyor)

The neighborhood's history begins in the 1880s.

Historically verifiable Burmese history begins with his accession.

The island's cultural history begins with the native Taino, Arawak and Carib.

life begins   (hayat başlıyor)

This explains why life begins, and later ends in death.

His life begins to unravel after he and "Ballet" kill the wrong person by mistake.

In 1985, Gilbreth opposed a bill in the legislature that human life begins at conception.

movie begins

The movie begins with a flashback, from when Miyori is a baby.

The movie begins with the marriage of John (Arya) and Regina (Nayantara) at a church.

The movie begins three years after Detective Mike Logan's final appearance on "Law & Order" in 1995.

begins to show   (göstermeye başlar)

Jackie climbs to the top and begins to show off in front of the other girls by doing spins.

He continues to report until he begins to show symptoms of AIDS, at which time the station managers pull him off the air.

This accumulation begins to show the black stains as the cyanobacteria develop their dark and hard UV-protective outer coating.

begins a concurrency

North of that junction, SR 121 begins a concurrency with US 25/SR 67.

The highway begins a concurrency with SR 24 just before entering Waynesboro.

North of intersecting US 64, NC 42 begins a concurrency with NC 11 from Hassell to western Ahoskie.

begins to grow   (büyümeye başlar)

As Tagg begins to grow older, he finds himself at odds with his fellow tribe members.

As Bobby begins to grow suspicious of Jimmy, he meets with the Welshman and the Westies.

Felicia and Huey's relationship begins to grow, and Delray is becoming more and more infuriated with Huey.