İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

already begun   (Zaten başladı)

The aliens have already begun their attack on Earth.

The Zero had already begun to look vulnerable.

History has already begun its steady march.

just begun   (henüz başladı)

Ash's problems with dragon riding have only just begun.

The research being put into Aphasia has only just begun.

It is an army of women ready for anything... and the war has just begun.

begun working   (çalışmaya başladı)

That year, Wesselmann had begun working on a new series of still lifes.

In more recent times, the company has begun working with the Private Client Bank in Zurich.

By the time it was released, the band had already disbanded and its members begun working on solo projects.

begun work   (işe başlamak)

Having begun work in the Cheka, Grigory was assigned some serious cases.

In August 2015, it was reported that Carpenter had begun work on her second album.

Before the divorce suit was filed, Chaplin had begun work on a new film, "The Circus".

recently begun

OASN has recently begun production of their seventh album.

He has recently begun experimenting with incorporating computer graphics into his work.

Although it is close to major resorts, Muğla has only recently begun to attract visitors.

having begun   (başlamış)

And having begun, He could give the final victory to either side any day.

Alp Arslan is widely regarded as having begun Anatolianism, although unintentionally.

After having begun his studies in medicine, Abeel converted and was ordained a minister.

begun writing

She had begun writing poetry as a teenager.

The duo established itself in a home studio where they begun writing songs.

By then Anna Drury knew Greek and some Hebrew and had begun writing as a child.

begun during

Two important initiatives were also begun during this decade.

The cemetery was begun during the Napoleonic occupation, and remodelled in 1836-1837.

Several new churches were begun during the Restoration to replace those destroyed during the Revolution.

begun to take

By this time the authorities had begun to take the Committee of 100 more seriously.

By the end of World War II, the Italian "neorealist" movement had begun to take shape.

By 20 October, the changes ordered by the new supreme command had begun to take effect.

begun his career

Drummond may have begun his career with Arbroath F.C.

Robert Tibbetts Blazo had begun his career as a schoolmaster.

Sharma had begun his career while recording a Himachali Folk album in late 1996.

not begun

When former President Coolidge dedicated the dam in 1930, the dam had not begun to fill.

Thus, an operator must be certain that the sample they are testing has not begun to ferment.

Phase 2 was to have digital images of the records on the search engine, unfortunately this phase has not begun at all.

begun when   (ne zaman başladı)

Privatization under the new government had barely begun when war broke out in 1991.

His difficult years begun when his third wife, Eleni Pantazi died at the age of 42.

Her collection of natural curiosities was begun when she was about eleven years old.

begun using

Some have also begun using non-wood materials, such as plastic or graphite.

Returning to Boleskine, Crowley came to believe that Mathers had begun using magic against him, and the relationship between the two broke down.

For this reason, enterprises have recognized the collaborative value of social software, and have begun using it within their existing IT structures.

begun to develop   (gelişmeye başladı)

Over the last fifty years a tertiary sector has begun to develop.

Yeoju University has begun to develop an international studies program.

While performing with others, Raposa had begun to develop his own musical projects.

yet begun

She has not yet begun seeking publication for her novel.

Europe was less than keen on the idea: the great European scramble for Africa had not yet begun.

In the case of Africa and the Caribbean, the church had not yet begun large-scale missionary efforts in most areas.