Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

before being released   (trước khi được phát hành)

He spent one season at Barrow before being released.

He served only four years before being released.

He made 7 starts for Double-A Wichita before being released on May 13.

not being able   (KHông thể)

It's my worst nightmare not being able to hear.

Paige's voice ended up worse with her not being able to talk at all.

This led to Denel not being able to pay staff and company pensioners.

before being appointed   (trước khi được bổ nhiệm)

He then rose through the company before being appointed finance director.

The latter title he was holding before being appointed to become a treasurer.

He served as a municipal judge before being appointed to the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico.

before being replaced   (trước khi được thay thế)

He narrated episode 1 through 3 before being replaced by John Shrapnel.

She returned for the second season before being replaced by Sara Bareilles.

The C-82A saw limited production before being replaced by the Flying Boxcar.

before being promoted   (trước khi được thăng chức)

Harwood stayed at "EastEnders" for 20 months before being promoted by the BBC.

He returned to play in May with Springfield before being promoted back to Memphis in June.

Centurions began by leading junior centuries before being promoted to leading a more senior one.

before being sent

But he recovers before being sent back to the Philippians.

In 1906, he played 10 games and batted .250 before being sent to the minor leagues.

Bragadin's skin was then paraded around the island, before being sent to Constantinople.

before being transferred

He lasted barely a month at Blackburn before being transferred again to Newton Heath.

The division fought in several engagements in the Sinai before being transferred to France.

He'd be sent to Jilava Prison, before being transferred to Văcărești Prison in Southern Bucharest.

before being elected

He served one term before being elected to the Maine Senate.

He became an anchorite before being elected abbot of Bath Abbey.

Al-Daqbasi studied management before being elected to the National Assembly in 2003.

before being sold

It was owned for a time by actor Neil Morrissey before being sold in 2006.

The locomotive had been on loan to the company for a time before being sold.

She was decommissioned in 1991 before being sold for scrap due to reduced naval funding in 1993.

before being signed

He played for Air21 (FedEx) from 2002-2006 before being signed by Talk 'N Text in 2007.

He grew up in Lafayette, California, before being signed by Walt Disney and leaving the area.

Núñez started his youth career with Club Leonardo Murialdo, before being signed by Godoy Cruz.

before being traded

TACO took down ISSAA before being traded out by bondik.

Pappas went 30–29 in a little over two years with the Reds before being traded.

She made three appearances for the Dash before being traded to the Boston Breakers.

before being eliminated   (trước khi bị loại)

The "Cats" won a game before being eliminated.

He made it to the semi-finals before being eliminated.

They defeated Star FC and Porth Harlequins before being eliminated by Pentwyn Dynamos.

before being defeated

He served one term before being defeated by Democrat Kelly Moller in 2018.

He served three terms before being defeated by then City Councilman Martin J.

In the conclusion of this series Fury takes complete control of Jaspers before being defeated and destroyed.

still being used   (vẫn đang được sử dụng)

It is still being used as the main hospital block.

A lot of these medicines are still being used today.

This system is still being used in Westminster today.

before being moved

He started one game against the Chicago Cubs before being moved to the bullpen.

He began as a tight end as a freshman in 2005, before being moved to offensive tackle.

Freeze that she is still alive, in cryogenic slumber before being moved to Arkham Asylum, waiting for Mr.

before being taken

He died before being taken to the Wagner-Schule field hospital.

It was first ruled by the St. Quentins before being taken over by the Siwards.

It was stored around the system before being taken off property in 2011 or 2012.

before being dismissed   (trước khi bị cách chức)

Warner scored his third test century before being dismissed for 119.

He scored 11 in his only innings before being dismissed by Lawrence Cook.

Opening the batting, he made 56 runs before being dismissed by Xen Balaskas.

before being named

Forces in Europe before being named Chief of Staff of the United States Army later that year.

However, he would only serve in that post for a year before being named to the first of two Senate stints.

He then served as the Japanese Consul-General in New York City before being named a deputy minister in 2010.

before being placed

He started two games before being placed on injured reserve on December 24, 2019.

The ride operated for a short time in San Diego County before being placed in storage.

It originally received the Flamsteed designation of 9 Crateris before being placed in the Hydra constellation.

before being called

In 133 games before being called up, he hit .287 with 5 HR, 54 RBI and 20 SB.

Vidalies studied law at the University of Pau before being called to the bar in 1979.

He spent two years in the minor leagues before being called up by the Senators in April 1955.

before being killed

Bob, realizing he is doomed, attacks Victor before being killed.

The lone gunman managed to kill four residents, before being killed himself.

According to Human Rights Watch, women and girls were "brutally raped before being killed".

before being forced

In a food extruder, the mahangu is milled into a paste before being forced through metal die.

He was loaned out to Wrexham and Tranmere Rovers before being forced to retire due to an eye injury.

On 9 January 1909, with three companions, he reached 88°23' S – from the Pole – before being forced to turn back.

currently being used

Windchill is currently being used by over 1.1 million users worldwide.

Brady Hall This building is currently being used as men's freshmen housing.

Cryoablation is also currently being used to treat fibroadenomas of the breast.

not being used

Currently the chapel is not being used.

It is not being used in Indian music.

Point firing is similar to Quick Kill, with the sights not being used.

currently being operated

It is currently being operated with 19317/19318 train numbers on weekly basis.

It is currently being operated by the Federal Grid Company (FGC UES) of Russia.

In January 2011, Marineland was sold again and is currently being operated as a subsidiary of Georgia Aquarium.

now being used

Their song "More Than This" is now being used on HBO promos.

Smart home technology is now being used to create "Smart cities".

As of 2009, this innovation is now being used on international tankers.

before being renamed

5 Operational Training Unit RAF (OTU) before being renamed No.

The album was formerly known as "Worth Your While", before being renamed.

Speedball was promptly banned by Portman before being renamed as "Dogma".

before being hired

She began as a guest lecturer in physics at the University of Winnipeg before being hired full time.

Jeannine began her career at the racetrack in Maryland as a jockey and trainer before being hired by ESPN in 1995.

Dupraz was a consultant for the TV show "J+1" on Canal+ during the 2015–16 Ligue 1 season, before being hired by Toulouse.

before being substituted

Jönsson played 90 minutes before being substituted.

He played 79 minutes of the game before being substituted.

He played 85 minutes before being substituted for Benedikt Höwedes.

without being able   (mà không thể)

He maintained a large repertoire without being able to read music.

In 479, the rebel Marcian attacked the city, without being able to capture it.

However, Narayan Deo II died on 5 December 1771 without being able to execute his plans.

before being selected

He joined the Wallingford Wildacts before being selected for the under-16 England team.

Hughes attended Saint Louis University before being selected with the eighth overall pick in the 1998 NBA draft.

Smith was originally from Lockington and attended Assumption College, before being selected in the 1989 National Draft.

before being drafted   (trước khi được soạn thảo)

He had his own band for a brief time after that before being drafted.

After finishing his college football career, and before being drafted into the NFL, he joined the school's rugby team.

After leaving the Hurricanes and before being drafted in the first round by the Los Angeles Rams, he was voted MVP of the Senior Bowl.

before being relegated

However, they lasted only one season in the league before being relegated.

The club completed three seasons of mid-table finishes before being relegated in and .

CREF remained two seasons in the top league before being relegated to Liga Femenina 2.

before being given

Galen was previously designated Aratus A before being given a name by the IAU.

This crater was previously designated Kopff A before being given a name by the IAU.

Lindbergh was previously designated Messier G before being given its name by the IAU.

work being done   (công việc đang hoàn thành)

The first example of such work being done was in 1962 by Earl Sutherland.

The Elysians just enjoy themselves, all the work being done by Sylphs and Gnomes.

Power is the amount of work being done, or energy being produced, per unit of time.

before being assigned

This crater was formerly designated Gilbert D before being assigned a unique name by the IAU in 1976.

Supervisors in the rank of sergeants and lieutenants must have 2 years in rank before being assigned to ESU.

He served with the 8th Air Force in England, before being assigned to the 483rd Bombardment Group, based in Foggia, Italy.

before being allowed

He underwent a three-month drug rehabilitation programme before being allowed to resume his playing career.

Dudley ruled that prospective players should be enrolled for two weeks before being allowed to play in a game.

Ships from infected ports were required to moor at Hole Haven on Canvey Island for a period of 30 days before being allowed to travel upriver.

currently being developed

This area is currently being developed into a marina precinct.

The Grant Arms Hotel closed in 2018 and is currently being developed as offices.

Khao Kho National Park is currently being developed and will also occupy parts of the district.

before being knocked

in mid-flight before being knocked out by Giant-Man.

She also has proven resilient enough to withstand three of Hyperion's blows before being knocked unconscious.

The 2009 Challenge Cup included a win against Halifax Irish (22–10) before being knocked out against Widnes St Maries (19–24).

before being returned

The territory was again occupied by Gwynedd after 1267 before being returned again to Powys.

In 1762, Havana was briefly occupied by Great Britain, before being returned to Spain in Florida.

Susanna had been taken captive for several years before being returned to family members in Boston.

before being able   (trước khi có thể)

Du Bois died before being able to complete his work.

Rosa also began drawing comics before being able to write.

They were seen by the British troops before being able to complete the sabotage.

before being recalled

Some copies made it onto the market before being recalled.

They attacked Pendleton's rearguard, capturing four artillery pieces before being recalled.

Opoku made just one more appearance for Saint Louis before being recalled by Columbus on 18 May.

before being acquired

She was ordered by the line before being acquired by Wilhelm Wilhelmsen.

It premiered 14 April 2017 on Swedish channel SVT1 before being acquired by Netflix.

30-35 Richmond Terrace was a hotel prior before being acquired by the University in 2006.

before being dropped

They each burn for 130 seconds before being dropped into the ocean.

It was sold for only a short period before being dropped (along with OpenStep) in 1996.

He stood up at 8 and proceeded to get hit with more clean right hands from Arreola before being dropped again.

before being shot

They had to undress and lie in the ditch before being shot.

Women would sometimes be tortured and raped before being shot.

Duncan executed Busgang before being shot and killed by Sarah.

before being disbanded

This was sent to Morocco in 1947 before being disbanded on 1 January 1949.

The football team once won Thames League Division 1, before being disbanded.

The squadron was then reassigned to the Grand Fleet where it remained before being disbanded in February 1915.

seat being vacated   (chỗ trống)

He then ran for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen Lorrane Inouye.

In 1988 Mica ran for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Lawton Chiles.

In 1998, Henry ran for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Wendell H. Ford.

before being made

We know almost nothing of his life, except that he was probably of Frankish origin and before being made Bishop of Paris he was an abbot.

In 1979 Mulanda was appointed Brewery Manager at the company's plant in Lusaka, where he worked for eight years, before being made manager of the Ndola plant.

Thereafter he trained in accounting, became a Chartered Accountant and worked in accounting firms, before being made redundant and setting up his own business.

before being converted

The example had been in storage for over 20 years before being converted.

It participated in the First World War before being converted to an artillery regiment.

He was a split end early in his football career before being converted to a quarterback.

before being retired   (trước khi nghỉ hưu)

The D-558-1 #3 made a total of 78 research flights with the NACA before being retired on June 10, 1953.

She was placed in her three remaining races before being retired to stud where she had some success as a broodmare.

That changed in the top of the sixth, however, when the Americans scored a then-record six runs before being retired.

before being purchased

Red Hat was a member of the S&P 500 Index before being purchased by IBM on July 9, 2019.

For a time it was the Canadian Conference of the Arts before being purchased by the Angolans in the late 1990s.

Anderson stayed in Brooklyn for the before being purchased by the Milwaukee Brewers of the newly formed American League.

not being allowed

As of 2000, the case still provided the legal precedence for LIFO not being allowed for tax purposes in Canada.

The latest reading from Jarman's Facebook account read "As if not being allowed to train with the first team wasn't bad enough – now I'm not allowed to play for the Reserves."

On top of not being allowed to overtake under yellow flag conditions in the affected sector, a "VSC" icon would appear trackside and on the drivers' steering displays, obliging drivers to not exceed the posted speed limit thus resulting in a 35% speed reduction.

before being caught

De Villiers scored freely throughout the day to reach 163 before being caught on the fence.

Brown made up for his earlier mistake by breaking off a 75-yard run before being caught from behind.

First seen in the episode "Dirty Girls", she is pursued by Bringers before being caught and critically injured by Caleb.

before being rescued   (trước khi được giải cứu)

Spartan informs Guy that the stealth bombers are at the back of the factory before being rescued by him.

He fell from the pier while boarding a ferry, striking his head and spending some time in the water before being rescued.

While trying to escape from the destroyed facility, she discovers an augmented reality device known as a Focus before being rescued by Rost.

before being waived   (trước khi được miễn)

He played in 10 games before being waived on December 4, 2018.

He signed with the Redskins for the 2004 season and appeared in one game before being waived at the conclusion of the season.

Prince was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the sixth round, 202nd overall, of the 2019 NFL Draft He played in four games with two starts before being waived on December 5, 2019.

before being removed

He also retired Gordy Coleman on a groundout before being removed from the game.

This section of road was incorporated into Route 24 in 1927, before being removed by 1992.

He was a member of ICC International Panel of Umpires before being removed from the Panel in July 2016.

before being posted

The videos were reviewed for content based on the terms of service before being posted to the site.

Biggs then served in the Battle of Crete, before being posted to the Admiralty as Deputy Naval Assistant to the Second Sea Lord (1942–44).

He spent five years in Mhow before being posted to a unit on counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), where he served in 1986-87.

game being played

The diagram on the right shows a game being played on a 2×2 board (3×3 dots).

Division Two was primarily played in Glasgow, with one game being played at RAF Lossiemouth for security reasons.

With the sixth and final game being played on October 26, this was also the latest-ending World Series by calendar date until the 1981 Series.

including being named

He received numerous awards for his work, including being named an Officer of the Order of Canada.

After the season, he received several team honors including being named the Basalite Big Blocker and a team captain.

She has earned several other honors including being named the Woman of the Year by the Spanish women's magazine "Mujer hoy".

before being cast   (trước khi được chọn)

", "Nervous Ticks", "Hunter", and "L.A. Law", before being cast as C.C.

Vang, before being cast in "Gran Torino", had planned to go into a premed program.

She appeared in several independent films following this, before being cast in Rob Zombie's remake of "Halloween" (2007) as Judith Myers.

before being deployed

The battalion was mobilised at the drill hall in August 1914 before being deployed to the Western Front.

It moved to Lüneburg in Germany as part of 10th Infantry Brigade in June 1956 before being deployed to Cyprus in October 1957.

He attended flight school and was certified as a fighter pilot in the United States Army Air Forces before being deployed overseas in December 1942.

not being released

Despite not being released in North American theaters, the film received reviews from American critics.

Hubbard writes: "Again, Dianetics is not being released to a profession, for no profession could encompass it."

It was later included on the singles compilation album "The Weeknd in Japan" despite not being released as a single.