off the bench   (ベンチから)

VanVleet contributed 11 points off the bench.

He played five games that season, coming off the bench.

Keita also played off the bench last season.

interchange bench   (インターチェンジベンチ)

Anderson was selected for the interchange bench in Bradford's victory.

He spent the majority of his early years moving between the backrow and the interchange bench.

He played from the interchange bench for the Roosters in their 2000 NRL grand final loss to the Brisbane Broncos.

bench press   (ベンチプレス)

Reed set a Texas Tech record in 2008 with a 625-pound bench press.

He also did 10 repetitions of incline bench press with 520 lb (236 kg).

It is one of the three powerlifting exercises, along with the squat and bench press.

front bench   (フロントベンチ)

The Bonneville and Parisienne Brougham had a front bench seat without an armrest.

Common or typical features were a front bench seat and steering column gear lever.

To roaring approval, he compared the Liberal front bench to "a range of exhausted volcanoes.

bench coach   (ベンチコーチ)

He was hired as the bench coach by the Miami Marlins on May 18, 2015.

As a result of this transition, McCormack became the team's bench coach.

and announced that Gene Lamont was moved from third base coach to bench coach.

bench against   (ベンチ)

On 17 August 2013 he appeared as an unused bench against Parma F.C.

Coming off the bench against Georgia, he caught four passes for 110 yards.

He started on the bench against Wakefield Trinity Wildcats in the 42–20 win.

substitute bench

As a result, Done was placed on the substitute bench for the rest of the season.

Stirling made six appearances for The Imps, all coming from the substitute bench.

However, he appeared in and out of the substitute bench, as well as, facing new competitions.

bench seat

New this year as a no-cost option was a 60/40 bench seat with center armrest.

The Bonneville and Parisienne Brougham had a front bench seat without an armrest.

Common or typical features were a front bench seat and steering column gear lever.

federal bench   (連邦ベンチ)

Chen is the first Asian lesbian to serve on the federal bench.

Her state court service ended on June 18, 2019, upon her elevation to the federal bench.

He was not a candidate for renomination in 1940, having been appointed to the federal bench.

substitutes bench

Since that game he has returned to the substitutes bench.

He spent all of the 2003–04 season on the substitutes bench.

Edwards continued to be in the first team, although he spent six games on the substitutes bench.

park bench

Prior to this a simple park bench had sufficed as accommodation for over a century.

She, Amy, and Dan then find Alistair sleeping on a park bench and decide to plant it on him.

The only non-president in the painting is a young man, who sits alone on a park bench, hunched over in despair, contemplating his future.

bench seating   (ベンチ座席)

The front of this has bench seating, but facing away from the stage.

In 1928 a new main stand was constructed with bench seating for 310 spectators.

This lakeside venue consists of a rustic altar area with wooden bench seating for 300 guests.

bench to score

Briana Banks came off the bench to score 20 points, a career high, while Kelly Faris has 15 points by halftime.

On 14 July 2012, Sinclair came off the bench to score a hat trick against Exeter City in an Under-18s pre-season friendly.

At Brisbane she became recognised as a "super sub" for her knack of coming off the substitutes' bench to score late goals.

bench during

Ruth suited up, but stayed on the bench during batting practice.

He made a further four appearances off the bench during the competition.

Thayer's behavior both on and off the bench during the trial drew criticism.

bench seats

There is a waiting room with bench seats and a cycle rack.

All furniture was homemade and consisted mostly of just plain bench seats.

There are three bench seats accommodating up to nine people though models to seat six and twelve passengers were available.