İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

beneath the surface   (yüzeyin altında)

Part of the line is now beneath the surface of Kielder Water.

Her lights flickered until her deck disappeared beneath the surface.

87, pipes were to be eighteen inches beneath the surface of the soil.

buried beneath   (altına gömüldü)

Their bodies were found buried beneath a dam.

Alboin's remains were allegedly buried beneath the palace steps.

It is currently buried beneath the snow and ice in the vicinity of the Pole.

located beneath   (altında bulunur)

It is located beneath Tacheng St. beneath Civic Blvd.

A relatively small parking garage is located beneath.

The lower layer is located beneath the gas.

beneath the costa   (kosta altında)

In wild specimens, they are found beneath the costa (midrib of the pinnae).

While they were clearly the same species, the cultured specimens had pinnae less broad, particularly at the base, more widely spaced, and less deeply toothed; the sori were also halfway between the costae and the edge of the leaf, rather than beneath the costa.

lies beneath   (altında yatıyor)

The station lies beneath the Erqi Square in downtown Zhengzhou.

The station lies beneath the crossing of Zhongyuan Road and Daxue Road.

The station lies beneath the crossing of Changchun Road and Kexue Avenue.

directly beneath

The tag 'Learning' is located directly beneath the logo.

The ocellus is a dark red brown and found directly beneath the eye between the second and third arm.

The Polyglas tires had bias construction that added stabilizing circumference belts directly beneath the tread.

just beneath   (hemen altında)

He graduated in 1843, ranking just beneath classmate Ulysses S. Grant.

The vineyard is about 25 hectares of surface and is located just beneath the crater.

It lasts 28–36 months and is inserted just beneath the skin in the upper chest area.

hidden beneath   (altında gizli)

These sites are now mostly hidden beneath housing estates.

Currents can be swift and, in larger rivers, are often hidden beneath the surface.

This scorpion reveals the kīla texts from a triangular stone box hidden beneath a rock in the cemetery.

found beneath

"Bay boletes" may be found beneath the pine trees.

Often ground nests will be found beneath or in proximity to tree nests.

In wild specimens, they are found beneath the costa (midrib of the pinnae).