big band   (ビッグバンド)

a big band makeover with their own take on the tune.

Another development in this period was big band blues.

He was a member of his father's big band from 1994 to 1999.

big hit   (大きな当たり)

It was a big hit on the international art circuit.

The single was also a big hit in Chile and Spain.

It was a big hit and Kent was given a new contract.

first big   (最初の大きな)

She had her first big hit in a while, "Mandy" (1952).

It was the first big event to take place in the hall.

It spawned her first big hit, "La Vie en rose".

big screen   (大画面)

Fourteen years later, events were brought to the big screen.

He was always passionate about media, be it big screen or small.

Although she didn't appear, she had a thank you speech on big screen.

big break   (大きな休み)

"My big break was in June 1966 with the Rolling Stones.

It was in New York City that he had his first "big break."

His big break came in 1945, when his "R.M.

too big

Other species were too rare, too shy or too big.

When the liquid drop became too big, it split into two drops.

For him I was too big within the club.

big part

The souk occupied a big part of Souk El Haddadine.

Seafood makes up a big part of their meat dishes.

Regardless, Agriculture is still playing a big part.

big enough

The harbour is big enough for twenty-two 10,000 tons berths.

The explosion was big enough to deform the door and blow it off its hinges.

There never has been a driveway big enough in the whole history of driveways.

big data

She championed the use of big data in motor racing.

In the era of big data veracity is a must.

She helps TFL use big data to optimise transport in London.

big league

Scala played his final big league season in 1950.

It was the first home run of his big league career.

He played his final big league game on October 2.

big city

Walter Norton a reporter for big city newspaper.

It has a small town atmosphere in the big city.

In a big city like London, this process of advantage-seeking is rife.

big game

They returned him to good standing sometime after the big game.

These people were big game hunters.

He was a noted big game shot.

big success

It was a big success in the competition community.

He is a big success, teamed with songstress Anita.

's big success when they finally debuted in 2004.

big fan   (大ファン)

He is a big fan of 5 Star Fish Bar in Llandaf North.

Brytiago had been a big fan of him since he was very young.

"I have to admit that I was not a big fan of this premiere.

big cities

The support, however, was lower in big cities.

Other big cities are : Bambooflat, Prothrapur, and Garacharma.

Trolleybuses from this model were used in the big cities to 1973.

very big   (とても大きい)

The Opala has a very big following in South America.

That means a very big position here [in India].

This village is very big in area, occupying 2200 bigha of area.

big business   (大企業)

It was a hobby with me which became big business."

Disney music was moving into the big business level.

In 2015, NME stated that "vlogging has become big business".

big bands

After 1950, the big bands declined in number.

Between 1996 and 1998, Bonacina played baritone saxophone in various jazz big bands in Paris.

In 1974, he reunited the Blue Flames and began to sing with European orchestras and big bands.

big names

It was established by big names in academic institutions.

But they’re not bothering those people because those people are not big names."

11 on the iTunes pop chart passing big names such as Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Adele.

next big

The next big wave of immigration started in the 1970s.

Wyler & Associates' next big case comes from Rickey Latrell.

Jimmy inherits his next big case from a friend dying of cancer.

other big   (他の大きな)

In the other big clay tournament in Rome, Mauresmo came out as the champion.

The other big issue of the day was progress on bringing the railroads to the territory.

As in the Great Karoo, antelope and other big game inhabited the Little Karoo in the past.

became a big

The song later became a big hit, back in Turkey.

Prince also became a big influence when she was in her teens.

I am very happy and surprised that 'Palat' became a big hit".

made a big

He made a big impact on the game scoring a hat-trick.

Sammy made a big distance so that the boulder would not be close.

In 2010, Hayabusa (Space Craft Plastic Model Kit Series) made a big hit.

big deal

He was described by his colleagues as "a big deal".

"That was a big deal then," said Kostka.

That’s a pretty big deal given the size of the generation gap.

big role   (大きな役割)

The Gaspé area played a big role during the war.

He had his first big role in Fons Rademakers's "Mira" (1971).

In terms of subject matter, dogs play a big role in Jandl's poetry.

big leagues

His 1.003 WHIP was the best mark in the big leagues.

It made me feel like I was already in the big leagues."

He'd have to wait until 1969 to play in the big leagues again.

big break came   (大きな休憩が来ました)

His big break came in 1945, when his "R.M.

Her big break came that same year in the Elvis Presley film, "Clambake".

Brown’s first big break came in Florida with TK Records as their in house percussionist.

big name

Gao was a big name in his professional life as a footballer.

Her son Nenad has been labelled as Europe's next big name in fashion.

Gary Arnold of "The Washington Post" declared the film "a big name bummer.

another big   (別の大きな)

In 2004, their single "Qué Chulos Ojos" became another big hit.

The GT750 featlured dual discs up front, another big "first" for Suzuki.

Cost is another big factor in a person's decision to pursue the bassoon.

big impact   (大きな影響)

He made a big impact on the game scoring a hat-trick.

It had a short run but made a big impact on contemporary musical theater.

It had a big impact on genre leaders such as Death, Obituary, and Morbid Angel.

big budget   (大きな予算)

This is a big budget film, and the promotions are started.

It can be regarded as the first big budget music album of Kerala.

Director Nirmal is also planning a big budget movie in that same setting.

big man

For example, ("He is a big man") can be expressed as simply .

After his arrest, Njoroge asked: "Why don't you go after the big man?"

The big man selected Michigan over Illinois in making his final choice.

played a big

The Gaspé area played a big role during the war.

One who moved out, but played a big role in the outcome of the War was U.C.

She also played a big role in the Zambia National Visual Arts Council (VAC).

big influence

Similarly, he was a big influence on Doyle Dykes.

This series had a big influence on the literary world.

His mother was a big influence on his religious thought.

big box

The big box was put into the hole with the two tripods crossing inside.

The big box on all three judge's table confused all the contestants as to what was inside.

"The French Connection" was a big box office success and 20th Century Fox agreed to let D'Antoni direct.

big time

"We were getting into coke, big time", Ward explained.

We now reward the aggressor big time."

He hits the big time with his own Saturday night television show.

big step   (大きな一歩)

AICs are a big step towards AP interoperability.

Masters is a big step up from IAM entry level.

Ayla took a big step in leading here as she cheered a lot for her team.

big hits

Some were songs that were or soon would be big hits for others, such as "Fire" and "Because the Night".

Japaharinet In 2004 they had big hits with "Sadness crossing" (哀愁交差点) and "The days which become far" (遙かなる日々).

He wrote "Runaround Sue" with Dion (the singer's only US number one hit), and then other big hits with and for him.

big brother

Bianca was later reunited with her big brother Alfredo.

He was affectionately addressed as Bhau or big brother by the local people.

The structure recalls the famous "big brother" of Naples, namely the Angevin.

so big

The simplicity of it is what makes it so big".

Moreovers the eyes are not so big and they are only sparsely haired.

Many monster games are so big that in practical terms, they are 'unplayable'.

such a big

People suspected he might have designated such a big tomb.

He is such a big celebrity, football is only a small part."'

Upon signing, he said it was a "no-brainer" to join such a big club.

big difference

Last week...twenty years ago... No big difference there.

There is a big difference between containment and control.

There is a big difference in student life from other South Korea universities.

not a big

"I have to admit that I was not a big fan of this premiere.

The film was not a big success, selling only 858,215 tickets nationwide.

Bardot's appearance was relatively brief and the film was not a big hit.

big cats

All characters in the series are anthropomorphized big cats.

Nile crocodiles on occasion prey on big cats including lions and leopards.

In general, big cats and crocodiles have a relationship of mutual avoidance.

big thing   (大きなこと)

That’s a big thing — a lot of time.

Besides, it ain't no big thing – I just threw her through a door."

They're a big thing on campus.

big house

Nirmala, along with her family, moves to a big house given by Selvam.

Her friends are impressed by the big house and the refined lifestyle.

German "ein großes Haus", "a big house" ~ "das große Haus", "the big house".

several big

Jelgava became home to several big factories.

On 13 September, I Corps closed on Le Priez Farm and VII Corps defeated several big German counter-attacks.

big money

The lure of big money pushed players harder and harder to perform at their peaks.

"Never forget why you play the blues; if it was to make big money, you probably won't."

The person with the most positive votes becomes a winner and receives a big money prize.

big problem

Up to now, irrigation was a big problem.

Though in the initial days, there was a big problem in his family i.e.

The big problem was getting a large group of aircraft to arrive at precise times.

many big

In same time, he participated in many big projects in the world.

His character was part of many big storylines over the next two years.

Kashar is the industrial hub of Tirana with many big companies located there.

make a big   (大きくする)

They asked a carpenter to make a big wooden box.

"He didn't make a big deal of it, but it really stuck in my mind."

However, Craig Moffett said it was unlikely the deal would make a big difference to Verizon's bottom line.

big picture

He worried about the big picture, fretted over allocations.

On it was a big picture of a dog's head and the words "Dog Cookies."

I had already heard the big music, but now I'd seen the big picture.

first big break   (最初の大きな休憩)

She got her first big break performing the title song "Supergirl!"

Brown’s first big break came in Florida with TK Records as their in house percussionist.

In 1994, he got his first big break when he attended the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

how big

That's like someone saying how big their cock is.

These qualifications include how big the temple should be.

That's how big a thing it is.

no big

Besides, it ain't no big thing – I just threw her through a door."

I said it was no big deal.

For me, it's no big deal.

big toe   (足の親指)

Another change is the shape of the big toe.

The feet are adapted for grasping, the big toe being opposable.

Some peripheral nerves can be over 1 meter in length, such as the nerves to the big toe.

big way

He was also associated with Rotary in a big way.

And the company does things "in a big way."

Another instrument used in a big way was the bank receipt (BR).

really big

Hence the only really big cubes available are those in software form.

He was more interested in swimming there, where he said lifeguards "were a really big deal".

It's like a coffee table thing, and it's really, really big, [with an] 80-page booklet and stuff."

last big   (最後の大きな)

The last big battle scene with Radslav was shot in March 1930.

This was McCarthy's last big occasion with the Cork footballers.

In 2006, he played his last big league season with the Baltimore Orioles.

big change

2003 saw the first big change in the logo used by the organisation.

The big change was due to the entry of cartoons, which until then were not displayed in the program.

A big change took place in 1972 when a huge construction site wss started on the northern edge of Embrach.

big win

Another big win came by knockout over a then-undefeated Kevin McBride.

Unable to pay on such big win, Nate is forced to cut Melvin a 'slice of the pie'.

The pro-life movement, along with the Catholic Church received the result as a big win.

not big

But if they are asked, "Is this book not big?"

Sweden was not big enough, and its leadership was wary of confronting Russia.

But they’re not bothering those people because those people are not big names."

big mistake   (大ミス)

Clark flees, fearing that he has made a "big mistake."

Holmes cried "You're making a big mistake!

I don't feel bad about that song at all, but it could have been a big mistake."

big wave

The next big wave of immigration started in the 1970s.

It is considered to be Cornwall's premier "big wave" location with wave faces as high as .

“I really admired her big wave surfing,” said Rochelle in Christina Lessa's book "Women Who Win."

big star

He said, ‘You made me a big star in my country.’ We’ve had a nice bond”.

So in this scene, Bruce Lee is essentially calling out a stuntman and getting him fired because he's the big star."

Some flag makers arranged the stars into one big star, in a circle or in rows and some replaced a state's star with its initial.

big bang   (ビッグ・バン)

Roughly one million years after the big bang, the first generation of stars began to form.

In the standard hot big bang model, without inflation, the cosmological horizon moves out, bringing new regions into view.

In another BBC interview he said "The reason why scientists like the "big bang" is because they are overshadowed by the Book of Genesis.

big companies

But he wanted to be fair to the big companies."

Now, big companies are taking action, with the help of the IoT.

Kashar is the industrial hub of Tirana with many big companies located there.