İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

much bigger   (Daha büyük)

relationship is much bigger than any one project."

It is much bigger than most other leafcutting bees.

At this time, it looks much bigger than the Tigris River.

even bigger   (daha büyük)

Indio is even bigger than and presumably better than a movie."

He also released a single "Overdose" which sprouted his career even bigger.

The Cheetah Girls travel across the globe and receive an even bigger surprise.

bigger role   (daha büyük rol)

However, after the Treaty of Maastricht, Parliament gained a much bigger role.

This game's story has a bigger role in the game than the previous two installments.

During the independence war, the rebels play a bigger role in the guerrilla movement.

bigger and more   (daha büyük ve daha fazlası)

Each of their four worlds has become bigger and more complicated."

Now the village of Delhua was already looking bigger and more beautiful.

Many of his sketches resemble cartoon strips where the pictures get bigger and more detailed.

bigger and better

The 2014 edition of Paramarsh turned out to be bigger and better.

They were replaced in 1970 by the present bigger and better facilities.

After the fight, Simpson said "I hope I can go on to bigger and better things now.

bigger hit

Her only bigger hit on the U.S.

In Canada, it definitively became the bigger hit, spending two weeks at number 38.

The film went on to become a bigger hit than "A", both in Karnataka as well as in Andhra Pradesh.