biggest hit   (最大的打击)

Her biggest hit was "Feudin' and Fightin'" in 1947.

It became their biggest hit, when it reached No.

Their biggest hit in 1957 was entitled "Baby".

biggest hits   (最大的命中)

Their biggest hits include: "Is My Living in Vain?

His biggest hits include "Loose Talk", "Hey Joe!"

This movie was one of the biggest hits of 2010.

second biggest   (第二大)

They are the second biggest cinema chain in Sweden.

Ethiopia is Africa's second biggest maize producer.

It was the second biggest swing of the General Election.

biggest success

The biggest success came to Sarkar in 1998.

The lead single brought her the biggest success of her career.

which later proved to be the biggest success in Nepali Movie history.

biggest selling

's biggest selling release.

For three years the album remained the biggest selling album for Pye Records.

"I've Been Expecting You" remains his biggest selling album, with over 2.7 million copies sold.

biggest win

Vantyghem's biggest win was the 1972 Paris–Tours.

The 22–8 victory on 29 June was the biggest win by France over New Zealand up to then.

In their biggest win to date, the Griffins outclassed a select Storm side to win 52-8.

biggest and most

The biggest and most important company is Gjøco A/S.

It is one of the biggest and most successful Slovenian companies.

The Australian bulldog ants are among the biggest and most basal of ants.

s biggest

One of the lake’s biggest attractions is fishing.

The European Union is Israel’s biggest trading partner.

By 1990 Taiwan was Asia’s biggest art market.

s biggest

One of the lake’s biggest attractions is fishing.

The European Union is Israel’s biggest trading partner.

By 1990 Taiwan was Asia’s biggest art market.

biggest names

The sheer bravado of the offer enticed some of show business' biggest names".

Sheriff has made the biggest names of the film industry dance to his footsteps.

A dozen bullfights are held each year, attracting the biggest names in bullfighting.

became the biggest

"But then it became the biggest urban record ... ever," [Hermansen] said.

In Belgium, it became the biggest hit of all-time, spending 12 weeks at No.

It was founded in Berlin in 1945 and became the biggest publisher in the GDR.

biggest ever

Dillon's funeral was one of the biggest ever seen in Cork.

It was the biggest ever heist in Norway.

The crowd of 29,410 was Newcastle's biggest ever home attendance.

biggest problem

The biggest problem of the community is the private transport.

The biggest problem of farmers is the low price for their farm produce.

In 2018, 62% of the population on a poll claimed that corruption was Brazil's biggest problem.

biggest challenge

OTC represents the biggest challenge in using models to price derivatives.

When CD Projekt was founded, their biggest challenge was overcoming video game piracy.

As Mayor, Adams' biggest challenge was handling Calgary's extensive post-War unemployment.

biggest stars

It was the final release Mix appeared in for Fox Film, having been one of their biggest stars during the decade.

He was replaced for 1873 by Jim O'Rourke who would be one of the biggest stars in the game for the next twenty years.

King Kelly, then of the Boston Beaneaters, was one of baseball's two biggest stars at the time (along with Cap Anson).

third biggest

that makes it the third biggest island in Albania.

Guatemala is the third biggest country in Central America.

In 1672 Helsingør had grown into the third biggest town in Denmark.

biggest single

It became their biggest single success in the US and was their first UK gold award for a single.

All of these old industries in Newburgh have gone except quarrying which is now the town's biggest single employer.

The educational institutes offer The Masters of Arts Festival, which has become the biggest single event in the area.

biggest city

It is the biggest city and port on the island of Timor.

The name Al-Ahsa is also given to the biggest city in the governorate, Hofuf.

West Sumatra's capital and biggest city, Padang, is surrounded by this regency.

biggest commercial

It became one of his biggest commercial successes.

It was the biggest commercial success of the RWD.

It is Ferguson's biggest commercial success to date.

biggest change

The biggest change is Re Yina going from A class to F class.

But the biggest change was the title, which was changed to "Un, dos, tres... a leer esta vez" ().

The biggest change in the history of WSC occurred in the spring of 1986 with a major re-alignment.

biggest rival

By far the team's biggest rival is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Since 2000 the biggest rival has been Independence High School.

Bonsucesso's biggest rival is Olaria.

biggest event

It was the biggest event ever staged by the organization.

It is considered WWE's second biggest event of the year behind WrestleMania.

This season's biggest event was the Tour de Ski and the 2013 World Championships.

biggest victory

's, which was the 22nd's biggest victory.

The match ended 4-0 to the Wasps, their biggest victory to date.

It was their second class win, and the team's biggest victory to date.

biggest show

The Xcaret México Espectacular show is the biggest show in the park.

Combat Zone Wrestling's biggest show is the end of the year Cage of Death.

In a matter of minutes, the show was sold out, marking his biggest show to date.

biggest influence

Letterman's biggest influence and his mentor was Johnny Carson.

Rapper Drake said that the singer has had the biggest influence on his career.

Napoleon's biggest influence in the military sphere was in the conduct of warfare.

biggest threat   (最大的威胁)

Tyahnybok regards Russia as Ukraine's biggest threat.

The biggest threat to "E. pedicellatum" is deforestation and habitat loss.

The biggest threat to the murrelet is the loss of the old growth forest to logging.

biggest opening

"Grand Masti" earned the biggest opening at morning shows in 2013 on its first day.

The film earned 42.30 crore on its first day, becoming Khan's biggest opening day release.

Its opening weekend in in Indonesia was Tom Cruise's biggest opening, to date, in the country.

become the biggest

So far it has become the biggest music deal in British history.

The ION system led Sparta to become the biggest E-bike manufacturer in Europe.

From there on, Sparta grew to become the biggest moped manufacturer of the Netherlands.

biggest influences

King often mentioned Jennings as one of biggest influences.

His biggest influences were works by Oscar Wilde and Knut Hamsun.

Their biggest influences have been Joy Division, Nick Cave, and Кино.

biggest rivals

Fordham's biggest rivals are St. John's and Manhattan.

The Broncos biggest rivals are the North Queensland Cowboys.

STVM'S biggest rivals include Archbishop Hoban High School and Walsh Jesuit High School.

biggest upsets

135 Steve Darcis had already produced another of the biggest upsets in recent years by defeating World No.

In 2006 Loebsack defeated 15-term Republican incumbent Jim Leach in one of the biggest upsets of the cycle.

Friday captured a win on number-15-ranked Christopher Newport, one of the biggest upsets in program history.

biggest successes

Most of her wins contributed to the club's biggest successes.

That was their last biggest successes under the name OFK Titograd.

Kruczek led the fledgling Division 1-A program to some of its biggest successes.

biggest achievement

His biggest achievement to date was winning the 2017 World Masters.

On club level his biggest achievement is a Hungarian Cup title from 1971.

His biggest achievement to date is the bronze medal at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing.

biggest difference

The biggest difference is the number of supported tasks.

The biggest difference compared to the DUT11 was the four-wheel drive system.

The biggest difference between a Callaway C8 and a Commemorative C8 is the different nose.

single biggest

That is the single biggest contribution I could make."

The incident is believed to be the single biggest case of involuntary disappearance during martial law.

One of the single biggest changes to occur in the 1960s was the emergence of political activity in the Armenian community.

biggest cities

The biggest cities in the voivodeship were Kaunas, Grodno and Trakai.

There were also a very few larger cinemas in some of the biggest cities.

As one of the two biggest cities in Spain, Barcelona is subject to a special law articulated through the "Carta Municipal" (Municipal Law).