mountain bike   (マウンテンバイク)

An 8 km mountain bike trail has been newly laid out.

It is also known for its nearby downhill mountain bike track.

In June 2014 he took the world title in mountain bike marathon.

bike lanes   (自転車レーン)

On several central MIT streets, bike lanes transfer onto the sidewalk.

Sections of Central Street were striped in 2010 for dedicated bike lanes.

Cyclists have been found to prefer designated bike lanes and avoid steep hills.

bike path   (自転車道)

A paved bike path, the Riverfront Trail, runs the entire length of the park.

After the Cape Cod Rail Trail bike path crosses over and follows alongside the road for another .

The students of Lancaster High School have a bike path that connects to the Ohio University Lancaster Campus.

bike trails   (自転車道)

The park includes many bike trails, most of which are at the western edge of the park.

Colorado Springs has many features of a modern urban area such as parks, bike trails, and open spaces.

Hiking and biking trails, including single track mountain bike trails, wind extensively throughout the parks.

bike paths   (自転車道)

The hamlet also has several roads with bike paths or lanes.

Melbourne's bike paths are often easily accessed from its train system.

Both share open community areas, a Montessori school, parks, and bike paths.

bike trail

An 8 km mountain bike trail has been newly laid out.

The Iron Belle Trail cross-state bike trail uses the North Central State Trail as one of its segments.

This designated high-grade hiking and bike trail runs along the ridge of the Thuringian Central Uplands.

bike ride   (バイクに乗ること)

The senior group races on a 300-yard swim, an 8-mile bike ride and a 2-mile run.

The junior group competes in a 50-yard swim, a 2-mile bike ride and a 500-yard run.

The blue team then did the bike ride as a team, cheering each other on the whole way.