İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

birthday party   (doğum günü partisi)

I heard him on my girlfriend’s birthday party.

On 9 May 1850 he was invited to Gogol's birthday party.

She asked for a childish but sexy birthday party for Rob.

birthday celebration   (doğumgünü kutlaması)

The raid was timed for the birthday celebration of Dotcom.

Another birthday celebration is "Baek-il" (100th-day celebration).

An 85th birthday celebration was held at the Tech Museum of Innovation.

birthday present   (doğumgünü hediyesi)

She and Mio once gave Kahoko a music box as a birthday present.

"It was the worst birthday present ever" she said, "it was hell"."

In April, Daz took Victoria out for a drive in a sports car as a birthday present.

first birthday   (ilk doğum günü)

"Dol" is celebrated for the first birthday of a child.

The most common meaning is a child's first birthday or Doljanchi.

He was born in Rome, probably in 440, and was baptized before his first birthday.

birthday parties   (doğum günü partileri)

The hall held many important events such as birthday parties and related ceremonies.

The social enterprises (birthday parties and small pet boarding) charge the relevant fees.

Balloons and sugar for cakes for birthday parties were partially or completely unavailable.

birthday cake   (doğumgünü pastası)

Matt surprises Courtney with a birthday cake and the two begin to have sex.

"Smiles and Frowns" Raymond makes a meal and a birthday cake for Rudi and Louie.

On Tomie's 18th birthday, her parents and Tsukiko stand around a birthday cake in her honor.

birthday celebrations   (doğum günü kutlamaları)

The birthday celebrations last three days.

The movie opens with Kuselan's 60th birthday celebrations, but he gets a heart attack.

Richie breaks his leg, but he is determined not to let it spoil his birthday celebrations.

eighteenth birthday

During the Korean War, Bixby was drafted shortly after his eighteenth birthday.

On his eighteenth birthday, Samuel Baron finds out he is not who he thought he was.

October 10, 1960, was the same day as the Burtins' daughter, Carol, had her eighteenth birthday.

birthday gift

Phoebe, his grandmother, gave the oracular shrine of Delphi to Apollo as a birthday gift.

As befits a birthday gift, it does not attempt to point out morals nor to invite deep reflection.

In 1870, he gave Cosima Wagner the manuscript of "The Genesis of the Tragic Idea" as a birthday gift.

sixteenth birthday

On Tess’s sixteenth birthday, she wakes up to find out her dad and Jimmy are in jail for selling weed.

Louis fell ill after Christmas 1259 and died shortly after New Year, aged fifteen, a month before his sixteenth birthday.

Alfonso's mother, Maria Christina of Austria, served as regent until he assumed full powers on his sixteenth birthday in 1902.