İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first bishop   (ilk fil)

The first bishop whose date is known is Felix (404).

He was the first bishop to be consecrated in Australia.

He was the first bishop of Séez whose presence is attested.

consecrated bishop   (kutsanmış fil)

Kyrillos Katerelos was consecrated bishop of Abydos in 2008.

Paul was consecrated bishop of Pécs in the first half of 1293.

No one shall be consecrated bishop who has not been canonically elected.

auxiliary bishop   (yardımcı fil)

former auxiliary bishop of Birmingham.

Carfora was his auxiliary bishop.

In 1984, he was appointed an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

titular bishop   (titiz piskopos)

Today Tiges survives as a titular bishop's seat.

He has been a titular bishop of "Sinidado" in Warmia since 1958.

Since December 2, 1982 he was named the titular bishop of Vatarba.

diocesan bishop   (diocesan fil)

The current diocesan bishop is Alan M. Gates.

As diocesan bishop, he continued Spong's agenda of radical inclusion.

An archdeacon represents the diocesan bishop in his or her archdeaconry.

appointed bishop

He was appointed bishop of Nevers in 1559.

In 1493, he had also been appointed bishop of both Castres and Elne.

He was appointed bishop of Pécs in the reign of King Géza II of Hungary.

consecrated a bishop   (bir piskoposu kutsadı)

The first Anglican Nigerian was consecrated a bishop in 1864.

He was consecrated a bishop in 1872.

Before leaving for Poland, Bruno consecrated a bishop for the Pechenegs.

new bishop   (yeni piskopos)

Louis accordingly bolted the gates of Bourges against the new bishop.

When Donatus and Andrew arrived at Fiesole the people were assembled to elect a new bishop.

In 1331, the majority of the cathedral chapter in Hildesheim elected Henry as their new bishop.

became bishop   (fil oldu)

In the following year he became bishop of Palermo.

He was educated in Bologna and became bishop in 1294.

"Thus Severinus became bishop of Bordeaux".

suffragan bishop

He became Bishop of Stepney, a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of London.

John Hodgkins John Hodgkins DD (died 1560) was an English suffragan bishop.

He then served as Bishop of Southampton, a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of Winchester.

current bishop

The current bishop is C. Andrew Doyle (born 1966).

The current bishop is Rudolf Voderholzer.

The current bishop is Guy Claude Bagnard, appointed in 1987.

assistant bishop

In retirement he serves as an assistant bishop in London.

Until his death he continued to serve as an assistant bishop.

He retired from lecturing in 1975 and as assistant bishop in 1987.

served as bishop

Carrozas then served as bishop of the Diocese from 1989 to 2014.

He served as bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oria from 2000 to 2009.

John Hines served as bishop coadjutor under Quin for ten years and became diocesan in 1955.

local bishop

He was not publicly censured by his local bishop.

When the local bishop of Kolonjë (gr.

Their earliest abbey was founded at Lyse near Bergen by the local bishop.

coadjutor bishop   (yardımcı yazar fil)

Lavigerie appointed Toulotte the coadjutor bishop.

He was a coadjutor bishop before being diocesan bishop from 1899 to 1928.

In 1839, he was appointed as coadjutor bishop of the Diocese of Strasbourg.

elected bishop

He was elected bishop of Gothenburg on February 25, 1929.

In 1853 he was elected bishop.

On February 3, 1925, Huston was elected bishop of Olympia and was consecrated on May 15.

ordained bishop

He was ordained bishop on 24 August of the same year.

He was ordained bishop on December 10, 2011.

The latter was ordained bishop on 20 August 1843 and administered the diocese from then onwards.

metropolitan bishop

Last active metropolitan bishop was Germanos Karavangelis.

14th century) was a metropolitan bishop of Kiev and All Rus.

He was offered a fellowship by metropolitan bishop Nicolae Bălan at the Metropolitan Center in Sibiu in 1924 during Lent.

named bishop

The Symbolist poet was named bishop of Bordeaux.

Galen was named bishop by Pope Pius XI on 5 September 1933.

Ordained to the priesthood in 1950, Koaik was named bishop in 1973.

second bishop

He is the second bishop of Beaumont to have Louisiana roots.

He is the second bishop of the diocese.

Tradition also gives Philemon as the second bishop of the see.

presiding bishop   (baş piskopos)

The current presiding bishop is Bishop Charles Huckaby.

The presiding bishop of the church is selected by the national synod.

He replaced Emmanuel Asante who had ended his six year term as presiding bishop.

ordained a bishop

On 14 May 1934 he was ordained a bishop in the St Martin's Cathedral, Ypres.

Petar Čule was ordained a bishop on 4 October 1942 in the Church of Saint Peter and Paul.

An archimandrite is a priest who has taken monastic vows and is theoretically in line to be ordained a bishop.