Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

little bit   (un poco)

She also defined it as being "a little bit funkier."

When I came out of the army it was a little bit rough.

I think he's been a little bit of a pillock."

bit more   (un poco más)

I just need to wait, think about things a bit more.

It might be a bit more trouble than its worth".

It is situated a bit more than far from the mainland.

quite a bit   (bastante)

So you will see her clashing with Angie quite a bit.

The game changed quite a bit throughout its development.

He said the film "transformed quite a bit" from the rough cut.

bit too   (poco demasiado)

So, it may be a bit too easy for veterans of the genre.

Which I thought was a bit too soon.

I drank a bit too much.

every bit   (cada pedacito)

This means every bit in memory is part of a byte.

Men were fat in those days and every bit mighty giants.

The pavilions were every bit as magnificent as the bridge.

bit parts

Belmore played bit parts in several 1930s film classics.

In the rest of Waters' films, she's played both main and bit parts.

According to IMDb, Sencio had bit parts in motion pictures as well.

bit part

Tay Garnett also has a bit part in the film.

The film has a bit part by Valerie Solanas.

Horror film actor Rondo Hatton had a bit part as "Hunchback."

bit rate   (tasa de bits)

HVXC is used at a low bit rate of 2 or 4 kbit/s.

The bit rate of the codec is 4.8 kbit/s.

G.729.1 is scalable in bit rate, acoustic bandwidth and complexity.

little bit more   (un poco más)

It's going to be a little bit more soul."

I feel like my name is a little bit more familiar than it was before.

A little bit more, and both would open fire with their 12,7 mm (0,50") machineguns.

bit different

We wanted to try something a bit different and new.

The OFI's goals were a little bit different from its mother.

Dimpida is bit different from the rest, bit feminine from inside.

drill bit   (broca)

Such screws are best installed after drilling a pilot hole with a tapered drill bit.

A hole saw usually attaches to a mandrel, the latter being basically a drill bit with threads to secure the saw.

In "DTH" drilling, the percussion mechanism – commonly called the hammer – is located directly behind the drill bit.

significant bit   (poco significativo)

Data is signed, encoded as two's complement with the MSB (most significant bit) first.

Shifts were 17-bit circular, with the carry bit "to the left" of the most significant bit.

However, 0 can refer to either the most or least significant bit depending on the context.

just a bit   (solo un poco)

She had long black hair and just a bit of blood coming from the corner of her mouth.

Barton commented that "Overall, "Martigan Belt" is just a bit slim and lacking in completeness for its price.

For example, N'Djamena records a maximum annual average rainfall of , while Ouaddaï Prefecture receives just a bit less.

up a bit

"We needed something to help spice us up a bit," said Scott.

Stuart also gets the nurses' back up a bit by making changes.

I think I had sobered up a bit by the time I got back to the hotel.

bit longer

The Outer Moat took a bit longer, and averages some six to nine feet in width.

The singular–plural distinction survived at bit longer, but came gradually out of use.

The horse runs a bit lazy but there's nothing wrong with that, they last a bit longer.

bit later

The crisis affected France a bit later than other countries; it hit in 1931.

A bit later that year he was given the position as a reporter with "The Pilot."

(The TV show began a bit later, on September 4, 1954, on a weekly basis on CBS.