naval blockade

The plan was not viable due to the British naval blockade.

KD Perak involved in naval blockade in 2013 Lahad Datu standoff.

The Germans in each case failed to defeat the British naval blockade of Germany.

blockade runner   (封鎖ランナー)

The blockade runner had now become a blockader.

"Olustee" had another name change due to its duties as a blockade runner.

Her speed, manoeuvrability and shallow draft making her an excellent blockade runner.

blockade runners

Before he reached his haven, four Union blockade runners, , , and all fired shots.

British companies, however, continued to build and operate blockade runners for the South.

Lindsley and Lamarque leave the hospital with Monahan to try to catch one of Slidell's blockade runners.

blockade duty   (封鎖義務)

The "Superb" was a relatively new ship and had not been long on blockade duty.

In early October, she arrived off Tripoli to relieve on blockade duty outside the port.

Following coaling and replenishment, she sailed for Charleston to relieve on blockade duty.