Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

dark blue   (azul oscuro)

The team's current colours are dark blue and pink.

32 mm, dark blue with a 2 mm white central strips.

They operate dark blue taxis in central Shanghai.

blue and white   (azul y blanco)

The team colours at the time were blue and white.

Köpetdag traditional kit colours are blue and white.

Its colors are blue and white or yellow-white.

light blue   (azul claro)

Boys and girls in years 7-9 wear light blue ties.

I had a navy blue suit with a light blue shirt."

Its socks are blue-black with two light blue stripes.

navy blue   (azul marino)

The college colors were black, navy blue, and gold.

The school colors are navy blue, and vegas gold.

The school colors are kelly green and navy blue.

blue eyes   (ojos azules)

Bobby is seventeen with brown hair and blue eyes.

Despite the title, Gayle herself has blue eyes.

Childers had golden hair and deep blue eyes.

red and blue

The initial letters are written in red and blue.

It is painted in sharp red and blue colours.

Wefts can be either undyed or dyed, mostly in red and blue.

blue background   (fondo azul)

The signs for 'motortrafikvej' have white text on blue background.

The format consists of the white organization emblem on a blue background.

The blue background resembles the sky and symbolises truth and the intellect.

white and blue

The main colors would have been white and blue.

"As of 9 June 2019"<br> Its colors are white and blue.

Most were painted in a red, white and blue paint scheme.

pale blue

The column is pale blue to pinkish, long and wide.

The column is pale blue or pinkish, long and wide.

The skin is rosy-pink and the eyes are pale blue.

blue plaque   (placa azul)

The location is also marked with a blue plaque.

A blue plaque at the entrance to the site attests to this.

The blue plaque above the front door commemorates this event.

blue and gold

The school colours are blue and gold (yellow gold).

The official colors were blue and gold (Baird's 1898).

The school's colors are royal blue and gold.

blue light   (luz azul)

Magenta is a color made up of equal parts of red and blue light.

It is made by a mixture of red and blue light at equal intensity.

Each panel can be independently lit with white, red, or blue light.

royal blue   (azul real)

The team colors were royal blue, white and new gold.

The school's colors are royal blue and gold.

Only the royal blue and prefect ties are commonly in use.

blue color

These can be spotted with their blue color scheme.

The whole church has a cool blue color as a result.

The pale blue color of aquamarine is attributed to Fe.

sky blue   (cielo azul)

because sky blue is associated with celestial realms).

The club's main colours are sky blue and navy.

The official colors are sky blue and black.

bright blue   (azul brillante)

His bright blue eyes earned him the popular nickname "Ol' Blue Eyes".

Cherenkov radiation also appears as a bright blue color, for these reasons.

The inflorescence forms a cluster of flowers which are first reddish, and later bright blue.

blue and yellow

The new medal was suspended from a blue and yellow ribbon.

The traditional Sami colours are red, green, blue and yellow.

The team's colours are blue and yellow.

blue and red

The official colors are yellow, blue and red.

Remains of wooden coffins sometimes were painted in blue and red.

Bears are the school mascot and the school colors are blue and red.

deep blue   (azul profundo)

The 2/- was in deep blue and the 3/- in mauve.

This heart-shaped lake has a deep blue color.

The deep blue version of aquamarine is called "maxixe".

blue collar   (collar azul)

He had various blue collar jobs before receiving welfare at age 22.

Women dominate blue collar jobs in the Bangladeshi garment industry.

The official uniform was a crimson kontusz and żupan, with a navy blue collar.

green and blue

The arms are a white shield with a green and blue intertwined design.

Exploding macrotons are used to clear paths for the green and blue macrotons.

When regularly spaced, they are also useful for lighting green and blue screens.

yellow and blue

Unusually, the Reds were playing in yellow and blue that day.

Their kit colours are yellow and blue.

blue and green

They are colored blue and green, respectively.

Argon is also used for blue and green argon-ion lasers.

Red was favoured for the background, though blue and green were also used.

colors are blue

The colors are blue (for MAHRU), orange (for AHRA).

The official colors are blue, green and white.

Its colors are blue and white or yellow-white.

blue line

The margin of the foot has a diffuse blue line.

Use the stored value cards as MRT blue line.

For alkanes, this can be seen from the graph above (i.e., the blue line).

blue sky   (cielo azul)

Above me was the blue sky, below me the clouds.

The backdrop is a blue sky with brightly lit, white-gray clouds.

The real term is "out of the clear blue sky," but it grabbed my attention.

blue stripes

Its socks are blue-black with two light blue stripes.

In its shorts, it has a light blue stripes.

The school tie is black, with the eagle and two blue stripes.

blue field

It consists of a black triangle, white chevron, and blue field.

The blue field is placed in the fly.

It consists of a circle of twelve five-pointed stars on a blue field.

great blue   (gran azul)

The largest great blue heron rookery in Vermont is located on the refuge's Shad Island.

Fish-eating birds seen in the Red Hills include the belted kingfisher and great blue heron.

Red-tailed hawks, goshawks, great blue herons and other waterfowl are also attracted to the spot.

blue ribbon   (cinta azul)

It is also a blue ribbon school of excellence (Blue Ribbon Schools Program).

The medal is hung from a blue ribbon with a narrow white stripe along both edges.

The medal is worn with a Nassau blue ribbon that has narrow red and white borders.

blue colour

The new buildings have a distinctive blue colour.

Names in blue colour indicates "Main Cities".

The riband is navy blue colour with a white thin silver stripe down the centre.

blue shirt   (camisa azul)

This consists of a blue shirt and grey trousers.

I had a navy blue suit with a light blue shirt."

The home kit is a blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks.

blue shorts   (pantalones cortos azules)

The away kit is a white shirt, blue shorts and white socks.

The team's home kit was blue and white-striped shirt, blue shorts and white socks.

The kit consisted of a green jersey with a white collar, blue shorts and blue socks.

blue flowers

Up to three blue flowers, wide are borne on a flowering stem tall.

Dense panicles of blue flowers are produced in late summer and autumn.

There is a cloth border in purple with small blue flowers and green leaves.

blue livery

Now, even some older WAG-7s are repainted with yellow stripe on blue livery.

These were painted in a maroon and blue livery and were fitted for push-pull running.

It was one of the engines given the short-lived blue livery for top express passenger engines in 1950.

blue jersey

This award was marked by a blue jersey.

There is also a youth classification, which awards a blue jersey.

blue stripe   (raya azul)

The hull was painted grey below the blue stripe and white above.

The war minister's flag was a tricolor square with the letter "M" in white found on the blue stripe.

The vice admiral's flag did not have the anchors, while the rear admiral's standard had just one star on the blue stripe.

painted blue

They were painted blue with the motor and interior gray.

All the graves painted blue have thousands of bank notes instead of dead bodies.

Another variety, called simply a rhythm stick, is 12 inches long and painted blue.

blue jeans   (jeans azules)

The building's insulation consists of shredded, recycled blue jeans.

He was last seen wearing blue jeans, dark shoes, and a white long-sleeved shirt.

He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt, and riding a black and red bicycle.

blue and black

"Kuanos"' could mean both dark blue and black.

The official colors are sky blue and black.

Cambodia's home kit is all blue and black.

shades of blue

Various shades of blue are used as the national colours for many nations.

It is a brightly colored marine fish with shades of blue, green, and orange.

The colour scheme utilised shades of blue and yellow, sunny Mediterranean colours.

large blue

Aslauga bella Aslauga bella, the large blue aslauga, is a butterfly in the family Lycaenidae.

This Gulf Coast species is an extremely large blue native plant, found commonly in the City of New Orleans.

In 1996 the midfield wishbone "C" was changed to a large blue Bears head, and the end zone design were painted with "Bears" in cursive.

blue butterfly

The common blue butterfly is recorded.

Fauna include the common blue butterfly, slow worm, common lizard and willow warbler.

Tajuria arida Tajuria arida, the Ceylon indigo royal, is a species of lycaenid or blue butterfly.

blue heron   (Garza azul)

The largest great blue heron rookery in Vermont is located on the refuge's Shad Island.

Fish-eating birds seen in the Red Hills include the belted kingfisher and great blue heron.

Large bird species are abundant in parks and include the Canada goose, mallard duck, as well as shorebirds, including the great egret and great blue heron.

blue shirts   (camisas azules)

For decades prior to 2018, the MPD wore light blue shirts.

For boys, the uniform is navy blue trousers and sky blue shirts.

Both types use black as the dominant color with light blue shirts.

blue whale

The blue whale is the largest known animal.

The blue whale population is estimated to be around 14,000.

In 1827, a blue whale beached itself off the coast of Ostend.

blue band

It doesn't have exact size, and the red star in the middle sometimes goes aligned with the blue band.

The lobe on the top of the anther is short, yellow with a dark blue band and with many finger-like calli.

The skirt is brown above and red below, with a blue band between the two colours; it is accordion-pleated.

black and blue

Seven coat colours are recognised, including black and blue.

One side takes the black and blue balls, the other takes red and yellow.

This one has similarity to the Batskiboat but it has black and blue color.

cobalt blue   (azul cobalto)

The Restaurant featured its own custom Spode china service in gilt and cobalt blue.

In the eighth century Chinese artists used cobalt blue to colour fine blue and white porcelain.

To make blue stained glass, cobalt blue (cobalt(II) aluminate: )pigment was mixed with the glass.

metallic blue   (azúl metálico)

It comes in black, metallic blue, and white with black hardware.

The coloring of the elytra and pronotum is a dark, metallic blue.

Female has more bluish tinge on paler metallic blue dorsal surface.

shade of blue   (sombra de azul)

In the 20th century, it also became possible for one to own a shade of blue.

There is something that it is like to feel pain, to see a familiar shade of blue, and so on.

A darker shade of blue was introduced as the main jersey color, and nickel gray was introduced as an accent color.

blue water

Instead of champagne, red, white, and blue water was sprayed on the aircraft.

Its name is thought to come from the Mapuche words "kallfü" (blue) and "ko" (water), meaning "blue water".

Renoir used the same contrast of cobalt blue water and an orange sun in "Canotage sur la Seine" (1879–1880).

blue uniforms

Zlobenia's soldiers wear blue uniforms.

Nevada, designated as the home team, likewise wore blue uniforms during the Humanitarian Bowl.

Lafayette gave the Garde Nationale dark blue uniforms similar to those of the Continental Army.