İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

torpedo boat   (torpido botu)

By 1884, she was equipped with a torpedo boat.

Italian motor torpedo boat MAS-526 provided distant escort.

In 1882, the torpedo boat was assigned as "Blücher"s tender.

flying boat   (uçan tekne)

She was sunk by a Sunderland flying boat of No.

Mackay departed Cairo for Australia by flying boat on 22 August.

This was the original home base for the China Clipper flying boat.

patrol boat   (devriye botu)

The Spanish Navy responded by deploying a second patrol boat.

The U.S. patrol boat "Isla de Bioko" is no longer operational.

The patrol boat has a complement of 29 including four officers.

small boat   (küçük bot)

There are primitive campsites and a small boat launch.

It is navigable by small boat up to Sairang.

The Muma River supports small boat traffic.

fishing boat   (balıkçı teknesi)

Mandalika island can be reached by fishing boat.

A fishing boat carrying illegal migrants hit rocks and sank.

A fishing boat from Odo is also destroyed, with one survivor.

boat could operate   (tekne çalışabilir)

When running on silent motors the boat could operate at a speed of .

When submerged, the boat could operate for at ; when surfaced, she could travel at .

boat ramp   (tekne rampası)

Along the Cape Fear River, a boat ramp was washed out.

There is a 2-lane boat ramp at the end of Boat Ramp Drive.

It is home to the Yellow Jacket RV Resort and a boat ramp.

boat was capable

The boat was capable of operating at a depth of .

The boat was capable of operating at depths of up to .

boat launch

There are primitive campsites and a small boat launch.

It has an easily accessible boat launch, dock, and parking areas.

Features include a swimming area, a campground, and a boat launch.

boat building

Emsworth was known for shipbuilding, boat building and rope making.

Timber exploitation was also the main activity, as well as boat building.

Industries include two fish processing & freezing plants and a boat building facility.

boat ride   (Tekne yolculuğu)

Both other Islands are a quick boat ride away.

It is a short boat ride from the neighbouring island of Oinousses.

The boat ride was delayed and took six weeks to get to America because they had to pass through German conveys along the way.

first boat

Getting the first boat to show in 1974 was a scramble.

The first boat operated on part of the canal on April 22, 1802.

The first boat is expected to be delivered to the Russian Navy by 2027.

boat people

(An estimated 50% to 70% of Vietnamese and Chinese boat people perished at sea.)

Afterwards he and his wife left Vietnam as boat people via Malaysia and resettled in California in 1983.

They were called “boat people.” However, the number of boat people fleeing Vietnam was relatively small until 1978.

boat race   (tekne yarışı)

Payippad snake boat race is conducted in this village.

The typhoon caused a boat race to be delayed by one day.

There is also a boat race held every year between AUBC and RGUBC.

boat house

A boat house on the Pykara reservoir is an added attraction for tourists.

A boat house on the Pykara Reservoir is an added attraction for tourists.

George realizes the boat house is missing and is replaced by moving shadows.

boat ramps   (tekne rampaları)

The island has a small beach picnic area and boat ramps.

There are no public parks or free boat ramps on the lake's shore.

Both areas include boat ramps, campgrounds, and swimming beaches.

accessible by boat

It is also accessible by boat (via Tonle Sap lake).

The island is only accessible by boat during high tide.

Napaimute is accessible by boat, or snowmobile (winter).

boat during   (tekne sırasında)

The island is only accessible by boat during high tide.

Tina is thrown from the boat during the crash, and is dragged away by another spider while the others flee into the woods.

Kupang was the final destination of William Bligh who was set adrift in an open boat during the Mutiny on the Bounty (1789).

boat club

As a student he coxed for the university boat club.

Derby School boat club began in 1862 and was closed down in 1889.

The school boat club was closed shortly after the death in 1889 of the headmaster, the Rev.

ferry boat

"Masks" Tina and Raymond perform Cinderella on a ferry boat.

The ferry boat is about 45 metres long.

The main idea was to give the ferry boat a private yacht look.

qualified one boat

Peru qualified one boat based on its performance at the American Qualification Regatta.

Portugal qualified one boat based on its performance at the Techno 293+ European Qualifier.

Portugal qualified one boat based on its performance at the 2018 World Qualification Event.

boat trip

A subsequent boat trip occurred on 24 July 2018.

Åhlén died in 1939 while crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a boat trip from New York.

Hagen and Ludwig went missing on a boat trip and soon would both be declared dead.

public boat   (halka açık tekne)

A public boat dock is at the southwest corner of the island.

Only one public boat ramp remains, located at Red Cove in Mico.

A public boat ramp provides access for small boats and paddle craft.

new boat

The company tries to produce two new boat designs every year.

The results clearly showed the new boat to be a success, and the FD was adopted.

He first wrote a play to help Kingston Rowing Club raise money to buy a new boat.

boat trips

Local boat trips from Portrush pass the Skerries en route to the Giant's Causeway.

Today the dock meets visitors to the museum on the island and is served by boat trips daily.

Fionnphort is the base of the ferry service between Mull and Iona, and also boat trips to the isle of Staffa.

boat service

A small telephone exchange was opened; a daily boat service to Šibenik is introduced.

A cruise boat service has been started by the tourism department for visitors to the dam and reservoir.

A landing stage within the park is served by a boat service, provided by the Società Navigazione del Lago di Lugano.

boat was built

The boat was built by C&C Yachts in Canada, between 1971 and 1974.

The boat was built by C&C Yachts in Canada, but it is now out of production.

motor boat

A navy motor boat also sunk near Kutubdia, though its six crew members swam ashore.

Wilson, of Birmingham Corporation Gas Works, using naphthalene fuel in a 10 hp motor boat engine.

On 27 June of the same year the "Finlandia" evacuated two Danish citizens from a burning motor boat outside Stevns, Denmark.

boat traffic

The Muma River supports small boat traffic.

The oil exploration also means an increase in boat traffic on the rivers.

The creek is also frequented by boat traffic due to the city boat ramp nearby.

dragon boat   (Ejderha botu)

It includes dragon boat races and a fireworks display.

Later in the day, the royal couple competed against each other in a dragon boat race on Dalvay Lake.

In addition, in recent years, the Schierstein Port has become one of the German centers of dragon boat racing.

rowing boat   (kayık)

Under cover of an air raid, she leads them to a rowing boat.

Coxless pair A coxless pair is a rowing boat used in the sport of competitive rowing.

The first Bangor FC was founded, according to local legend, in 1914 in a rowing boat on Bangor Bay.

boat racing

Other popular sports include football, boat racing and surfing.

In 2002 Carter got into the power boat racing and started his own team Nick Carter Racing.

In addition, in recent years, the Schierstein Port has become one of the German centers of dragon boat racing.

only by boat   (sadece tekne ile)

The islands are accessible only by boat.

The townsite of Woodfibre was soon constructed at the remote location, which was accessible only by boat.

The other three villages are accessible only by boat across the Vajiralongkorn Dam reservoir, and rely on solar energy.