Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

bone marrow   (médula ósea)

The cancellous part of bones contain bone marrow.

So we're talking about cutting to the bone marrow."

The bone marrow suppression may result in death.

bone fragments   (fragmentos óseos)

Guanaco and fox bone fragments dominate the faunal assemblage.

The faunal assemblage of this period is dominated by guanaco bone fragments.

Guthe reported it to contain bone fragments and teeth of about 60 individuals.

bone cancer   (cáncer de hueso)

In 1988, Clark was diagnosed with bone cancer.

One daughter, Nanette Tevrow, died of bone cancer in 2009 at age 52.

He died of bone cancer on Thursday at his home in Cliffside Park, N.J.

bone marrow transplant   (transplante de médula osea)

The first physician to perform a successful human bone marrow transplant was Robert A.

At the meeting, Dean O'Dell's wife asks the ex-husband to give their son a bone marrow transplant.

The high risks of a bone marrow transplant also make this treatment risky since many bone marrow patients die.

bone density   (densidad osea)

Likewise, an athlete's bone density may decrease, but may not yet have dropped below her age-matched normal range.

Several studies have shown that bone density may be measured by QCT using CT images that were ordered for other purposes.

Cycling while seated is a relatively non-weight bearing exercise that, like swimming, does little to promote bone density.

bone fractures   (fracturas de hueso)

He had many bone fractures and injuries in his four limbs.

Her hand healed well, but the navicular bone fractures did not.

This increases bone reabsorption, and can lead to bone fractures.

bone loss   (pérdida de hueso)

In postmenopausal women, high caffeine consumption can accelerate bone loss.

Long term use of tenofovir disoproxil is associated with nephrotoxicity and bone loss.

His hypothesis was that dietary differences contribute to bone loss among individuals.

bone structure

Its bone structure shows clearly through the skin and musculature.

The end results depend on the extent of the webbing and underlying bone structure.

They mostly have a white, silky, medium to long length coat, no undercoat and a fine bone structure.

bone tissue   (tejido óseo)

Neuman was an authority on the biochemistry of bone tissue.

Osteomyelitis (infection of the bone tissue) can also cause pain and limp.

These lacunae are the result of surrounding bone tissue that has been reabsorbed.

bone mineral

DXA is only able to provide the areal bone mineral density.

As osteoclasts break down bone, patients see a loss of bone mineral density.

More particularly, bone mineral is formed from globular and plate structures.

collar bone   (clavícula)

Cramer broke his collar bone and was forced to withdraw from the fight.

In his second game, he broke his collar bone against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The accident left him with broken ribs and injuries to his head and collar bone.

bone growth

The periosteum is formed and bone growth continues at the surface of trabeculae.

Essentially, bone growth factors may act as potential determinants of local bone formation.

The primary center of ossification is the area where bone growth occurs between the periosteum and the bone.

bone formation

Compared to woven bone, lamellar bone formation takes place more slowly.

Bone volume is determined by the rates of bone formation and bone resorption.

Essentially, bone growth factors may act as potential determinants of local bone formation.

temporal bone

When a CSF leak occurs at the temporal bone, surgery becomes necessary in order to prevent infection and repair the leak.

Researchers achieved electronarcosis by applying 180 mA at a frequency of 500 Hertz to the mastoid part of the temporal bone.

Other findings of human bones, always referable to the final phase of the Paleolithic, include a jaw bone and a temporal bone.