İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

bonus tracks   (ekstra şarkılar)

Australian Bonus Disc Japan bonus tracks B Sides

Each album in the set came with seven bonus tracks.

The 1996 CD reissue also contains five bonus tracks.

bonus track   (Bonus parça)

Brian Eno produced the bonus track "Nobody But Me".

The song was included as a bonus track on the album.

The remix appears on "iii" as a digital bonus track.

signing bonus   (imza bonusu)

It includes a signing bonus worth almost $147,000.

The contract also included a $25,000 signing bonus.

It includes a signing bonus worth over $160,000.

bonus disc   (bonus disk)

A bonus disc was included with early copies of the CD.

It included a bonus disc featuring some of the band's best covers.

It was also released as a DVD (Rock On) with this disc as a bonus disc.

bonus points   (Bonus puanlar)

Further pods collected provide bonus points.

Shots can be chained into combos for bonus points as well.

Points were awarded as follows: Win: 10 points + bonus points.

bonus point   (bonus puanı)

Unions can also win their side a respectable bonus point.

A bonus point is awarded for wiping out the entire other team.

If the team batting second wins the match in 40 overs, it gains a bonus point.

bonus material

Each disc contains four episodes plus bonus material.

bonus features

The Blu-ray includes over of bonus features.

The VCD and DVD versions includes bonus features and scenes from the film.

The PlayStation 2 version includes bonus features such as the making of the game.

bonus round   (bonus turu)

Every fifth round there is a bonus round where Kapt.

A hunting sessions concludes in a bonus round.

There were two versions of the bonus round.

bonus feature   (bonus özellik)

A photo gallery was included as a bonus feature.

"The Three Companions" bonus feature, Part 4.

"The Three Companions" bonus feature, Part 2.

million signing bonus   (milyon imza bonusu)

The deal included a $5 million signing bonus.

He signed with the Twins on July 5 for a $2.55 million signing bonus.

The terms included $20 million, of a 8 million signing bonus fully guaranteed.

additional bonus

Each gives an additional bonus to the army that possesses them.

Limited edition includes an additional bonus track "Ashes to Ashes".

It was reissued digitally in 2012 with an additional bonus track "Change".

included a bonus

Early copies included a bonus CD of live material.

It included a bonus disc featuring some of the band's best covers.

Limited editions of the album included a bonus 3" CD, "Vacuum Tracks".

bonus content

"Private Eye Sings Private Eye" as bonus content.

The ports feature all the bonus content from the previous releases, including "Separate Ways".

All four novels were collected into one volume "Happily Ever After", including bonus content and epilogues.

bonus award

This win earned him the "Fight of the Night" bonus award .

The win also earned Lim his first "Fight of the Night" bonus award.

The win also earned Gomi his second "Fight of the Night" bonus award.

includes a bonus

The US Limited Edition includes a bonus disc containing two remixes of We Are The Beautiful, Frost and Picnic.

The LD "upgrade edition" includes a bonus disc featuring one hour of extra material including the documentary "Dog Days".

Best Buy has an exclusive edition with three bonus tracks: iTunes includes a bonus track with the purchase of the album: