economic boom   (好況)

The economic boom in the city caused a population boom as well.

It also coincided with a considerable economic boom in Romania.

The Plan led to an economic boom in Spain for most of the 1960s.

building boom   (建設ブーム)

The growth sparked a building boom during these decades.

As a result, Colombia is seeing a historic building boom.

A building boom began in 1998 and continued through the 2000s decade.

oil boom   (オイルブーム)

The oil boom contributed to the massive growth of Baku.

In 1931, during the Texas oil boom, oil was discovered in the area.

Interest in him grew after the Pennsylvania oil boom starting in 1859.

construction boom   (建設ブーム)

Dar es Salaam has had a major construction boom.

In the following years, Erfurt saw a construction boom.

As a result, South Brisbane experienced a construction boom.

baby boom   (ベビーブーム)

During the baby boom period, feminism waned in importance.

Disco was the last popular music movement driven by the baby boom generation.

In 1954, thanks in part to the baby boom, there was once again a need to expand the hospital.

population boom

The economic boom in the city caused a population boom as well.

Another problem was the population boom among the Kashubians and Poles.

The mid-1800s saw a population boom, with the city doubling in size from 1845 to 1855.

boom years

The 1870s were boom years for this new town.

The bubble burst in 2007-8 as housing prices began to crash and the boom years ended.

Virtually all industrial enterprises were established with government subsidies in the oil boom years of the 1970s.

mining boom

During the mining boom, a tin-smelting blowing house operated at the quayside.

Her work is essential for understanding life during the mining boom in the early 1900s.

The silver mining boom in the Park City area in the 1870s created a sudden demand for coal.

boom period   (好況期)

The boom period at Ravenswood did not last.

During the baby boom period, feminism waned in importance.

In a boom period of capitalism, the growth of investments is cumulative, i.e.

land boom   (土地ブーム)

The 1880s land boom was a spur to profit from land.

The Florida land boom of the 1920s brought many newcomers to the city.

With the end of the land boom in 1975, the school was unable to use land sales to fund its activities.

housing boom   (住宅ブーム)

The park was established in 1983, during the Sydney housing boom.

Once a locus of industry, the river is now the center of a housing boom.

However, there has been a housing boom due to declining commercial mortgage rates.

boom town   (ブームタウン)

Rodman, Florida, became a boom town and eventually reached a population of over 4,000 persons.

Caledonia became an early boom town in the Red River Valley and also became a post for a stagecoach line which lead north to Fort Garry — now called Winnipeg.

Like many rural Kentucky communities, as passenger rail-use decreased and transportation and commercial shipping routes changed, Big Clifty's boom town status disappeared.