İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

borders the following   (aşağıdakileri sınırlar)

Cortenova borders the following municipalities:

Pero borders the following municipalities: Rho, Milan.

Mele borders the following municipalities: Genoa, Masone.

within the borders   (sınırlar içinde)

The building also falls within the borders of Gastown.

It is located within the borders of Gothenburg Municipality.

The village is within the borders of the Semuliki National Park.

within its borders   (sınırları içinde)

Other settlements within its borders were Arsuk and Neria.

Accordingly, many distant galaxies are visible within its borders.

The Mahicans and other Indian tribes once lived within its borders.

borders between   (arasındaki sınırlar)

However, these constellations did not have clear borders between them.

The region also creates the borders between Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria.

During the Middle Ages the region found itself on the borders between Siena and Volterra.

municipal borders

Its municipal borders enclose an area of ranging in elevation from above sea level.

Maggia's municipal borders were created in 2004 when the previous municipalities of Maggia, Moghegno, Aurigeno, Giumaglio, Someo, and Lodano were united.

The total Swiss population change in 2008 (from all sources, including moves across municipal borders) was a decrease of 3 and the non-Swiss population remained the same.

national borders   (Ulusal sınırlar)

Dutch dialects are varied and cut across national borders.

Parish, county, and national borders have frequently been modified.

Cartography was employed to define national borders, replacing the vague frontiers of the Mandala kingdoms.

across municipal borders   (Belediye sınırları ötesinde)

The total Swiss population change in 2008 (from all sources, including moves across municipal borders) was a decrease of 3 and the non-Swiss population remained the same.

The total Swiss population change in 2008 (from all sources, including moves across municipal borders) was an increase of 99 and the non-Swiss population remained the same.

The total Swiss population remained the same in 2008 (from all sources, including moves across municipal borders) while the non-Swiss population change was an increase of 7 people.

across borders   (sınır ötesi)

Revered across borders yet designated a terrorist.

create obstacles for freight operations across borders.

In Switzerland and across borders, trade is possible until 60 minutes before delivery.

municipality borders

The municipality borders Estepona, Manilva, and Gaucín.

In 1878 the municipality borders were surveyed and moved.

The municipality borders with Atenco, Chiautla and Texcoco.

borders the municipalities

Riace borders the municipalities of Camini and Stignano.

Ameglia borders the municipalities of Lerici and Sarzana.

San Paolo Bel Sito borders the municipalities of Liveri and Nola.

international borders   (uluslararası sınırlar)

The first follows international borders of current countries.

Occasionally, those arrangements cross international borders.

It shares international borders with Afghanistan being situated in the extreme North-West of Pakistan.

western borders   (batı sınırları)

It was erected to secure the western borders of Iraq and was also used in the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

As a result, the Dzungars were forced to retreat back to the western borders in a defensive position.

Therefore he was responsible for the defense of a section of the western borders against the Austrians.

beyond the borders   (sınırların ötesinde)

Few of them travel beyond the borders of the known, whether in a literal or metaphorical sense.

Six of the sites are within the city of Ōtsu, and two are located just beyond the borders of the city.

Professors, students and practitioners contribute to its success, which has spread well beyond the borders of Quebec.

southern borders

Its southern borders were as far as Botany Bay and the Georges River.

On 5 November 1918, the Serbian army, with the help of the French army, crossed southern borders.

The Hammer Creek is mapped from the southern borders of Dauphin and Lebanon Counties to the northeast to the Schuylkill River.

eastern borders   (doğu sınırları)

The northern and eastern borders remained the same.

The high mountains of the Ruwenzori Range on the eastern borders.

It is also found on the western, north and eastern borders of Dartmoor.

shares borders

It shares borders with the Karnataka forest.

It also shares borders with Indian administered Kashmir to the east.

Belgium shares borders with France (), Germany (), Luxembourg () and the Netherlands ().

county borders   (ilçe sınırları)

With a few exceptions the branches follow Norway's county borders.

From 1965 only "non-administrative localities" are counted, independently of municipal and county borders.

The county borders Kirinyaga to the West, Kitui to the East, Tharaka Nithi to the North, Machakos to the South.

northern borders

During the 1480s Richard defended the northern borders of England.

Before crossing to Asia, Alexander wanted to safeguard his northern borders.

It borders the Wakhan strip on its north-west, and China on its northern borders.

state borders   (eyalet sınırları)

Blue Vista is less than 1 mile from the Arizona and New Mexico state borders.

However, many individual states do criminalize specific BDSM actions within their state borders.

The state's spy networks are also severely limited by this mobility not constrained by state borders.

land borders   (kara sınırları)

Brazil has the need to patrol its of land borders.

Nunavut also has small land borders with Ontario and Quebec.

It shares land borders with Wales to the west and Scotland to the north.

along the borders

Both sides agreed to reduce the military numbers along the borders to a minimum.

The Department of Homeland Security has completed nearly 700 miles of fencing along the borders.

The 31st Parachute Hunters Battalion was launched along the borders of those two countries to counter the incursions by guerrillas.

near the borders   (sınırların yakınında)

Boundary-work is the process of advocating for a desired outcome in the process of classifying fields of study that are near the borders.

Motlhabaneng Motlhabaneng is a village in Botswana on the north bank of the Motloutse River near the borders with South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Located upon a hill near the borders of Lazio with the province of Siena (Tuscany) and Terni (Umbria), Trevinano is the northernmost settlement of its region.