Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

both sides   (cả hai mặt)

These dolmens flank both sides of the main street.

The statues of Eighteen Arhats stand on both sides.

Staircases protrude from both sides of the station.

both men   (cả hai người đàn ông)

The law of chastity applies to both men and women.

The event is open to both men's and women's teams.

The bonspiel is open to both men's and women's teams.

both teams   (cả hai đội)

A draw resulted in both teams receiving two points.

A draw resulted in both teams receiving 2 points.

He was promoted to head coach of both teams in 1932.

both of whom   (cả hai người)

They twin sons, both of whom died in infancy.

She bore Charles Philip two daughters, both of whom died young.

Their two sons were William and Edward, both of whom died with their father.

won both   (thắng cả hai)

The Rockies won both games and Kim collected a win.

Named Dreamfield he won both his starts as a 2yo.

Landa won both of the WRT events he played in 2015.

both parties   (cả hai phần)

This contract requires the consent of both parties.

The justices will closely question both parties.

It was the second and final marriage for both parties.

both countries

Quickly organizations spread across both countries.

In both countries, the feminine form is Nováková.

This album was certified gold in both countries.

between both

This then led to an all in brawl between both sides.

There are over 60 flights per week between both nations.

This creates friction between both of them.

when both   (Khi cả hai)

She was orphaned when both her parents died in 1997 and 1998.

Farmer had worked under Kuharich when both were with the Chiefs.

War will occur when both states' expected utilities are positive.

both cases

The word 'wrongfully' is applicable to both cases.

The resolution of both cases are quite climactic.

In both cases, the singular region has zero volume.

including both

It is found in a diversity of habitats, including both rivers and lakes.

After each match there would be a large celebratory feast, including both teams.

Until April 2017 it was the name of the commune including both Ortonovo and Luni.

both ends

The cave has a porch with simple cells on both ends.

The stand is reached by steps at both ends.

Mini-high level platform ramps for ADA access at both ends.

both directions

The learning relationship moved in both directions.

Originally, tolls were collected in both directions.

both sexes

At these ages, both sexes were regarded as adults.

The tail in both sexes has dark central feathers.

The compound eyes are well developed in both sexes.

both houses   (cả hai ngôi nhà)

It has passed both houses of Parliament of Brazil.

Federal laws need to be passed by both houses.

The Republican Party took back control of both houses in 2011.

both times

She finished 12th in the 200 m individual medley both times.

Holperin retained his seat both times.

He is seen twice more in the game, both times alongside Ro-Dent.

includes both

The list includes both past and present players.

It includes both maritime and land surveillance.

These figures includes both base pay and other income.

both games

The Rockies won both games and Kim collected a win.

Haldane started both games, but finished neither.

He made the Junior Kiwis in 2002, playing both games.

used both

Mu Xin used both ink and paint to create art pieces.

Kern used both photography and drawing during this trip.

Crème fraîche is used both hot and cold in French cuisine.

against both   (chống lại cả hai)

Xerlin can validate XML against both DTDs and Schemas.

Local residents are against both proposals.

Enraged, Michaels demanded a match against both Daivari and Hassan.

both within

Freshford and Westray are both within the R.M.

It funds the building of mosques both within and outside of Kuwait.

The Secret Squadron acted both within and outside the United States.

lost both

During this time he lost both weight and appetite.

He pitched in two games for Troy that year and lost both.

In 2015 and 2016, they lost both of the cup final matches.

both players

Either both players win, or both players lose.

If both players pass, the game is played as "Ramsch", i.e.

both groups

After this game, both groups took the test again.

The runner-up for both groups received a bronze medal.

She has been with both groups since they both started.

both parents   (cả bố và mẹ)

The chick and egg are tended to by both parents.

A single egg is incubated by both parents for 45 days.

Warner's relationships with both parents were strained.

included both

Body styles included both two and four door models.

The album included both previous hits and new material.

The project included both public and private investment.

include both

Eventually, promoters chose to include both bands.

Some include both a seated toilet and a urinal.

Drive train options include both 4×2 and 4×4.

both occasions   (cả hai dịp)

On both occasions he was 9th in the men's doubles.

On both occasions she was ridden by Walter Swinburn.

He won the man-of-the-match award on both occasions.

played both

Jelley played both loosehead and tighthead prop.

In "Babylon 5", he played both Neroon and Mr. Welles.

He played both as centre midfielder and winger.

winning both

They managed to do this by winning both games 2–1 and 3–0.

Italy also played tests against the USA and Canada, winning both.

South Korea dominated the competition by winning both gold medals.

through both

Lending through both providers lasted for 14 days.

These parallels continue through both books.

Batak families trace descent through both sides of the family.

both male   (cả nam)

Nowak is used by both male and female individuals.

The magazine was aimed at both male and female readers.

There are both male and female condoms.

both local

There are both local and international productions.

This can be used with both local and remote programs.

Lecturers are both local and international.


Fairy dust provides the magic, and believers – both child and adult – can visit fairyland.

Blue Lias is mainly used in flooring, walling and paving slabs – both coursed and layered.

Two more friendlies also ended in losses – both against amateur club Corinthian in December.

both companies

BCR Chișinău serves both companies and individuals.

Apparently to their surprise, both companies refused.

Stockholders would have equal shares in both companies.

both legs   (cả hai chân)

The opponent is controlled using both legs and arms.

Later in the year he won both legs of the Autumn Double.

Bradford Northern won 37–22 on aggregate having won both legs.

both clubs

He was the regular first baseman for both clubs.

However he could not play many matches in both clubs.

However both clubs were relegated to J2 League.

both public   (cả công khai)

The project included both public and private investment.

The law applied to all schools, both public and private.

The construction included private keys for both public keys.

used for both

It is used for both civilian and military traffic.

These were used for both passenger and cargo operations.

In practice, the two approaches are used for both types.

during both

The following songs were performed during both sets.

There were multi-party coalitions during both world wars.

He serves as the pilot of the "Archangel" during both wars.

member of both

AFFA is a member of both UEFA and FIFA.

He was a member of both the football and baseball teams there.

At Howard, he was a member of both Alpha Omega Alpha and Kappa Pi.

using both

By using both hands, shots are fired more smoothly.

The opponent is controlled using both legs and arms.

both members

They were both members of A Connecticut Party.

The MEC would replace both members in the ensuing months.

They are both members of the National Liberation Party (PLN).

win both   (thắng cả hai)

The only other horse to win both races was Fayonagh in 2017.

The last horse to win both races was High Chaparral in 2002.

He would go on to win both events at State in his senior season.

although both   (mặc dù cả hai)

The set may be finite, although both "G" and "N" are infinite (for example, ).

The novelization and the screenplay, although both written by Wood, are somewhat different.

Makoy tries again to reconcile with Sonia, although both Sonia and Fely rebuff his efforts.

both nations   (cả hai quốc gia)

There are over 60 flights per week between both nations.

On 6 March 2000, both nations signed a free trade agreement.

Migration between both nations has traditionally been robust.

both before

Church bells may also be tolled both before and after the service.

They have had key roles both before and after its independence in 1810.

She toured with theater troupes in Europe both before and after the war.

both located

Lundar and Clarkleigh are both located in R.M.

They are both located in Central District.

The Tromsø Bridge and Sandnessund Bridge are both located on the route.

both hands   (cả hai tay)

By using both hands, shots are fired more smoothly.

The caption reads: "They salute with both hands now".

both inside   (cả bên trong)

It was in stark contrast to the old church, both inside and out.

It is noteworthy for its unique use of colors both inside and outside.

Similar motifs are seen both inside and outside, at the platform level.

both types

Planktivores ingest one or both types of plankton.

The 2003 elections were for both types of seats.

In practice, the two approaches are used for both types.

both schools

She has taught in both schools at the graduate level.

The majority of students have lessons at both schools.

He brought both schools to the state finals.

received both

The book received both positive and mixed reviews.

They were well received both in the Balkans and abroad.

There he received both his primary education.

because both   (bởi vì cả hai)

It is because both species can endure a temperate climate.

It was an interesting release because both bands had left the label.

The UN embargo proved ineffective, largely because both Portugal and South Africa refused to participate.

both versions

Lee J. Collier has 100% copyright on both versions.

The rules to both versions are the same.

The album jacket cover for both versions are also different.

both matches

Puerto Rico were eliminated after losing both matches.

The teams drew both matches and had to go on extra time.

Mexico were eliminated after being defeated in both matches.

both women

He was able to climb back up, only to be attacked by both women.

Aside from serving Rugal, both women were also spies and wielders of Orochi.

Its products includes body, bath, skin care and make-up aimed at both women and men.

both domestic   (cả trong nước)

They handle both domestic and international crises.

It has both domestic and international flights.

The company offers both domestic U.S. and international coverage.

though both

The clash was indecisive, though both sides claimed victory.

Neither charted, though both would later become doo wop cult classics.

The two reportedly began a romantic relationship though both publicly denied this.

both played

King when they both played at a music festival in Tokyo.

Giuseppe and Francesco both played for Genoese side U.C.

Sonia Sehgal and Naina Sehgal (both played by Kajol) are twins.

both stations

At the time both stations were owned by Kerry Rich.

In 2002, Freedom Communications purchased both stations.

However, at the time both stations were only available through digital cable.

both national   (cả quốc gia)

Rhyner remains eligible for both national teams.

Søndergaard won both national and international acclaim.

The first page of the paper consisted of both national and local news.

both released

By court order they were both released on May 17, 1976.

"If I Fall" and "Divided" were both released as singles.

These were both released for PlayStation 3.

both in terms

Reaction to the Aura was positive, both in terms of reviews and sales.

The smallest municipality (also both in terms of population and area) is Herstappe (Limburg).

He was later greatly influenced by James Cotton, both in terms of musical style and band format.

both events

He would go on to win both events at State in his senior season.

He played in 2012 and 2013 Canadian Opens but missed the cut in both events.

At the 2017 Jeux de la Francophonie she only competed in the heats in both events.

both goals

Jim Smith scored both goals for the North Coast.

He scored both goals at Frankfurt's 2-0 victory.

In the return match Levski won 0–2, with Dembele scoring both goals.

both ships

However, both ships would prove to be a disappointment.

The designer and builder of both ships was Blaise Pangalo.

members of both

The association serves today about 17,000 members of both genders.

The photograph received criticism from members of both political parties.

This surname belongs to members of both the Brahmin (priest) and Kshatriya (warrior) castes.

found in both

This word is found in both Nynorsk and Bokmål.

These characteristics are found in both sexes.

As of 1996, it could still be found in both countries.

use both

Most use both steam and diesel locomotives for haulage.

Official documents use both names.

He is able to use both feet, despite being naturally right footed.

used by both

Nowak is used by both male and female individuals.

Services are used by both individuals and companies.

RDX was used by both sides in World War II.

both years

The tournament format would remain unchanged for both years.

He had only one error in both years.

In both years they finished third.

both the first

Ceilings on both the first and second floors are ten feet high.

Pilgrims would give both the first fruits and the baskets to the priest.

Lowry shot 67 in both the first and second rounds to share the lead with J.

contains both

It contains both fresh and salt-water portions.

It contains both large rivers, the Aare and the Reuss.

The campus contains both Ladies' (LH) and Men's hostels (MH-1,2).

combination of both   (kết hợp của cả hai)

The drums are a combination of both live and sampled drums.

a combination of both averse and reserve of the cadet badge).

), some kind of mechanical or hydraulic backup or a combination of both.

both died

), was buried here: both died shortly before 1369.

Richie Schwartz and Stu Abramson both died in 2006.

Susannah had triplet siblings, both died in infancy.

both seasons

Greene was invited to the Pro Bowl in both seasons.

They won the Prep B title in both seasons.

For both seasons, episodes aired Friday nights at 8:30 p.m.

both boys

It is a youth rodeo event for both boys and girls.

The sixth form accepts both boys and girls.

Millis has both boys and girls indoor and outdoor, track.

both during

This control is both during launch and upon landing.

She breaks out of jail and targets them both during a hospital lockdown.

Sweden declared neutrality both during World War I and the Finnish Civil War.

both major   (cả hai chính)

The Mississippi River and Arkansas River are both major rivers.

Highways, ten state highways, and many streets, both major and minor.

This center strove to make the FDP coalition support both major parties.

used in both

These products can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes.

This instrument is used in both 'Auana and Kahiko hula dances.

"Deception" in badminton is often used in both of these senses.

both races

Ryan Hackett was the primary driver for both races.

The only other horse to win both races was Fayonagh in 2017.

The last horse to win both races was High Chaparral in 2002.

offers both

It offers both work and university prep education.

It offers both standard and high definition games.

Novato offers both JV and Varsity teams as of 2019.

both films

He has appeared in both films and television dramas.

Cavendish will produce both films along with Serkis.

Litvak also directed and produced both films.

along both

Similarly, they will funnel along both sides of the Black Sea.

The municipality is located along both banks of the Eulach river.

Uncovered bleachers extended along both foul lines and into left field.

both made

Tim Finn and Peter Jones both made guest appearances.

Ian Botham and Graeme Hick both made hundreds.

These two alternatives are both made by alternative splicing.

both languages

Yvonne was raised to be fluent in both languages.

Parallel activation of both languages in bilinguals.

Now the two formerly mentioned offer both languages.

both won

Marks and Melissa Scott have both won the award twice.

If we had both won our semi-finals we would have faced each other."

In Qualifier 1, Israel and Spain both won easily in the first round.

among both

However, panic began to spread among both passengers and crew.

It remains popular among both singers and double bassists today.

At Bryn Mawr, he worked hard and was a popular student among both staff and pupils.

both songs

Music videos were released for both songs.

Peter Jones plays drums on both songs.

The musical direction for both songs was done by Ivor Raymonde.

both species

It is because both species can endure a temperate climate.

Diurnal nesting is common in both species.

The populations of both species have been increasing every year.

both because   (cả bởi vì)

Dillon was a Francophile both because he had French origins and for his own personal tastes.

This points to a post-exilic date of composition both because of the use of the Persian period term and because Judah had a king before the exile.

As a queen, she was often seen driving her Rolls-Royce through Belgrade, which was a major rarity at the time, both because she was a royal and a woman.

both traditional

It is playable in both traditional 2D and in 3D.

Henderson draws using both traditional and digital techniques.

Rudawal is a centre for both traditional and modern industries.

played in both

The two legs were played in both teams' home regions.

He played in both games against Turkey.

The two legs were played in both competing teams' home regions.

both platforms

The station has sheltered seating on both platforms.

Passengers would have to cross the tracks to access both platforms.

In 2017, both platforms survive, together with some of the original spear fencing.

served in both

He served in both the Korean War and Vietnam War.

Many members have served in both institutions.

He served in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

both physical

This group also uses both physical and computational models.

Fatigue can be both physical and mental.

The ISO considers management of both physical and electronic records.

both banks

High barriers or Bandhs were made on their both banks.

The municipality is located on both banks of the Glatt river.

The municipality is located along both banks of the Eulach river.

losing both

Puerto Rico were eliminated after losing both matches.

In this event, Hansen played Vugar Gashimov, losing both games.

In 2011 he matched up with Sagetdao Petpayathai twice, and losing both times.

both series

He played the grandfather for both series (2003–05).

He only competed in one race in both series the same year.

She is credited with directing episodes of both series as well.