İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

glass bottles   (cam şişeler)

Sulai is generally stored in clear, glass bottles.

Blue glass bottles were also hung in trees to trap the haints and boo hags.

Svensk GlasÅtervinning AB is responsible for the deposit system of glass bottles.

plastic bottles   (plastik şişeler)

Cans, glass and plastic bottles are collected on a weekly basis.

The cola is sold in 355 ml cans, 330 ml bottles, and 1.5 liter plastic bottles.

In the 1980s some re-usable and durable plastic bottles were included in the deposit system.

water bottles   (su şişeleri)

On land, single-use plastic water bottles are prohibited.

Each man had three days' rations and two large water bottles.

Cut-glass flower vases, finger bowls, and water bottles were used for serving.

million bottles   (milyon şişe)

Tishbi now produces one million bottles annually.

ASSR in 1985 produced 295 million bottles of mineral water.

The company sells in excess of 200 million bottles per year.

beer bottles

The most common items cleaned out of the bay are beer bottles and car tires.

Beer cans are 355 mL (12 US oz), while beer bottles are typically 341 mL (12 Imperial oz).

Smaller beer bottles (250 or 330 mL) carry a €0.10 deposit, and larger ones (750 mL or 1 L) a €0.20 one.