finished bottom   (完成したボトム)

Leicester finished bottom and were relegated.

North Yemen finished bottom of the group.

They finished bottom of the Group B.

top and bottom   (上下)

It is fished attached to the line top and bottom.

It is always attached to the line both top and bottom.

The pambazo is to fry on the top and bottom of the bread.

bottom half   (下半分)

The top half operates independently from the bottom half.

The Diamondbacks broke the game open with eight runs in the bottom half.

Then in the second leg, the league is divided into a top and bottom half.

top to bottom   (上から下へ)

It took twenty, twenty-five minutes from top to bottom."

We are literally moving from top to bottom and having fun.

From top to bottom, the tournament becomes more relevant to the rankings.

bottom line   (ボトムライン)

The game ends when the balls reach the bottom line of the screen.

The bottom line is in the tenor range using an instrument such as the crumhorn .

The bottom line is that I want to make great art, but most of all I want to be honest.

near the bottom   (底の近く)

The near miss also caused a hole , near the bottom of the ship.

The younger fish stay near the bottom in order to avoid predators.

American Samoa's national team is ranked near the bottom of the FIFA rankings.

finishing bottom

The club returned to the second tier after finishing bottom in 1979.

However, they were relegated again after finishing bottom in 2006-2007.

Crystal Palace, while finishing bottom, qualified for the Intertoto Cup.

bottom two teams

The bottom two teams are relegated to Division 2.

The bottom two teams play for the 5th/6th place.

The bottom two teams in Divisions 2 and 3 are relegated.

bottom right

His portrait is nested among the clergy at the bottom right.

Suppose then, that the first player takes only the bottom right hand square.

At the bottom right is the inscription "NAFEA Faa ipoipo" ("When will you marry").

bottom left

At the bottom left the painter wrote his name on a scroll and the date: 1475.

The bottom left a native with a bunch of flowers for the fertility of the farming land.

The bottom left corner of the phase diagram for carbon has not been scrutinized experimentally.

bottom team   (下チーム)

The bottom team, Salcombe, are relegated to Tribute Devon 2.

The bottom team in each group compete in the relegation final.

The bottom team in each group compete in the relegation Final.

along the bottom

A small stream runs along the bottom of the valley.

There are arrow slits dotted along the bottom of the remaining wall.

Prestressed reinforcement along the bottom of the beam counteracts this.

bottom up

There are two basic approaches that can be used: bottom up analysis and top down analysis.

They developed the Clean Development Mechanism, which consists in a “bottom up” architecture.

Platform cooperatism involves mutually owned platforms, being run "bottom up" by the people involved.

bottom end

The base plate is a thick, rectangular steel plate usually welded to the bottom end of the column.

At the bottom end of the table, Sint-Niklaas and Oudenaarde were relegated, while Heist were saved due to the bankruptcy of Beerschot AC.

With six instruments, a brass section would typically be two pairs of brass instruments plus a trombone and baritone sax holding down the bottom end.

rock bottom

In other words, Jerry is close to hitting rock bottom.

On this theory there is no rock bottom of justification.

Hughes wrote that the goal was to reach alcoholics "before they reach rock bottom."

bottom place   (最下位)

However Sanga finished at the bottom place and was relegated to J2 again.

Yokohama FC also finished at the bottom place and was relegated to J2 in a year.

However Sanga finished at the bottom place in 2003 season and was relegated to J2.

off the bottom

By 2015 it had dropped off the bottom of the list.

He then revived confidence and after a 3–0 win against Chester they managed to climb off the bottom of the table.

They also managed to finish the 2007 season off the bottom of the table, ending the season in a respectable tenth place.

bottom part

The bottom part of one of these columns remains.

The bottom part consists of single piece of hollowed-out log.

The bottom part is with dome and tower, and the upper part is covered with dome.

double bottom

They had a double bottom below the engine room.

The upper and lower corners of the hold are used as ballast tanks, as is the double bottom area.

As a conversion from an ocean liner, the ship could not support much armor, although it had a double bottom.

bottom edge

Undercutting means chamfering the bottom edge of tone holes inside the bore.

Each level is limited to a single screen, with no scrolling; however, if a screen has gaps in its bottom edge, players can fall through these and reappear at the top.

The British and Europeans could also install a front bumper bull bar and an thick steel sump guard that extended from the bottom edge of the front bumper to the front suspension.

sea bottom

These creatures usually live in hiding places on the sea bottom.

However, unlike the adults, redlip blenny larvae are not comfortable living at the sea bottom.

This occurs because of the mixing processes which raise some additional Ac from the sea bottom.

flat bottom

It differed from previous marks by using a simplified fuselage with a flat bottom and slab sides.

The hull was a narrow two step, flat bottom design that was slightly concave in the rear most section.

The flat bottom of the stone has a glue backing and, when heated, melts onto the surface of the clothing.

bottom teams

The two bottom teams in the groups are relegated to Intermediate for the following year.

The bottom teams from each group playoff in a relegation match with the losers playing in the 2019 Lory Meagher Cup.

The three bottom teams from each group enter the relegation play-off group and play each other in a round robin basis.

second from bottom   (下から2番目)

In the 1991–92 campaign, Fonseca netted a career-best 15 goals, but Valladolid suffered relegation after ranking second from bottom.

Karel Fraeye was appointed "interim head coach", but was sacked after 14 games and just two wins, with the club then second from bottom in the Championship.

However, Todd was sacked on 14 January 2002 with Derby second from bottom of the Premier League, and John Gregory was appointed as manager on 30 January 2002.

towards the bottom

The facial cleft runs from the corner of the mouth towards the bottom of the ear.

Formations march towards the bottom by moving to the side of the screen and then downward.

He is holding a honeycomb, possibly taken from a hole towards the bottom of the tree's trunk.

bottom floor

Target opened on the bottom floor of the old store in March 2013.

The Louisiana History Museum is located downtown on the bottom floor of the former library.

The bottom floor is faced with the unique, extremely fine latticework that is known as 'Kaga lattice'.