bought the rights

Fox Searchlight Pictures bought the rights to his story.

Shockwave Productions has since bought the rights to the code.

"Yes, it's true that I have bought the rights of 'Sonar Kella'.

later bought

Patrick later bought the station from Lieberman.

He later bought a controlling interest in Prince Sports.

It was later bought by A la Vieille Russie, New York City.

bought back   (買い戻した)

Parton bought back the Locust Ridge property in the 1980s.

In 1935, it was bought back by René de La Croix de Castries.

In June 2013 Parma bought back Finocchio and Bologna bought back Casini.

bought land   (土地を買った)

He bought land to attract other Catholic settlers.

In 1856, he bought land on the Assiniboine River.

Beanes bought land just outside Upper Marlboro, Maryland in 1779.

then bought

Bailey then bought five more shares in the company.

Towneley was then bought by Captain Ramsbottom.

The city then bought the land in 1889 for $324,000 ().

bought the property

Blue Oak School bought the property in March 2000.

The school bought the property in 1951 for £21,000.

At his wife's urging, Woods bought the property.

company bought   (会社が買いました)

In the company bought its first new service truck.

In 1997 the CAMP company bought the Cassin trademark.

The company bought Portland-based Clear Creek Distillery in 2014.

bought up

Most bought up by Esterline in Ottawa.

In 2006 he bought up the mining company Wega, and sat on the board there.

The 28th Battalion was relieved by the 19th Battalion bought up from reserve.

bought the house

Hughes bought the house and furnishings for $486.57.

Edward Whatmore bought the house but he died the following year.

In 1922, Mark Cheney, the village's tax assessor, bought the house.

bought and sold

The species is bought and sold by aquarium hobbyists.

Slaves were routinely bought and sold.

A shop where books are bought and sold is a bookshop or bookstore.

bought a house

Clavell enjoyed Vancouver and bought a house there.

In 2004 Mosshard and Hince bought a house together in Dalston.

She bought a house in Richardson, where she lived until her death.

bought the land   (土地を買いました)

The city then bought the land in 1889 for $324,000 ().

The City of Stockholm bought the land in 1961.

It was a planned settlement, founded by William Madocks, who bought the land in 1798.

eventually bought

Brown eventually bought out Burr's share of the company.

Film rights were eventually bought by Dino de Laurentiis.

ADC eventually bought by Intec Telecom Systems of Great Britain.

company was bought   (会社が買収された)

The company was bought by Cadbury Schweppes in 1988.

In 2000, the company was bought by Deutsche Telekom.

In 1930 the company was bought by Turner and Newall.

bought the building

In 1997, he also bought the building and estate.

The city bought the building from the township in 1911.

The Unity Church bought the building in 1982.

bought the company   (会社を買いました)

In August 2013 South Texas Dental bought the company.

In 1951, Harold Dautch bought the company.

Newell Brands bought the company in 2017.

bought his first

In 2003 he bought his first Bombardier Learjet 60.

He bought his first pub, in Muswell Hill, in 1979.

At the age of 48 he bought his first guinea pig.

bought the station   (駅を買った)

Patrick later bought the station from Lieberman.

Salem bought the station for $2.75 million.

Dame Media bought the station in 1997.

father bought

Her father bought her a plane when she obtained her pilot's license.

During that time, his father bought a guitar to let him pass the time.

After World War II, his father bought a second boatyard at Maidenhead.

bought all

Investors bought all but two of them.

In 1972, Schwab bought all the stock from what was once Commander Industries.

Metvix is developed by Photocure and Galderma has bought all rights to Metvix.

family bought   (家族が買った)

The Scott family bought Wood Hall in about 1790.

In 2013, the Gill family bought out Macmillan.

In 2003, the Holmes family bought Lagorce.

bought several

Before World War II, they bought several old steamers.

Böll bought several paintings and wrote about Qadri's work.

He learned the real estate business and bought several apartment buildings.

subsequently bought

The land was subsequently bought by the Church.

It was subsequently bought by Frank Carney, co-founder of Pizza Hut.

The City of Cumberland subsequently bought the building for one dollar.

when he bought   (彼が買ったとき)

Homberger became sole owner in 1929 when he bought out Jung.

In 1886 when he bought Courtlands House he was an extremely wealthy man.

In June 2006, he became a co-owner in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series when he bought interest in R&J Racing.

bought a farm

In 1861, they returned to New Berlin and bought a farm.

Afterwards he bought a farm in New Jersey and engaged in agricultural pursuits.

He bought a farm at Hawea in April 1910 but ended up selling it in September 1910.

bought a large

He bought a large property in this area in 1668.

Mr Farley bought a large estate—Riverside House—in Blackboys, Sussex, not far from Gatwick.

Fothergill bought a large Tudor oak table for £25 that was installed in the dining room at Warren's home, Lewes House.

house was bought

The house was bought by Josep Batlló in 1900.

The house was bought by Orvis J.

In 1987, the house was bought by the businessman Paddy McNally for £7 million.

having bought

In fact, around a third of those who enter a shopping centre leave without having bought anything.

DeVos was the owner of the NBA team Orlando Magic, having bought the team in 1991 for $85 million.

The Meyers then signed on Williston's KUMV in 1957, having bought it from the local owners who had won the license.

bought the estate

Carolina had bought the estate in 1821.

He bought the estate of Pippbrook, near Dorking, Surrey in 1817 and made it his country home.

The Champernownes were a large family with many distinguished members The elmhursts bought the estate

land was bought   (土地を買いました)

The land was bought on 29 January 1879.

re-valued the land, and most of the land was bought for as low as $4 per acre.

This land was bought by The Western Front Association in 1990 in order to ensure its future preservation.

government bought   (政府が買いました)

The American government bought many of these during World War I.

the mall stayed open until 2003 the government bought the building.

The government bought in 1895.

bought the film   (映画を買いました)

Jack Schwarz bought the film rights in 1947.

20th Century Fox bought the film rights prior to publication.

Dream Factory bought the film's worldwide distribution rights.

bought a small

They bought a small farm and proceeded to develop the iron works.

In the 1920s Monroe Wheeler bought a small print press he named "Manikin".

He shifted to Australia, worked in Sydney as a carpenter, and then bought a small farm.

rights were bought

US rights were bought by Miramax for a rumoured $6 million.

Film rights were bought by Warner Bros.

Film rights were bought for a reported $75,000 plus 15% of the profits.

building was bought

After 2002, the building was bought by Chatham Lake One LLC.

The Sumac Centre building was bought in June 2001 in Forest Fields, Nottingham.

Before the building was bought by Colgate, it served as the Indiana Reformatory South.

bought of land   (土地を買いました)

Garretson moved to Texas in 1859, where he bought of land to the south of San Antonio.

Around 1939, Paul Roth bought of land that had been part of the Klein farm and the Boggs farm.

In 1939, it bought of land that had been formerly part of the Klein Farm and the Wigmore estate.

bought another   (別を買った)

He then bought another farm near Lumsden, in the South Island.

Shortly thereafter, James and Etna bought another house on the same street.

In 1987 Sea Malta bought another ship synonymous with the company, the "Pinto".

property was bought

After a series of other owners, the property was bought by the Smith family in 1950.

In 2004 the property was bought by Gerry Barrett, a property developer from Galway (Ireland).

The property was bought by Jean de Ségur in 1509, and in 1525 was owned by Admiral Philippe de Chabot.