İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

boundary between   (arasındaki sınır)

It has been found to be a boundary between species.

Ōoe, at the boundary between Kyoto and Kameoka).

The boundary between sand and silt is arbitrary.

northern boundary   (kuzey sınırı)

Penpol Creek forms part of the northern boundary.

Lake Ballard is on the northern boundary of the station.

The northern boundary was moved south to Eglinton Avenue.

southern boundary   (güney sınırı)

The southern boundary is the M2 east-west freeway.

The southern boundary of Sydenham is Tennyson Street.

Its southern boundary varied with each edition.

western boundary   (batı sınırı)

Highway 102 forms this western boundary with one exception.

The River Swilgate forms the western boundary of the parish.

Its western boundary is at McCowan Road.

eastern boundary   (doğu sınırı)

A public footpath runs along the eastern boundary.

Its eastern boundary has the Trichur-Kodungallor road.

It forms the eastern boundary of the Gulf of Patience.

boundary changes

Five fewer seats were contested because of boundary changes.

The town now lies in Cumbria following boundary changes in 1974.

However, for the 2010 General Election there are boundary changes.

boundary conditions

Designations for several boundary conditions are given in Table 1.

Numbers have long been used to identify types of boundary conditions.

So far, the definition and boundary conditions of NEHs have been introduced.

boundary line

The boundary line between Rice and Scott counties is near Webster.

The boundary line between the upper part and lower part is the MTL.

The boundary line between Koochiching and Saint Louis counties is nearby.

boundary layer   (sınır tabakası)

Of course, the theorem is not valid inside the boundary layer regime.

The concept of a boundary layer is important in many problems in aerodynamics.

Skin friction is caused by viscous drag in the boundary layer around the object.

forms the boundary

The Limpopo River forms the boundary with South Africa.

The Hotan River forms the boundary with Karakax County.

The River Suir to the east forms the boundary with the parish of Loughmoe East.

county boundary   (ilçe sınırı)

and close to the county boundary with Limerick.

(The tree marked the ancient county boundary between Sussex and Surrey.)

The parish is on the county boundary with Derbyshire and about south of Derby.

boundary wall

The graveyard has a near circular boundary wall.

The boundary wall was usually made of beaten earth, topped with tiles.

There is a serious lack of electricity, drinking water and boundary wall with scores of 11.7, 27.93 and 40.09 respectively.

boundary dispute

Lord Dunmore's War eventually settled the boundary dispute.

Its construction dates to 1846 and the Oregon boundary dispute.

The following year, a boundary dispute between New York and Pennsylvania erupted.

parish boundary

Alton Towers theme park is within the parish boundary.

The parish boundary meets Quorndon where it first meets the quarry near Buddon Wood.

Just over the parish boundary in the southern Ravenstone area there was a small Roman town.

plate boundary

Precursory tremors are often associated with slow slip along a plate boundary.

It is the result of a convergent plate boundary between the Nazca Plate and the South American Plate.

It is considered to be the actual plate boundary of the South American Plate disconnecting it from the North Andes Block.

boundary condition   (sınır koşulu)

It uses the concept of a boundary condition.

Using an array of image sources fulfills this boundary condition.

Their method involves solving the Dirichlet problem with a non-linear boundary condition.

near the boundary   (sınırın yakınında)

Let be a smooth function such that near the boundary.

Two lithological units (formations) occur near the boundary.

along the boundary

When enough moisture is present, rain can occur along the boundary.

The warmer air interacts with the cooler air mass along the boundary, and usually produces precipitation.

If "M" has boundary, then we insist that "v" be pointing in the outward normal direction along the boundary.

city boundary   (şehir sınırı)

The Bruce Report preferred rebuilding and rehousing within the city boundary.

In 1886 they purchased the track of the BTOC, which lay outside the city boundary, and 18 horse cars.

There is a rebuilding proposal to move the ground to within Christchurch's Four Avenues inner city boundary.

international boundary

The international boundary of the Canaries is the subject of dispute between Spain and Morocco.

It forms the southern two-thirds of the international boundary between Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire.

Blass explained that the movement of the international boundary in the area of Banias would affect Israel’s water rights.

within the boundary

Dousland is within the boundary of Dartmoor National Park.

Crumbled House is located within the boundary of the Navajo Nation in the northwestern part of the state of New Mexico.

One of the sources of the River Fal lies just within the boundary on the Goss Moor; this flows southwest to the South Coast.

maritime boundary   (deniz sınırı)

In addition, the maritime boundary Cambodia has with Vietnam is undefined.

The SBAs have a maritime boundary with the Republic of Cyprus, Lebanon and Egypt.

Tuas also shares a maritime boundary with the Western Islands planning area to its east.

marks the boundary

A more substantial monument marks the boundary at Temple Bar on Fleet Street.

In general, an isogloss is an imaginary line that marks the boundary of a linguistic phenomenon.

The summit marks the boundary of Aberwheeler and Ysceifiog communities, and is the site of a cairn and tumulus.

municipal boundary

For this reason, the municipal boundary was moved.

It serves as the municipal boundary between York City and Spring Garden Township.

Within the municipal boundary can be found some of the most emblematic sights of Ibiza.

natural boundary

Others regard the seasonally-fluctuating Antarctic Convergence as the natural boundary.

The Chambal River separates these districts from Kota district, forming the natural boundary.

The village is on a hillside high and overlooks the valley of Verrino near the natural boundary with Abruzzo.

boundary value

Then solves the boundary value problem.

It has boundary value "S"φ) and normal derivative "T"* φ − φ/2.

The boundary value problem for the RS02 Green's function is given by

boundary line between

The boundary line between Rice and Scott counties is near Webster.

The boundary line between the upper part and lower part is the MTL.

The boundary line between Koochiching and Saint Louis counties is nearby.

boundary redistribution   (sınır yeniden dağıtımı)

Clark was created when amendments to the Tasmanian "Constitution Act 1934" gained Royal Assent on 28 September 2018, aligning Tasmania's state electoral divisions with the federal divisions which had undergone a boundary redistribution, including renaming Denison to Clark, and was formally gazetted on 14 November 2017.