Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

young boy   (joven)

As a young boy he moved to Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Marrel gave the young boy also artistic training.

As a young boy he attended Sutton St. James' C.E.

boy band   (banda de chicos)

U-KISS was formed as a six-member boy band in 2008.

Avenue (group) Avenue were an English boy band.

As a teen, Shi Won was obsessed with a boy band.

boy named   (niño llamado)

Billie Rae gives birth to a baby boy named Adam.

The current Phobos is a young boy named Alexander Aaron.

She gave birth on 26 October 2012 to a boy named Hadrien.

little boy   (niñito)

Singh threw javelin and played cricket as a little boy.

He has learned to play guitar since he was a little boy.

"I'm a man; I'm not a little boy," he said.

baby boy   (bebé)

Billie Rae gives birth to a baby boy named Adam.

On 30 January 2018, Richards gave birth to a baby boy.

A baby boy was born the following weekend.

teenage boy   (muchacho adolescente)

Benoît is a young teenage boy living in rural Quebec.

"Sparkleshark" is a play about a teenage boy called Jake.

The novel is about a teenage boy, Patrick Scully, and his friends.

boy group

He was also a member of the five boy group band, PEACE.

After her, Australian boy group The Koi Boys gave a performance.

Rush (EP) Rush is the second extended play from South Korean boy group Monsta X.

bad boy

Sarah falls for his bad boy image and thinks he is hot.

And, of course, she does love a bad boy."

The character of Josh was initially introduced as a bad boy of sorts.

small boy

Wegelius moved, as a small boy, with his mother, to England.

Vivekananda would call Sudhir affectionately as Khoka (small boy).

It is a poetic evocation of life as seen from the perspective of a small boy.

old boy

In fact, there is a 13 year old boy who participated in the sweeping action.

In 2009 a 13 year old boy died after a collision with a tree on a beginner trail.

", was given a musical setting in 1916 by Walter Greatorex, an old boy of the school.

young boy named

The current Phobos is a young boy named Alexander Aaron.

The story follows a very young boy named Peter as he spends a day playing in the snow.

The Flenserists capture a young boy named Jefri Olsndot and his wounded sister, Johanna.

another boy   (Otro chico)

Let him try another boy... 'Who was Cotton Mather?'

After leaving the roof Helios is attacked by Milentius and another boy.

For example, he assault another boy who had behaved in an atrocious way towards him.

office boy

He started his business career at the age of 15 as an office boy.

He worked at a department store, first as an office boy, then as a salesman.

At age 11, Thompson became an office boy for the merchant W. Jackson in Rockhampton.

boy called

"Sparkleshark" is a play about a teenage boy called Jake.

The father is revealed to be a boy called Jackson Hodge (Rhys Cadman).

Ellen and her family provide a foster home for a seven-year-old runaway boy called Timmy.

delivery boy   (muchacho de entrega)

Leonski worked for a time as a delivery boy.

When he was 18 he accepted a job as a paper delivery boy.

He also acted as delivery boy for the mysterious Lucius Frowsley.

cabin boy   (mozo de camarote)

His story began when he ran away from home and went to sea as a cabin boy.

John, the eighteen-year-old cabin boy and Captain Scammon alternate in recounting a journey.

In England, he signed aboard the American East Indian Clipper "Jumna" as a cabin boy in 1854.

altar boy   (monaguillo)

Shaw also regularly attended church and became an altar boy.

He attended parochial schools in the city, and was an altar boy.

I was his altar boy.

school boy   (chico de escuela)

Shun is the high school boy that Nono develops feelings for.

As a school boy he had a keen interest in the military and joined the Cadets.

As a school boy he joined a local Catholic youth group, becoming a group leader.

boy and girl

These bonds were sold primarily by the boy and girl scouts.

Chester has a cathedral choir of male lay clerks, choral scholars, and boy and girl choristers.

The woman holding her baby brings it even closer to her, and the boy and girl in the pickup embrace.

boy whose

The film revolves around the life of Raju (Jeet), a poor boy whose mother dies of starvation.

He was finally knocked unconscious, reportedly by a small boy whose brother was a Bowery Boy.

He is passionately devoted to an African man; the beautiful boy whose portrait hangs in Charles's house.

head boy   (Líder)

He attended Farnham Grammar School from 1948 to 1955, where he was head boy.

Since 1930, the school has elected a head boy and head girl from its Year 13 students.

David was elected head boy in 2004 and managed the wheelchair hockey and football sessions.

boy bands

“Dead 7” includes various members of different boy bands.

It paved the way for more Asian boy bands such as Arashi.

Meanwhile Mallu pop saw a new trend that was the rise of boy bands.

local boy

The paper attracted local boy Harold White.

A local boy tells him about George's display of gun skill.

A local boy that Darren and Evra became friends with when they stopped for a show in book two.

errand boy   (chico de los recados)

Six years her elder, Robert Goulden was at that time an errand boy at a Manchester manufacturers.

Kohner started out as an office errand boy at Laemmle's company, Universal Pictures, in New York.

Granville is an errand boy to his uncle and employer, Arkwright, who is the proprietor of an old-fashioned Yorkshire corner shop.