İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

branch line   (Şube hattı)

The branch line was graded against loaded traffic.

The branch line opened in 1890 and closed in 1948.

It lay on a branch line from Sandbach to Northwich.

executive branch   (Yönetim Bölümü)

The cabinet is the country's executive branch.

The executive branch includes 23 ministries.

The Executive Cabinet is the executive branch of the SA.

branch lines   (şube hatları)

This is one of two branch lines M&E began operating in 1986.

A fitting with three openings, a wye joins (or creates) branch lines.

Smaller branch lines like the Waveney Valley Line were closed completely.

local branch   (yerel şube)

Amnesty International have a local branch.

When he moved to Brandon Ross transferred to a local branch.

"Lokalbahn" was the name for a local branch line in Bavaria.

legislative branch   (yasama Şubesi)

The City Council serves as the legislative branch.

The LGUs have control of the executive and legislative branch.

The legislative branch includes the National Assembly and the Senate.

main branch   (Ana dal)

FCAT established its main branch in Baliuag, Bulacan.

Its main branch is hidden deep within the Karameikan forests.

The average width of the main branch of the Sognefjord is less than .

branch offices

There are branch offices in both Dhaka and Khulna.

Towards the end of 1990s the number of branch offices raised to 91.

Its head office is in Sunwal and branch offices in different cities.

branch office   (Şube)

He led the New York City branch office of the firm.

It had the branch office of 1 nationalised bank.

In 1979 he set up a branch office of DHL in Lebanon.

new branch

In 2009, a new branch, "The Shriram Millennium School" was opened in Noida.

It opened as part of a new branch to Chelsea, Massachusetts on April 21, 2018.

first branch

In 1963, the company opens its first branch store.

Chippenham was the first branch to have this integrated.

By 1969, CNS opened its first branch on the Naval Station.

cadet branch   (öğrenci dalı)

In the Netherlands a comital cadet branch survives.

Hanau-Münzenberg-Schwarzenfels was a cadet branch of Hanau-Münzenberg.

This cadet branch includes:

branch off

Some trains at peak hours branch off here for Stratford.

It is a branch off the main Gulen fjord.

There are many smaller fjords which branch off the main fjord.

opened a branch

Also, TNO has opened a branch on the university campus.

It opened a branch office in London in 2015.

Later, he opened a branch line to Bellevue.

each branch

An executive assistant director manages each branch.

The admission of 10 students in each branch was approved.

There was a director for each branch.

another branch   (başka bir şube)

They subsequently opened another branch in a loft in SoHo.

She has opened up another branch of the store elsewhere in Mumbai.

On 13 May 1911, another branch of the NSWRL was established in the Wollongong area.

judicial branch   (yargı dalı)

For the judicial branch, this means Article Three judges.

The highest court of judicial branch is the Supreme Council of the Magistracy.

In Greece the judicial branch is divided into civil, and administrative courts.

branch campus

The branch campus in China is located in Wuhan at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL).

The branch campus in the U.S. is located in Fullerton, California at Hope International University.

ETSU obtained a separate board of regents in 1969, and the approval to open a branch campus in Texarkana in 1971.

short branch

A short branch to Faiyum was added in 1868.

A short branch ran along the Rheidol's bank to the harbour.

There was a short branch line to Cohuna.

branch of government   (hükümet dalı)

The executive branch of government is headed by the president.

The civilian judiciary is a separate and independent branch of government.

Congress is the only branch of government that has the authority to declare war.

branch of mathematics

Probability theory is a branch of mathematics.

It is the branch of mathematics that includes calculus.

Currently, analytic geometry designates an active branch of mathematics.

olive branch   (zeytin dalı)

After some discussion, the olive branch was moved to the talons.

The gold olive branch wreath represents peaceful humanitarian assistance.

The symbol contains the symbol of the Haganah, Sword integrated olive branch.

tree branch   (ağaç dalı)

A 77-year-old woman in Kingsville was killed when she was struck by a tree branch.

Victor then knocks Marybeth over and impales her on a tree branch, seriously injuring her.

Cheryl yells for Scott to turn off the tape recorder, and a tree branch breaks one of the cabin's windows.

branch railway

The nearest Railway station is at Haputale on the branch railway to Badulla.

By this purchase the Wemyss Estate acquired the branch railway to Leven Harbour.

To the east of it is the Canada Dock branch railway line, and to the north is West Derby Road.

northern branch

Minor ethnic groups also in the northern branch are the Negidals and the Oroqen.

Haddeland sits along the shores of the river Storåni, a northern branch of the river Lygna.

The northern branch flows through the Daspur area as Palarpai and joins the Rupnarayan River.

separate branch

Ndoro–Fam may be a separate branch of Benue–Congo.

Harold C. Fleming (2006) proposes that Ongota is a separate branch of Afroasiatic.

He is the first philologist to prove Albanian as a separate branch of Indo-European.

second branch   (ikinci şube)

The firm then expanded to a second branch in Feltham.

A second branch of Davies's College was founded in Hove in 1959.

In 1981, Ahluwalia opened a second branch of the company in the Willesden area.

southern branch

There are some special features on the southern branch.

The leader of the southern branch is 孔祥楷 Kong Xiangkai.

Simalungun is an early offspring of the southern branch.

branch library

It was transferred to the management as a branch library of Houston Public Library in 1921.

The east side of Ventura had been without a branch library since the 2009 closure of the H.P.

It later became a branch library and an office structure for the city Department of Parks and Recreation.

branch opened

The branch opened shortly before 20 December 1868.

August 1994 - The Bandung branch opened on Jalan Ir.

A post office branch opened in 1895 with John A.

branch libraries   (şube kütüphaneleri)

There are branch libraries in Montecito, Carpinteria, and on the Eastside of Santa Barbara.

Deposit stations and smaller branch libraries were to be eliminated or merged to house larger collections.

These were made into films and the films were distributed to all branch libraries of the Institute nationwide.

junior branch

The castle was the stronghold of the junior branch of the Maguires.

A junior branch of the family succeeded, and in 1820 James Erskine Wemyss became the head of the family.

Robert de Vendôme came from a branch of the Vendôme family, a well-connected junior branch of the House of Bourbon.

other branch   (diğer şube)

The other branch is located at Bridge Street in Cambridge.

The Yanaizu Folklore Museum in the Yanaizu-chō area of the city is the other branch of the Museum of History.

The other branch of the river has sixteen more gates with a capacity for another 40,000 cubic meters per second.

regional branch   (bölgesel şube)

Each regional branch has a director who is in charge of floorball for that region.

The Plzeň regional branch also recommended that its members oppose participation in the government.

The Ústí nad Labem regional branch expressed its opposition to ČSSD participation in the new government.

giant branch

This is an aging star on the red giant branch with a stellar classification of K4.5IIIa.

This is an aging red giant star on the asymptotic giant branch with a stellar classification of M3−III.

This is an aging red giant star on the asymptotic giant branch with a stellar classification of M3 III.

branch was opened

The DLR was extended in 1994 to serve much of the Royal Docks area when the Beckton branch was opened.

On 24 March 1894, the Veyrier branch was opened, joining the existing line at the Monnetier-Mairie station.

The Englewood branch was opened in 1905, followed by the Kenwood and Normal Park branches in 1907, and the Stock Yards branch in 1908.

western branch   (batı şubesi)

In the western branch (Chujean–Qʼanjobʼalan and Cholan) they are reflected as and .

It is located close to the western branch of the Autopista Central and the Basilica of Lourdes.

The western branch, the Jacobite Church, appeared after the Council of Chalcedon's condemnation of Monophysitism in 451.

branch network   (Şube ağı)

The merger created the largest branch network in the United States.

In 1929, the institute's branch network was formed, with local groups meeting all over the UK.

It has a branch network of more than 30 local groups around the UK and three overseas as well as online communities on LinkedIn.

railway branch

A railway branch line connected Kenton in 1902.

It was equipped with its own dedicated railway branch line.

During the 1920s, prior to the closure of the railway branch line to Ravenswood in 1930.

service branch

is a military service branch of the French Army established in 1831.

The Djiboutian Navy is the naval service branch of the Djibouti Armed Forces.

The Azerbaijani Air and Air Defence Force is a single unified service branch.

became a branch

Through mergers, it became a branch of the National Westminster Bank.

It later became a branch of Harrison Tech, and then in 1947 a branch of Walsh Elementary.

It later became a branch library and an office structure for the city Department of Parks and Recreation.

eastern branch   (doğu şubesi)

Diffloth places Khmer in an eastern branch of the Mon-Khmer languages.

The language belongs to the eastern branch of the Nahuan language family, and exhibits a number of divergent features.

While he moves the others to the northern branch of the Ometo languages, he leaves Gatame/Haruro in the eastern branch.

every branch

Beatrix Potter was interested in every branch of natural science save astronomy.

An excellent hunter in every branch of the sport, Alfred is remembered as an enthusiastic huntsman against whom nobody's skills could compare.

Amscot's core services include check cashing, bill payment, prepaid access cards, short-term cash advances, free money orders, ATMs in every branch, wire transfers, notary services, fax services, and postage.

military branch

The EMIA is the heir of various military branch (i.e.

Its mainstream military branch is al-'Asifah.

The Reichsmarine was the first military branch to adopt Enigma.

branch manager

He became branch manager for Archibald Clark and Sons, an importing company.

Later, Meivar worked as a branch manager for the First International Bank of Israel.

In 1992 Carol received a promotion to branch manager of The Woolwich branch in Nuneaton.

senior branch

Most were of the MacCarthy Mór ("great MacCarthy"), the senior branch of the MacCarthy dynasty.

There are two Aberdeen-based football clubs in the SPFL, the senior branch of Scottish football.

The more senior branch established by them became known as "Mocioni de Foen", or "fényi Mocsonyi", in reference to its core estate of Foeni (Fény).

established a branch

The Japanese film studio Nippon Eigasha established a branch in the Indies.

Metro Cash and Carry, established a branch at Kolkata in 2008 on EM Bypass.

Nambiar established a branch of the Free India Centre in Paris before leaving.

branch closed

The Princetown branch closed entirely on 3 March 1956.

The Seattle branch closed in June 2010.

The branch closed in June 1999 for remodeling and reopened in March 2000.

bank branch

When available, cash out is convenient for the customer, who can bypass having to visit a bank branch or ATM.

The bank number was written as the upper line of a fraction, with the bottom number referring to the central bank branch.

The ground-floor bank branch lasted until February 1948, when it was converted into a restaurant; this was only in use for five years.