branches off   (分岐する)

The GR-77 towards northern Euboea branches off.

The Gulen fjord branches off the Frøysjøen to the east.

In the town of Makambako paved trunk road T6 branches off.

other branches   (他の枝)

However the other branches of the Forest Railway remain.

Four other branches are planned in Juba.

The library was closed (along with all the other branches) in 1990.

all branches   (すべての支店)

Computers and Wi-Fi are available at all branches.

There, Dollfuss came into contact with all branches of the industry.

In 1374, the Luxembourgians allied with all branches of the House of Pomerania.

various branches

It offers four year degree courses in various branches of engineering.

Constitutions usually explicitly divide power between various branches of government.

In fishkeeping, color temperature has different functions and foci in the various branches.

different branches

With the development of music in the region, different branches were formed out of it.

suggested that the Mollicutes might have been derived from different branches of bacteria.

After World War II, the different branches were reorganized, and collected under "Danish Defence".

main branches   (主な枝)

In its upper reaches, the Zanskar has two main branches.

The main branches of the clan include:

The main branches are stout and woody, 2–5 cm (0.8–2.0 in) in diameter.

branches of government   (政府の支部)

Constitutions usually explicitly divide power between various branches of government.

Corruption is present, and the judiciary is influenced by other branches of government.

It is the only building in the world that houses all three of a country's branches of government.

local branches

When this happened, Firstar evaluated the local branches in Dubuque.

They grew rapidly with over 100 local branches of YFG being formed by 1978.

He managed the club for over 20 years and founded over 40 other local branches.

several branches

The AAH group has several branches.

The park is the largest in Lincoln and is separated into several branches.

There were several branches of Shaheen Fawz consisting of the members of it.

tree branches

"Myrmecodia" plants grow in tree branches and on trunks.

He used many materials collected from nature, such as tree branches.

The tree branches in the forest start moving and extend their lengths.

many branches

... Family religion is waning in many branches.

FASE has many branches in different capitals of Europe.

As a result, Baku played a great role in many branches of Soviet life.

branches across   (枝)

Makro UK operates 30 branches across the United Kingdom.

Based in Beroun, it has almost 1000 branches across the country.

It was basically a copy of the First Bank, with branches across the country.

branches throughout

It too has branches throughout the country.

Taikang has 35 branches throughout China.

It had 50 branches throughout the country at this juncture and 1,680 staff.

new branches

Ungureanu reorganized the party, founding new branches of the PFC around the country.

The new branches were all united within the World Council of Synagogues, later to be named Masorti Olami.

The organization started to campaign throughout Massachusetts and grow into new branches in different cities.

bank branches

By 1 April 2010, 47 banks, 631 bank branches function in Azerbaijan.

You can find small bank branches and automated teller machines in many villages.

In addition, there are 15,053 bank branches, 14,148 ATMs, and 53,269 POS machines active in the country.

service branches

There are flags of countries as well as service branches, naval standards, and confederated republics.

The service branches of the armed forces include its Army, Air Force, National Gendarmerie and People's Militia.

The Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the four service branches each have their own ZIP Code.

both branches

- both branches went extinct in 1593.

Hence, the NICTD has decided to build a new station in Hammond to serve both branches.

He was a representative of Worcester County in both branches of the state legislature.

regional branches   (地方支部)

Six regional branches were named around that time.

Presently it has 44 regional branches spread throughout the UK.

Eight of the larger branches are designated "regional branches":

trunk and branches

Both were interested in the linear structure of trunk and branches.

Taza Chocolate uses Certified USDA organic, non-GMO cacao that grow directly from the trunk and branches of cacao tree.

They consist of erect, cylinder-shaped stems, which may or may not branch, without a very clear division into trunk and branches.

major branches   (主な支店)

By 1938 it had been organized into five major branches.

In the 1970s, two major branches developed from ethology.

Historically, naval engineering and mining engineering were major branches.

judicial branches

The national government has separate executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

Today, the Student Association is made up of the executive, senate and judicial branches.

ASUCI has executive, legislative, and judicial branches, and is also a member of the United States Student Association.

military branches

All military branches are part of the Ministry of Defence.

None of the other military branches maintains an equivalent to the Flight Nurse Badge.

The command is in charge of the administration and coordination of the four military branches.

ends of branches

The leaves are alternately arranged, and more crowded towards the ends of branches.

The male flowers are at the ends of branches in disjunct beads, whereas the female flowers grow along panicles in dense clusters typically around 20 cm in length.

legislative branches

The judiciary is independent of the executive and legislative branches.

All members of the executive and legislative branches are directly elected.

The government of the City of Chicago is divided into executive and legislative branches.

number of branches   (枝の数)

The number of branches being formed is increasing.

The Komnenos dynasty produced a number of branches.

Synthetic processes can also precisely control the size and number of branches on the dendrimer.