break up   (別れる)

Police were again called to break up the protest.

In the end, Aspen decides to break up with America.

So, Vincent suggests that they should just break up.

break down   (壊す)

This rigid structure requires energy to break down.

The craniosuspensory ligament begins to break down.

A similar process is used to break down proteins.

break through   (突破する)

An attempt to break through the English lines failed.

Johnson managed to break through the straps.

It took eleven hours to break through.

took a break   (休憩した)

It took a break from 28 May to 10 September 1999.

Olizarenko took a break after the 1980 Olympics.

He took a break from his academic work during World War II.

big break   (大きな休み)

"My big break was in June 1966 with the Rolling Stones.

It was in New York City that he had his first "big break."

His big break came in 1945, when his "R.M.

winter break   (冬休み)

FC Union Berlin during the German winter break.

Before the winter break, he made four appearances in the 2.

The winter break was preceded by a home win against Real Betis.

break off   (断ち切る)

They have elongated tips but these often break off.

This causes Alice to break off her engagement with Geoffrey.

As graphite is brittle, pieces can break off during operation.

not break   (壊れない)

Swamy cautions him that he should not break the promise at any cost.

John Gibbon and David B. Birney could not break the Confederate line.

They made repeated dashes, but could not break through for a long time.

break away   (離脱する)

The talons maim Hawkgirl, but she manages to break away.

The meeting was to pave the way for a break away from The Football League.

The 1990s saw the BQA break away from the IQA to form the British Quality Foundation.

break free   (休憩)

Maloy manage to break free from the group and overpowers Dezzi Rae.

Red is drawn away by Pluto's cries, allowing Adelaide to break free.

Asher tries to break free from Kang's grip and is shot in the stomach.

take a break   (休憩する)

MDO was found to take a break from the industry .

The league will then take a break for the League Cup.

This encouraged users to take a break every 90 minutes.

attempt to break   (破ろうとする)

A December 1093 attempt to break the siege failed.

An attempt to break through the English lines failed.

Lugosi did attempt to break type by auditioning for other roles.

break came   (休憩が来ました)

His big break came in 1945, when his "R.M.

Her first break came right after she auditioned for Solly Moholo.

His break came in 1954 when he was asked to shoot a story for Time–Life.

able to break   (破れる)

UV-C radiation is able to break down chemical bonds.

Gasquet was able to break back immediately and broke twice more to take the first set.

In the 6th game of the second set the Swiss was able to break and served it out for 6–3.

summer break   (夏休み)

Mia plans to revisit Centopia in a few months, after the summer break.

During the summer break, there were several team changes announced for Snetterton.

The movie opens at a boarding school, at the time of the big party before summer break.

break between   (間を破る)

There is usually a 15-minute half-time break between halves.

By February 1831, the break between Calhoun and Jackson was final.

By 1980, creative differences led to a break between Nirenska and Lerman.

taking a break   (休憩を取って)

Shagrath had free time due to Dimmu Borgir taking a break after Ozzfest.

In 2011 her official blog announced that she was taking a break from music.

The trend of taking a break during the telethon was started in 1985 by McMahon.

failed to break   (壊れなかった)

It succeeded in retaking Orléans, but failed to break the siege.

However, he failed to break through to regular first-team selection.

They failed to break through the Canadians around Buron, a kilometre to the north.

managed to break   (壊れた)

Johnson managed to break through the straps.

Teach drew his cutlass and managed to break Maynard's sword.

Yet he managed to break through the lines of Sitawaka men and open up a pass.

first break   (最初の休憩)

He got first break in Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai (2001).

They got their first break in the film 'Chand' in 1944.

In 1944, the duo got their first break in the film Chand.

unable to break   (壊れない)

The 4th Battalion, however, remained unable to break its encirclement for several days.

He was however again unable to break into the NHL, playing with farm team the Chicago Wolves.

However, the game was unable to break the top ten, debuting in thirteenth place in national sales.

trying to break   (破ろうとする)

Paul is trying to break through the social barriers dividing people.

She was sentenced to six months for trying to break in to the House of Commons.

Rimmer Dall imprisons Par Ohmsford at Southwatch and starts trying to break into his mind.

short break   (短い休憩)

The term "short break" is used in some countries to describe respite care.

At the same time, Nelson had moved to Austin, Texas, to take a short break.

After a short break Kemp returned to football with Middlesbrough FC, Source:

commercial break   (コマーシャルの時間)

This segment was later followed by a commercial break.

During the hastily called commercial break, Cavett tried to coax Maddox back to no avail.

The single debuted on November 20, during a commercial break of the show "Grey's Anatomy".

attempted to break   (破ろうとした)

She attempted to break the engagement several times.

Gai's Kavkor attempted to break out.

The three Viking ships afloat attempted to break through the English lines.

tried to break   (破ろうとした)

As soon as she did, she tried to break it off with Kevin.

Solow tried to break their contract and buy the place himself.

She tried to break out of the exploitation field, but struggled.

began to break   (壊れ始めた)

The experiment ended in 1879, as the community began to break up.

The vessel began to break up and the three men were washed off of her.

Huge waves began to pound the "Niagara"; she began to break apart quickly.

break even   (とんとん)

We're budgeting the WNBA to break even this year."

The company expects to break even in six years' time.

All these songs were written in break even times in my life.

big break came   (大きな休憩が来ました)

His big break came in 1945, when his "R.M.

Her big break came that same year in the Elvis Presley film, "Clambake".

Brown’s first big break came in Florida with TK Records as their in house percussionist.

decided to break   (破ることにした)

They decided to break it up by putting a solo drum interlude.

So when he did it again I decided to break his shitting legs like sticks.

Some resourceful members decided to break the coconuts in the baggage to satiate their thirst.

did not break   (壊れなかった)

However she did not break up.

However, the school did not break ground to build any new facilities until 1920.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the band did not break up, though Maxim explored a solo career.

spring break   (春休み)

The school was on spring break at the time of collapse.

Yūta assumes it is only for spring break.

In 2008, 22,500 students came to Acapulco for spring break.

break when   (壊れるとき)

The downside of the Ligowsky targets was that they were too hard to break when hit.

In 1994, he got his first big break when he attended the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

In 1978, they got their big break when they were given a spot on the Royal Variety Performance.

off break   (休憩)

She bats right handed and bowls right-arm off break.

He is a left-handed batsman who bowls right-arm off break.

He was a right-handed batsman and right arm off break bowler.

attempts to break   (破ろうとする)

Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) attempts to break Kenneth of his moral absolutism.

Later, Alo attempts to break up with Poppy, but only at her fourteenth birthday.

It attempts to break down "the barrier of identity through a four-phased process."

lunch break   (昼休み)

"Le déjeuner" (lunch) is a two-hour mid-day meal or a one-hour lunch break.

... shortly after the lunch break the work was suddenly put down in front of the hall.

"Smoko" breaks are a half-hour each and a lunch break is taken at midday for one hour.

break apart   (別れる)

But if the rotation is too much the atoms break apart.

This caused the family to break apart.

Eggs are laid as loosely adherent clumps which may break apart.

used to break   (破壊するために使用)

A similar process is used to break down proteins.

It was used to break up and turn ground that was rocky and hard.

DT=Disk toss used to break the tie.

order to break   (破る)

For that, they need some method in order to break the symmetry among them.

Alcohol absorption is slowed because the stomach sphincter closes in order to break down the food.

The player controls a marble through a series of traps in order to break all of the colored blocks in a level.

long break   (長い休憩)

After a long break, Oleg Sadovnikov returned to the group.

They had to take a long break due to professional reasons after 2001.

There was a long break until a championship for trade teams was introduced in 2012.

break during   (中に破る)

There was only one century break during the qualifying.

He got his big break during the 1988 Stanley Cup playoffs.

The trend of taking a break during the telethon was started in 1985 by McMahon.

maximum break   (最大休憩)

In 1987, Willie Thorne made a maximum break against Murphy in the UK Championship.

Trump attempted a maximum break of his own in frame 25, but he a red into the middle pocket.

After the 2nd series, The indoor league Bar Billards added the unusual rule of a 45-second maximum break limit.

attempting to break   (破ろうとする)

He was arrested for attempting to break into a shop, but was too young to be tried as an adult.

During the lab attack, the alpha male makes a butterfly-shaped crack while attempting to break through the glass to the laboratory.

Canadian hip hop musicians have also continued to face obstacles when attempting to break into the American and international markets.

leg break   (レッグブレイク)

He is a right-handed batsman who bowls leg break.

Pratt was a right-handed batsman who bowled leg break.

Summers' batting style is unknown, though it is known he bowled leg break.

without a break   (休みなく)

In May, the squadron moved to Phù Cát Air Base without a break in combat missions.

The opera is in two parts, of four and three scenes respectively, and is performed without a break.

The concerto lasts approximately 30 minutes and consists of three movements chained without a break.

first big break   (最初の大きな休憩)

She got her first big break performing the title song "Supergirl!"

Brown’s first big break came in Florida with TK Records as their in house percussionist.

In 1994, he got his first big break when he attended the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

international break   (国際休憩)

After the international break Stoke traveled to Hillsborough to take on Sheffield Wednesday.

Next followed a 1–1 draw in the away fixture against Östers IF before a two-week international break.

Before heading to the international break, Bengaluru FC played southern rivals, Kerala Blasters on 5 November.

tries to break   (破ろうとする)

She tries to break up with Kang and this is when he kills her.

He tries to break the curse by getting rid of the skin, but fails.

Then the entire teaching staff tries to break through but also fail.

break came when   (ブレークが来たとき)

Lester's big break came when he joined CBS daytime soap "The Young and the Restless" in 1980.

His big break came when "Life" magazine featured his painting of 1947 Horse of the Year, Armed.

Baldwin's first big break came when she appeared in The Beatles music video "Free as a Bird" in 1996.

try to break   (破ろうとする)

Petr and Celeste try to break out in good.

The fourth form girls try to break through the barricade, but fail.

When Saunders and Jones return, Johnny fends them off, then sets up self-defense mechanisms should they try to break in.

break the record   (記録を破る)

Farmer went on to break the record, scoring 30 points in a 91–54 win.

At the end, Steve manages to break the record and he celebrates with the gang.

Richey flew the same plane that Benjamin King had flown to break the record previously.

before the break   (休憩前に)

Seven minutes before the break, Arsenal went into the lead.

A single-stage trigger, on the other hand, has no discernible movement before the break.

In the replay three days later the Azzurri scored four without response before the break.

break the siege   (包囲を破る)

A December 1093 attempt to break the siege failed.

It succeeded in retaking Orléans, but failed to break the siege.

Confederates marched out of Jackson to break the siege in early July.

prison break   (脱獄)

In prison, he meets Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson, who join Dillinger's gang after he masterminds a prison break.

Krenner arranges the prison break of a notorious safecracker, Joey Faust (Douglas Kennedy), to steal the materials he needs.

They sought to explore Riddick's character in a prison break setting, and took inspiration from films such as "Escape from Alcatraz".

break ties   (ネクタイを破る)

The top six shooters advanced to the final, with shoot-offs held to break ties if required.

The Soviets usually would break ties for the title of Soviet Champion with a multi-game match and 1977 was no exception.

break open   (こじ開けます)

They uncover and break open an ancient stone "temple".

As they break open, they produce a bloody, watery diarrhea.

After calling the police, the intruders break open the door.

break before   (前に破る)

Štěpánek led 4–1 in the third set with a double break before Verdasco broke back to trail 4–3.

"Dying to Meet You" contains a clear break before an unlisted song (often known as "Hero Hero") begins.

During the break before the second bridge, the sound of a yawn can be heard, preceded by Lennon saying to McCartney, "Yawn, Paul."

during a break   (休憩中)

Filming took place in May 1963, during a break from filming "Dr Kildare".

The collapse occurred during a break in classes, when most of the school's students were outside in the yard.

Her novella "Anthem" was written during a break from the writing of her next major novel, "The Fountainhead".

major break   (大きな休憩)

Bush reacted in moderate fashion trying to avoid a major break.

The team had their first major break in 2009 with Mims’ sophomore album, "Guilt".

The mayor of Dover is Tony Keats Near Dover is geological feature called the Dover Fault, a major break in the Earth's crust.

highest break   (最高の休憩)

The highest break of the tournament was 86 made by Karl Townsend.

Gardner's highest break at billiards was 318, and at snooker it was 82.

Higgins compiled the highest break, a 143, in his semi-final win over Gilbert.

break the law   (法律を破る)

He urged people to commit adultery, break the law, not pay taxes, and not go to church, among other things.

The Judiciary is the legal system through which punishments are handed out to individuals who break the law.

Another of Batman's characterizations is that of a vigilante; in order to stop evil that started with the death of his parents, he must sometimes break the law himself.

break the news   (ニュースを破る)

They break the news to Nina, who helps the two bury her father at the cemetery.

Henry II sent Thomas of Earley, Archdeacon of Wells, to break the news to Eleanor at Sarum.

Drummer Ward, who was close with Osbourne, was chosen by Tony to break the news to the singer on 27 April 1979.

break point   (ブレークポイント)

Then the Russian saved one break point for 4–2.

In the second set at 2–2, del Potro saved a break point.

In the third Verdaso save the only break point in the second.

decides to break   (破ることにした)

In the end, Aspen decides to break up with America.

Sethu at first decides to break up with Vanaja but Bavutty cools him down and the marriage is saved.

When Aidan learns that Chris has not invited him to a family birthday party, he decides to break up with him.