brick building   (れんが造りの建物)

The main building was a three-story brick building.

The Habsburg residence is a two-story brick building.

It is a rectangular stone and brick building in plan.

red brick   (赤レンガ)

Its exterior is red brick, with metal and granite.

It was built in red brick with sandstone dressing.

It is built from Suffolk red brick and Bath stone.

brick structure   (レンガ構造)

The six-story brick structure rises to a height of .

The brick structure was carefully thought out.

It is a two-story gable-front brick structure.

brick walls   (レンガの壁)

It comprises large-scale area of stone and brick walls.

Inside, the patterned brick walls return.

The grounds are fenced with brick walls and ornamental iron.

brick house   (れんが造りの家)

It is a Federal-style brick house built about 1832.

It is a two-story brick house on a brick foundation.

It is a one-and-a-half-story common bond brick house.

brick wall

It retains its sash windows, brick wall and large cedar tree.

A brick wall was also "shook" down within St. Louis, Missouri.

They are configured to enclose a courtyard, closed by a brick wall.

brick buildings

Most of the buildings are two-story brick buildings.

Built about 1710, it is one of the oldest brick buildings in New England.

It was one of the most beautiful three-storey brick buildings of old Rostov.

brick and stone

The walls are built of brick and stone masonry.

It is of brick and stone in 13th-century style.

The middle step was built of brick and stone.

brick dwelling   (れんが造りの住居)

The miller's house is a "T"-shaped, stone and brick dwelling.

It is a Georgian-style brick dwelling.

It is a two-story brick dwelling in a vernacular Federal style.

style brick

the stupa is multi-eaves style brick stupa with 9 stories.

The stupa is multi-eaves style brick pagoda with 13 stories.

It is a two-story, Neoclassical style brick building on a raised basement.

built of brick

The house is built of brick in an asymmetric form.

Six were built of brick, while the seventh was wood.

The walls are built of brick and stone masonry.

brick church

Ignacy Kościałkowski built a brick church in 1801.

The present brick church was completed in 1891.

The new concrete and brick church was built in a more modern style.

story brick   (ストーリーブリック)

It is a utilitarian two story brick building.

It is a 2-1/2 story brick building, covered by a hip roof.

It is a two-and-a-half story brick house with a hipped roof.

brick chimneys

There is a slate roof with five brick chimneys.

It is a two-story, fieldstone structure with brick chimneys.

The building has three brick chimneys.

yellow brick

The walls of the platform have a unique yellow brick façade.

The walls are principally yellow brick, with limestone trim.

A little person instructs Buddy to "follow the yellow brick road".

brick piers

The facade is divided into eight bays by brick piers.

The house is built of yellow heart pine and rests on brick piers.

The annex contains wide window openings with narrow brick piers outside them.

stone and brick

It is a rectangular stone and brick building in plan.

It comprises large-scale area of stone and brick walls.

The miller's house is a "T"-shaped, stone and brick dwelling.

large brick

Navlakha Kothar is a large brick structure overlooking a steep cliff.

The Blazo–Leavitt house has five large brick chimneys and ten fireplaces.

It includes three large brick warehouse buildings which were built between 1910 and 1913.

red brick building

It is a two-story red brick building, in plan.

The two-story red brick building was built at the end of the 19th century.

It is a three-story, "L"-shaped red brick building on a limestone foundation.

face brick   (顔レンガ)

The single storey building is constructed of face brick, with stucco decoration.

Single storey, modern face brick buildings with pitched, hipped corrugated iron and flat metal roof.

This was a Hawksley "type F amended" building, highset on a face brick lower level with a concrete plinth.

brick chimney   (レンガ煙突)

It has a tapered brick chimney on its east facade.

At each end of the building there is a brick chimney.

A brick chimney rises from the south side of the roof.

made of brick

The houses in this area mostly made of brick.

It was built in 1859 and was made of brick.

The courthouse building has two storeys and is made of brick.

new brick

In 1874, a new brick school was built in the Village.

The government constructed a new brick tower in 1857 with a fog bell added in 1878.

In 2009 the Senseo Quadrante was introduced which features a new brick like design.

constructed of brick

All buildings were constructed of brick.

It is constructed of brick and sits on a concrete foundation.

The building is constructed of brick and features a crenelated parapet.

brick school   (れんが学校)

In 1915, a two-story brick school building was built.

In 1874, a new brick school was built in the Village.

It is a two-story Mission Style brick school building.

brick foundation

It is a two-story brick house on a brick foundation.

It is a common bond brick building on a brick foundation.

It is a two-and-a-half-story frame house on a brick foundation.

brick and mortar   (れんがとモルタル)

The interior was brick and mortar construction, 9 ft height serving as pulpit.

On March 27, 2015, Nasty Gal opened its second brick and mortar store in Santa Monica.

To date, the College Scorecard only reports Kaplan data from brick and mortar programs.

brick construction

The original brick construction is in poor repair.

The station's two chimneys were each high and of brick construction.

After this time the settlement was very poor and used dried brick construction.

first brick

The first brick was put in 1963 from Giuseppe Zocco.

The first brick was laid on April 8, 2005.

The first brick Bruton Parish Church was of Gothic design with supporting buttresses.

brick with stone

The mill is built of brick with stone rustication on the corners.

Red brick with stone dressings.

The building is constructed from brick with stone dressings and a slate roof.

small brick

A small brick addition was constructed in 1928.

At that time the small brick cottage was occupied by a Mrs Geale.

Outbuildings include a small brick smokehouse and the stone foundation of a barn.

brick factory

Brickyard was so named for a brick factory near its course.

After leaving the military, she worked for about 20 years in a brick factory in Brest.

The original plant was established in 1908 as a workshop attached to a local brick factory.

rendered brick   (レンダリングされたレンガ)

Wall fabric varies from cement rendered brick ashlar, to sandstone lime rendered ashlar coursing.

The main three-storey square block of rendered brick and stone dressings has a concealed slate roof.

The towers are made of rendered brick, embellished with cement-furnished castellation and doorways that are lancet-arched.

brick houses   (れんが造りの家)

At the beginning of the 18th century, three brick houses were built on the eastern facade.

This newly built white cottage is very recognisable against the backdrop of red brick houses.

There, the winds destroyed the roofs or damaged the doors and windows of 95% of brick houses.

rectangular brick

It is a -story, rectangular brick house.

It is a rectangular brick building on an ashlar stone foundation.

It is a rectangular brick structure, four bays in length and three bays wide.

brick tower

The lighthouse is a tall white brick tower on a granite foundation.

The four-storey tarred red brick tower had walls, was high and had a base.

The light was in a brick tower, built by the Colony of South Carolina in 1767.

brick and concrete

To obtain brick and concrete, Reid built his own kilns.

The red brick and concrete buildings are finished in the brutalist style.

Designed by the Baerresen Brothers architects, it is a two-story buff-colored brick and concrete building.

style brick dwelling

It is a modest two story, four bay Federal style brick dwelling constructed about 1817.

It was built about 1832, and is a two-story, Federal style brick dwelling with a rear ell added about 1839 to form an I-house.

brick facade

The hotel is a six-story building made of steel-reinforced concrete with a brick facade.

First built in 1927, the school campus contains 5 main buildings built from a brick facade.

Its red brick facade is ornamented by several typically Tudor elements such as parapeted gables.

brick structures

Most of the buildings are one- and two-story brick structures.

The octagonal brick structures stand tall, and each side is wide.

"Portions of nine concrete and brick structures" remain on the 14-acre site.

brick exterior

Of the original house only the Flemish bond brick exterior walls remain.

Within the brick exterior, which was left as the original, a steel and glass structure is incorporated.

It is constructed from steel uprights and beams, in-filled with concrete floor slabs and brick exterior walls.

brick arches   (レンガのアーチ)

It is built out of concrete with brick arches.

Inter-floor structures are almost always wooden beams or iron beams profile "double T" filled with flat brick arches (Prussian vault).

The Renaissance Revival section uses brick dentil courses and corbels, cast iron lintels, radiating brick arches, and bluestone water tables.

story brick building   (物語のレンガ造りの建物)

It is a utilitarian two story brick building.

It is a 2-1/2 story brick building, covered by a hip roof.

It is a single story brick building, with a gabled roof and concrete foundation.

brick veneer   (レンガベニヤ)

It is a building with brick veneer walls, on a concrete foundation.

During Talmadge Lee’s term as principal in 1940, a brick veneer home economics and agriculture building was constructed.

This brick veneer building consisted of five classrooms, an auditorium, and two offices (one of which served as the library).

style brick building

It is a two-story, Neoclassical style brick building on a raised basement.

The Livingood House was built between 1866 and 1871, and is a three-story, five-bay, Italianate style brick building on a rubble stone foundation.

brick laid

The building is faced in brick laid in a running bond pattern.

It is a one-story brick house with brick laid in Flemish bond.

The church walls are 21 inches thick, of brick laid in Flemish bond.

brick base

The brick base of the pagoda is shaped as a sumeru pedestal.

It is built on a square brick base, each side measuring meters long and meters high.

Subsequent reheating in the kiln fuses the slip into a glazed surface integral with the brick base.

brick built

It is a three storey brick built house originally constructed circa 1680 but later much modified.

The single brick built platform still survives, unlike others that were built from wooden railway sleepers.

There is a marked contrast between the pale travertine facade of the church and the brick built facade of the Casa.

built in brick

It was mostly built in brick with walls up to two feet thick.

The house is built in brick in 3 storeys plus basement and attic.

The two-storey town hall is built in brick to a Historicist design.

brick pilasters

The front walls of the wings feature brick pilasters with simple capitals.

It has elements of Greek Revival, including brick pilasters supporting a wood entablature.

The windows on the second floor are grouped into bays divided by brick pilasters with two windows per bay.

stuccoed brick

The irregularly shaped two-story Federal mansion is built of stuccoed brick.

The house is 2-1/2 stories tall, with a stuccoed brick first floor and a shingled second floor.

Built in the Palladian style, of stuccoed brick, the mansion is nine bays long by seven bays deep.