new bridge   (新しい橋)

The new bridge opened to traffic on 23 February 2015.

The new bridge was opened to traffic in December 2012.

After a relatively short life a new bridge was needed.

bridge across   (橋を渡る)

By1855 it built its own bridge across the Passaic.

It was the first bridge across the Yangtze River.

The first bridge across the creek was opened in 1926.

bridge was built   (橋が建てられました)

The bridge was built south of the original bridge.

The bridge was built in 1894 at a cost of $2,691.

In 1814 a covered wooden toll bridge was built there.

bridge between   (架け橋)

Shōun is considered a bridge between ukiyo-e and shin-hanga.

He became the bridge between the American Baptist Missionary E.W.

The series serves as a bridge between the first film and its 2014 sequel.

railway bridge   (鉄道橋)

Easterbrook then escaped over the railway bridge.

At the time it was the longest railway bridge in the world.

A railway bridge near Nangal Pathani also crosses the river.

road bridge   (道路橋)

It covers the west approach to the Wreigh Burn road bridge.

In 1994 the station was resited to remove a low road bridge.

Designing a road bridge over the Boyne was not an easy task.

suspension bridge   (つり橋)

It was a suspension bridge with a more or less level deck.

Other suspension bridge towers carry transmission antennas.

Today it is the 27th largest suspension bridge in the world.

truss bridge   (トラス橋)

There is also a 1908 Warren pony truss bridge.

The truss bridge was demolished in March 1984.

It is a multiple span, metal truss bridge.

covered bridge

The one-lane covered bridge was built in 1878.

It is the largest single-span covered bridge in Pennsylvania.

Its mouth is located in the Southeast to the height of a covered bridge.

arch bridge   (アーチ橋)

It was newly built in 1950 as a stone arch bridge.

It is a single-span concrete deck arch bridge.

The bridge is a concrete, barrel vaulted deck arch bridge.

pedestrian bridge   (歩道橋)

In 1869, the "Eiserner Steg", a pedestrian bridge, followed.

The pedestrian bridge was another mitigating concession promised.

The trail also crosses the Swift River with a wooden pedestrian bridge.

wooden bridge   (木製の橋)

The first wooden bridge was demolished soon afterward.

At least one old wooden bridge over a creek still stands.

Towards the right end they pass over a curved wooden bridge.

bridge the gap   (ギャップを埋める)

Schleck chased hard, but had no other riders to help bridge the gap.

They aim to bridge the gap between land and community through public markets.

The M2 attempted to bridge the gap between the 81 mm mortar and the hand grenade.

first bridge

It was the first bridge across the Yangtze River.

The first bridge at this site was built in 1872.

The first bridge across the creek was opened in 1926.

stone bridge

A stone bridge over the river at Rorbas was built in 1840.

This was a stone bridge of eleven arches.

The present-day stone bridge was built between 1874 and 1876.

railroad bridge   (鉄道橋)

Destruction of railroad bridge over Chickahominy June 27.

The first vehicle bridge was converted from a railroad bridge constructed in 1873.

Heth's men returned to the New River to continue protecting the vital railroad bridge.

old bridge

The piers of the old bridge still stand in the river.

In 1845 the old bridge, originally made ?

Soon the line passes over County Road on a rather old bridge.

swing bridge   (スイング橋)

It replaced an aging swing bridge built in 1877.

The swing bridge was delicately balanced.

This is a swing bridge which has a clearance of LWD when closed.

bridge built

It replaced an aging swing bridge built in 1877.

It replaced the two-lane bridge built in 1925.

The Warnke Bridge was the last bridge built by Sherman.

bridge was constructed

The bridge was constructed above the original river.

The original bridge was constructed in 1929–31.

The -long and -wide bridge was constructed in ashlar.

bridge crossing

There is also a Romanesque bridge crossing the same river.

A bridge crossing the Passaic was built some time earlier at Acquackanonk about 4 miles to the north.

The abstract enamel mural "Tempo" by Gordon Rayner is on the mezzanine-level bridge crossing the tracks.

bridge carrying

A bridge carrying this road was widened, and carries the name Alan Turing Bridge.

The bridge carrying Sandgate Road over the lines had to modified to allow for the additional lines.

In 2016, the bridge carrying I-182 over the Yakima River carried an average of 54,000 vehicles a day.

across the bridge   (橋を渡って)

These were then hauled north across the bridge into Proctor.

The free Stanford Marguerite Shuttle also runs buses AE-F and EB across the bridge.

Nelson finally manages to drive his car across the bridge which had previously blocked him.

bridge opened

The new bridge opened to traffic on 23 February 2015.

The bridge opened to passenger traffic in 2004.

The first bridge opened in 2011 and spanned Bridges Road.

pontoon bridge

They recommended choosing the pontoon bridge.

The club is based on two small islands connected by a pontoon bridge.

Instead, they recommended that the municipalities chose a pontoon bridge.

original bridge

The bridge was built south of the original bridge.

The original bridge was constructed in 1929–31.

The original bridge, erected in 1881, was replaced in 2006.

bridge was completed

Construction of the bridge was completed in 1971.

The bridge was completed the next year for $266,564.

The bridge was completed in 1849 for about $250,000.

land bridge   (陸橋)

It is connected to the beach by a man made land bridge.

During the Eocene period, the last land bridge across the Atlantic sank.

"South Lake Lida" is located directly south of the main lake, separated only by a land bridge.

girder bridge

Namhangdaegyo Namhangdaegyo (남항대교) is a girder bridge in Busan.

At this point the River Bure is crossed by the Bure Valley Railway on a long girder bridge.

At the crossing of the Fox River in Waukesha a plate girder bridge 50 feet long was erected.

toll bridge   (有料橋)

The Mark Twain Bridge was initially a toll bridge.

Constructed in 1955, it was initially a toll bridge.

The toll bridge carries 29 million vehicles annually.

concrete bridge

This was replaced by a concrete bridge in 1952.

A 2-lane concrete bridge over Myall River was completed in 1969.

It is a prestressed concrete bridge of 584 m, which rest on 8 columns.

bridge spanning

With a total length of , it remains the longest bridge spanning a body of seawater in the Philippines.

Verige bridge spanning the Bay of Kotor and part of the Adriatic Highway is planned to be built in the future.

Dafosi Bridge The Dafosi Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge spanning over the Yangtze River in Chongqing, China.

rail bridge   (鉄道橋)

The company also owns a rail bridge over the river.

Imbaba had no rail bridge across the Nile to Cairo until 1891.

The grade separated crossing will be on a long, high rail bridge.

bridge located

The bridge located in Lanzhou, Gansu.

The Ferry Bridge is a lift bridge and is the next bridge located from the south entrance of the channel.

Qingchuan Bridge The Qingchuan Bridge () is an arch bridge located in Wuhan, People's Republic of China.

bridge was opened

The bridge was opened to traffic on July 14, 1982.

The newly constructed bridge was opened in 2018.

The Kjøllsæter bridge was opened 17 August 2006.

bridge connecting

It is a two-span arch bridge connecting K-92 and Missouri Route 92.

There only bridge connecting Austra to the mainland runs through Valen.

The Chapel has a mini pond and a small bridge connecting into the main hallway.

bridge near   (近くの橋)

A Mauryan bridge near Girnar was surveyed by James Princep.

A railway bridge near Nangal Pathani also crosses the river.

Troops led personally by Mobutu secured a strategic bridge near the town of Kamanyola.

bridge deck   (船橋甲板)

Above these was the bridge deck with parapets.

11 truss and the bridge deck.

Hydraulic pillars under the bridge raise the bridge deck to allow barge traffic to pass beneath it.

bridge construction

The rapid pace of bridge construction has continued.

The shallow river banks meant difficulties in any bridge construction.

In recent years, integral bridge construction has also become popular.

iron bridge

The cast iron bridge was reconstructed at a cost of £95,887.

Cubbitt's cast iron bridge was built in 1857 to replace the stone bridge.

In 1929, the railway's wooden bridge was replaced with a permanent iron bridge.

second bridge

A second bridge in Wuhan was completed in 1995.

It was built in 1868 and was the second bridge to cross the river.

In 1848, a second bridge, the Main-Neckar Railway, was built over the Main.

current bridge

The current bridge is the third at this site.

The current bridge was completed in 1955.

The current bridge across the Brule River was built in 1988.

bridge carries

The toll bridge carries 29 million vehicles annually.

A road-rail bridge carries both road and rail traffic.

The bridge carries two tracks of the Chongqing-Guiyang Railway.

bridge was designed

The bridge was designed by French engineer Ferdinand Arnodin.

The bridge was designed by Robert Stephenson and built in 1850–1.

The bridge was designed by HNTB.

bridge player   (ブリッジプレーヤー)

He was also a nationally renowned tournament bridge player.

Cédric Lorenzini Cédric Lorenzini is a French bridge player.

Mike Bell (bridge) Mike Bell (born 1984) is an English bridge player.

build a bridge

Many wanted to build a bridge to connect San Francisco to Marin County.

From the late 19th century, there had been proposals to build a bridge for Lisbon.

Many politicians promised to build a bridge between both villages, but no one has initiated.

near the bridge   (橋の近く)

Ships are prohibited from staying or operating near the bridge.

A statue of Strauss was moved in 1955 to a site near the bridge.

Huntington locomotive began running along the edge of the gorge near the bridge.

steel bridge

The present steel bridge was built in 1958.

The remains of a historic steel bridge span the Chattahoochee River.

A steel bridge connects the intake tower to the top of the dam embankment.

bridge connects

This bridge connects Thane and Kalwa.

Vashi road bridge connects two sister cities of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

A bridge connects the Building A and Building B — the two main buildings.

bridge crosses

The bridge crosses the Tohickon Creek on Covered Bridge Road.

The bridge crosses the River Isla.

The bridge crosses the Mississippi River northeast of Bowlus, Minnesota.

contract bridge   (契約橋)

The Spingold is a knock-out team event that attracts the top contract bridge players in the world.

List of contract bridge governing bodies Note: member numbers as at 19 Dec 2016 (source: WBF website)

Bridge Magazine Bridge Magazine is a British monthly magazine devoted to the game of contract bridge.

longest bridge

The bridge would be the longest bridge in Malaysia.

This is currently the longest bridge in Iceland.

The Suramadu Bridge is the longest bridge in Indonesia.

bridge was closed

Afterwards, the bridge was closed for three years for works.

The bridge was closed in 2017, and as of 2019 was slated for demolition.

The second time, the bridge was closed due to the need to replace the deck.

off the bridge

and tells him "Why don't you jump off the bridge and kill yourself?

Giuseppe falls off the bridge and hits his head on the rocks below.

Between March and May 2012, three people committed suicide by jumping off the bridge.

cross the bridge   (橋を渡る)

Today some 10,000 people cross the bridge on a daily basis.

Many Soul Catchers have tried to get him to cross the bridge and failed.

a daily average of 150,000 cars cross the bridge, including 7,000 on the peak hour.

bascule bridge

That structure was replaced in 1914 by a bascule bridge.

It is the only railway bascule bridge in Northern Ireland.

It is a "Scherzer Rolling Lift Bascule"-type bascule bridge.

bridge design

The tram bridge design is a Warren truss design made of diameter steel tubes.

The bridge design incorporates the "Long" Burr Arch Truss and was built for $12,180.68.

Robert Maillart's bridge design is perceived by some to have been deliberately artistic.

bridge spans

The bridge spans over the south western arm of Taiping Lake.

The bridge spans over the Yangtze River.

This bridge spans the Sulphur Fork Creek and is well preserved.

bridge was replaced

The bridge was replaced with an iron one in 1835.

The bridge was replaced between 2006 and 2008

In 1870, an earlier bridge was replaced with a new one.

bridge was listed

The bridge was listed on the register on December 17, 1999.

The bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

The bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

historic bridge

A complete bridge replacement would have cost 25% more without saving the historic bridge.

At some point, a new bridge was built adjacent to the historic bridge that now carries Avery Road.

Sommot Amon Mak Bridge Sommot Amon Mak Bridge (, , ) is a historic bridge over the "khlong" (canal) in Bangkok.

bridge is long   (橋が長い)

The two lane bridge is long and wide.

The new bridge is long and wide and is a concrete box-beam style.

The bridge is long, and stands above the level of the Alzette below.

floating bridge

This is called a "floating bridge".

After 53 years of service, it was replaced by a new floating bridge at the same site in 2016.

Dynamic Vibrato units may be recognized by the integrated floating bridge and the stamps "Fender" and "DYNAMIC VIBRATO".

lift bridge

The high-level bridge was preferred to a low-level lift bridge.

One other bridge spanned the C & D Canal before the lift bridge.

A new four-lane lift bridge was completed in stages from 1975 to 1982.

crossing the bridge

A District Line service can also be seen crossing the bridge in the 1965 drama Four in the Morning.

To finance this project, the punitive damages that Jews had to pay for crossing the bridge were used.

In 1897, a train carrying nearly 200 people derailed while crossing the bridge; there were no injuries.

bridge that crosses

, the park was only accessible via the East 174th Street bridge that crosses both the expressway and the Bronx River.

Neckar Viaduct, Weitingen The Neckar Viaduct at Weitingen is a bridge that crosses the River Neckar, near the village Horb am Neckar.

Koersch Viaduct The Körsch Viaduct is a bridge that crosses the Körsch Valley (river Körsch) in Germany, supporting a road around Nellingen.

stone arch bridge

It was newly built in 1950 as a stone arch bridge.

It is supported by a stone arch bridge structure with five spans.

It is a multiple span , stone arch bridge with three spans, constructed in 1841.

bridge structure

It is supported by a stone arch bridge structure with five spans.

The bridge structure was also removed and a large bridge similar to that used in the battleships installed in its place.

According to MDOT, "this route would only be used in emergency situations and worst-case scenarios impacting the entire bridge structure."

highway bridge

The existing Ottoman bridge runs parallel to the modern highway bridge.

The six-lane highway bridge took 6,000 workers two and half years to construct.

It was also one of the few remaining examples of a camelback highway bridge in Michigan.

bridge began

Construction of the original bridge began in November 1977.

Construction of the new bridge began at the end of November 2016.

Construction on a dual-span replacement bridge began in April 2017.

bridge itself

The zip code divider is the bridge itself by the same name.

The bridge itself is 552.4 m long.

The bridge itself was a re-dress of the film-era "Enterprise" bridge.

replacement bridge

Construction on a dual-span replacement bridge began in April 2017.

The replacement bridge is as you see today with no supporting column.

In spring of 1914, a temporary replacement bridge was acquired from Dresden.

only bridge   (橋だけ)

There only bridge connecting Austra to the mainland runs through Valen.

It is the only bridge in the city to have survived World War II intact.

Since the only bridge was broken, a party of 400 French knights led by Sancerre was ferried across the river.

bridge that spans

The moats that surround this quadrilateral on all sides are built with a bridge that spans them.

On May 27, a group of protesters reportedly blocked a bridge that spans the Min River for roughly one hour.

The most noticeable feature in the village is Connel Bridge, a large cantilever bridge that spans Loch Etive at the Falls of Lora.

off a bridge

With the cops hot on his trail, Joe jumps off a bridge and lands on a cargo ship.

She secretly disposed of them by throwing them off a bridge into the River Thames.

On a holiday in Spain in 1970, a tyre of their car blew out and they fell off a bridge.

crossed the bridge

On 13 February Companies F and H crossed the bridge again with the aim of securing the entire area.

Just before the flood that led to the bridge's destruction, about 450 vehicles crossed the bridge daily.

During the days after the bridge capture, the U.S. 9th, 78th and 99th Infantry Divisions crossed the bridge.

another bridge   (別の橋)

Near Goldscheuer, above the fortress, they began constructing another bridge.

There is another bridge called the Francis Scott Key Bridge, located in Washington, DC on US 29.

At the end is a view to the spire of Leighton church, and another bridge leads back to the house.

bridge is located

The bridge is located on G5 Beijing–Kunming Expressway.

The bridge is located around 500 metres southwest of the hut.

The bridge is located just west (upstream) of the present alignment of River Road, which it formerly carried.

small bridge

Less than half a mile from the beginning the trail crosses a small bridge.

The Chapel has a mini pond and a small bridge connecting into the main hallway.

The craft have a catamaran hull, a small bridge and a crane with a maximum capacity of 3 tons.

bridge that carries

In 2014, work started on replacing the 1840s built bridge that carries the railway over the River Ouse.

An aqueduct is a bridge that carries water, resembling a viaduct, which is a bridge that connects points of equal height.

Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory The Penobscot Narrows Bridge is a long cable-stayed bridge that carries US 1/SR 3 over the Penobscot River.

main bridge   (メインブリッジ)

The main bridge is wide between the truss centrelines, with two equal spans of .

The bridge spans 212 feet (64.6m) and comprises two metal arch ribs, from which the main bridge deck is hung.

The main bridge leading into the village is closed to all passenger vehicles not owned by residents of Minerve.

bridge linking

Also included were a causeway and/or bridge linking to Brooklyn.

In 1868, a pontoon bridge linking Frederikssund to Hornsherred was opened.

One of the MTs hit a pile of the bridge linking Fort Saint Elmo with the breakwater, which collapsed with the blast, blocking the entrance to the harbor.

bridge was destroyed

One bridge was destroyed in the town of Mercedes.

The bridge was destroyed on August 28, 2011 by flooding resulting from Hurricane Irene.

The bridge was destroyed in the collapse of 1 WTC during the September 11 attacks in 2001.

bridge collapsed

Additionally, a bridge collapsed near Collingwood.

In 2007 the I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapsed in Minneapolis.

The wooden bridge collapsed in 1972 after being set alight by vandals.

below the bridge

When closed, there is of clearance below the bridge.

The rock island below the bridge is called Moby Dick, after the fictional whale.

The wolf tone occurs because the strings below the bridge sometimes resonate at pitches close to notes on the playing part of the string.

existing bridge

To implement this, the already existing bridge pillars had to be laboriously relocated.

In 2003 construction began on the second four lane bridge to the west of the existing bridge to meet growing traffic demands.

A pre-fabricated segment was attached to the existing bridge, for use while construction proceeds on both sides along Liberty Street.