bridges across   (橋を渡る)

There are no bridges across the entire width of the river.

Like other bridges across the canal, the existing structure dates from 1826.

Until 1957, there were no bridges across the Yangtze River from Yibin to Shanghai.

covered bridges   (屋根付き橋)

At one time, Preble County had 50 covered bridges.

Some covered bridges were also built in Asia.

Five covered bridges cross the creek in Lancaster County:

roads and bridges   (道路や橋)

This practice of avoiding roads and bridges with tolls is known as "shunpiking".

Various other small streets, roads and bridges have been named after Savjibhai Korat

To slow the march of the Allied armies, the Germans blew up buildings, roads and bridges.

bridges between

Railway bridges between Ajaraka and Bawal and near Pataudi also cross the river.

The project aims to fill some of the gaps and provide bridges between isolated initiatives.

Ziv Cojocaru is a versatile musician who bridges between classical, contemporary and popular music.

road bridges   (道路橋)

Other road bridges spanning the Rambler Channel:

National Cycle Route 1 passes over the road bridges.

The two road bridges carry the M2 motorway carriageways.

railway bridges

Between Reston and Granthouse 7 railway bridges were washed away.

It is long and, at its maximum, high, making it one of the longest railway bridges in Canada.

A number of different types were produced, ranging from footbridges to standard-gauge railway bridges.

new bridges

The highway was relocated and given two new bridges across Brier Ditch in 1949 and 1950.

In Europe, the cost of maintenance is considerable and is higher in some countries than spending on new bridges.

The new bridges and roads made what were formerly estates and marshland into prime industrial and residential districts.

bridges were built

Two bridges were built in tubular steel construction.

Many lives were lost as numerous tunnels and bridges were built.

The bridges were built in 1983 to replace a truss bridge built in 1929.

several bridges

The Columbus riverfront hosts several bridges.

The company built several bridges in Nebraska between 1913 and 1916.

There are several bridges in Kitakyushu and between the city and other places.

build bridges

Eventually, Shirley manages to build bridges with her father and Dean.

Her work towards interfaith dialogue resonates with USFMEP’s primary mission to build bridges of tolerance and understanding.

Because the General Secretariat operates under strict neutrality, it is perfectly placed to build bridges between the various partners and stakeholders.

truss bridges   (トラス橋)

Concrete truss bridges are rarely constructed, and few exist.

It was deemed significant as one of few truss bridges in Washington County surviving from the late 1800s.

Pratt truss bridges were the preferred design for medium-span vehicular bridges during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

suspension bridges

But there were still long span suspension bridges to be built.

Two suspension bridges and a cable-stayed bridge cross the Bosphorus.

The Stord Bridge and Bømla Bridge are both suspension bridges, with lengths of and main spans of .

bridges and tunnels

By October 2014, there were 81 such bridges and tunnels.

However, the landowner must agree to keep the infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels intact.

He and Moses built highways, bridges and tunnels, transforming the physical landscape of New York City.

other bridges   (他の橋)

This legend is also being told about other bridges, in very similar form.

Like other bridges across the canal, the existing structure dates from 1826.

Design of footbridges normally follows the same principles as for other bridges.

building bridges

began building bridges in Clinton County, Ohio.

In his diocese he laboured by building bridges, constructing roads, and fostering commerce.

In 1947, her father had to close the factory and the family moved to Cuba, where he worked building bridges.

pontoon bridges

During each reconstruction, temporary pontoon bridges were built to accommodate traffic.

Several pontoon bridges were damaged and river traffic was temporarily suspended between Karlsruhe and Mainz.

Then the army that Xerxes had mustered marched towards Europe, crossing the Hellespont on two pontoon bridges.

bridges built

The bridges built here in the past have led to its Arabic name, "Jisr Benat Yakub", lit.

This bridge is one of 180 stone arch bridges built in Turner County as part of New Deal-era federal jobs programs.

It was the second oldest bridge out of the twelve related wrought iron lattice truss series bridges built in Australia.

bridges along

Both bridges along New Jersey Route 7 are operated by the NJDOT.

Examples include the stone-faced bridges along the Taconic State Parkway in New York.

A section of State Route 549 near Daggett was washed out, while two bridges along State Route 328 were damaged.

arch bridges

Cunningham's surviving stone arch bridges include:

The bridge spans ranking among the longest arch bridges in the world.

The bridge spans making it one of the longest arch bridges in the world.

many bridges

There are many bridges above Sanxi stream.

Despite being a powerful leader in the Gulf Cartel, his rude actions "burned many bridges in the organization."

It was only one of many bridges between Easton, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey, that was destroyed in the flood.

pedestrian bridges

Other pedestrian bridges cross over the highway near 42nd Avenue and at 33rd Avenue.

Wilderness Park is home to at least a dozen pedestrian bridges of varying architecture and age.

Upon completion, it will feature a recreational trail connecting the east and west sides of downtown via two pedestrian bridges.

bridges crossing

There are two bridges crossing the River Coquet.

The majority of the rail trail passes through sparsely populated areas of the Canadian Shield, with historic trestle bridges crossing several rivers.

Eight derelict bridges crossing the Gwili lie between Conwyl and Llanpumsaint, the cost of this restoration work is a major factor delaying the re-opening northwards to Llanpumpsaint.)

railroad bridges

Company-owned railroad bridges were set afire.

Both of them are in use as railroad bridges closing the gap between Dresden and Nuremberg.

It is one of only a small number of stone arch railroad bridges known to exist in Michigan.

number of bridges   (橋の数)

The trail system includes a number of bridges.

It was one of a number of bridges constructed in the city by Abd al-Aziz.

Mudslides and flood waters in Oconee County damaged a number of bridges and roadways.