İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

briefly served   (kısa süreli servis)

In 1847 he briefly served as Minister of Justice.

He then briefly served his successor, Sir Hope Grant.

He also briefly served on the staff of Brig.

worked briefly   (kısa süre çalıştı)

He worked briefly with his father as a stevedore.

He has also worked briefly with The Mutton Birds.

He worked briefly in Minneapolis then worked with A.R.

served briefly   (kısa süreli servis)

He also served briefly as interim president in 1967.

He also served briefly as Minister of Education.

He served briefly as headmaster of St. Paul's School.

only briefly   (sadece kısa bir süre)

Withers stayed only briefly, leaving to join Dire Straits.

She was many times accused of theft but was jailed only briefly.

Points were used only briefly, and even then only to a limited degree.

briefly returned

In 1991, Martin briefly returned to writing novels.

The character briefly returned in June 2002.

In 1874, he briefly returned to Holland.

briefly worked   (kısaca çalıştı)

His father briefly worked in the UK as an engineer.

He also briefly worked as a hotel manager.

He also briefly worked in London, for journals such as Punch.

then briefly

He then briefly served his successor, Sir Hope Grant.

The event then briefly moved to Munich, Germany in 2001.

She then briefly became a West Indiaman.

briefly attended   (kısaca katıldı)

As a young man, Raymond briefly attended seminary.

He briefly attended law school but soon dropped out.

He also briefly attended J. S. Watkins's art school.

played briefly

He played briefly in the Beşiktaş Basketball team.

He played briefly for East Perth in 1990.

He also played briefly for York City.

briefly played

In 2013, he briefly played for Serbian team Sloga.

He also briefly played Major League Baseball.

She also briefly played the small role of Lady Ella in "Patience".

briefly became   (kısaca oldu)

Later in life, he briefly became their manager.

She then briefly became a West Indiaman.

Chicho left the band and Arnold Benz briefly became the drummer.

briefly before

Prost led briefly before Nigel Mansell overtook him on lap 11.

He was married again briefly before his death on 15 October 2015.

Peat from Quebec was used briefly before coal became the standard.

returned briefly

In 1815 he returned briefly to Venlo and Maastricht.

The National Guard returned briefly in May 1984 after another outbreak of violence.

She returned briefly to France in 1921 where she married Armand Thomarat, a handyman.

briefly joined

Osusa returned to Kenya in 1977 and briefly joined the band "Les Kinois".

Kasab briefly joined his brother in Lahore and then returned to Faridkot.

After graduating "cum laude," from Notre Dame he briefly joined Standard Oil.

appeared briefly

He also appeared briefly in the 1990 film "Bullseye!

However T 3s appeared briefly in the DB fleet later on.

He appeared briefly in the background of a backstage segment.

briefly held

The Tibetans briefly held the city in 790.

Ballesteros briefly held the No.

After Germany's defeat in World War II, she briefly held an assistant position at Marburg University.

briefly considered

He briefly considered retiring and moving to China.

He briefly considered marriage, but could not commit himself.

Murphy, although she briefly considered it, declines the offer.

briefly mentioned

It's also briefly mentioned by H.J.R.

This view dates back to an idea briefly mentioned by Darwin but later abandoned.

Daughters of Philip The Daughters of Philip were 4 women briefly mentioned in the Bible.

very briefly

He never speaks for himself, and is seen very briefly only twice.

Cortés returned and took up the government again (very briefly) on June 25, 1526.

In 763, Tibet very briefly took the Chinese capital of Chang'an during the Tang civil war.

briefly took

He briefly took private lessons from the British phonetician Henry Sweet.

In 1991, Skues briefly took over the afternoon show on BBC Radio Sheffield.

In 970 the Fatimids again briefly took control, only to lose it again to the Qarāmita.

appears briefly

Hitchcock appears briefly in most of his own films.

Han appears briefly in "The Rise of Skywalker."

Tong appears briefly in the film.

briefly used

Later, Aeginetic standard appeared and was briefly used.

In addition the fort was briefly used as a prisoner of war camp in 1943 and 1944.

The Italian air force briefly used the airport as one of their bases to launch bomber raids over the mainland.

briefly appeared

A "Mathnet" comic briefly appeared in "3-2-1 Contact" magazine.

King briefly appeared in Jackson to make a speech in support of the Freedom Riders.

He briefly appeared again in the mid 1970s, drumming for Paul Butterfield's touring band.

briefly occupied

The Dutch briefly occupied it for a period in 1676.

Portugal briefly occupied them before World War II.

Parts of the monastery were briefly occupied by squatters.

briefly during

The two stars were engaged briefly during late 1937.

After enduring briefly during the late 1970s, attendances dropped after 1980.

The band was shown in complete silhouette only briefly during strobed sequences.

briefly married

Johnson was briefly married in 1949 to Mary Grey.

In 1913, Siring was briefly married to Ellen Partain.

Budd was briefly married to actress Sharon Lee.

briefly replaced

Agnes Moorehead briefly replaced Barrymore in March 1949.

While Bruce was on holiday in August 2007, he was briefly replaced by Davina McCall.

The coffee flavour was briefly replaced with strawberry, but returned in early 2009.

briefly imprisoned   (kısaca hapsedildi)

Foster was bankrupt by 1877 and was briefly imprisoned for debt in Vermont.

For his activities, Sleževičius was briefly imprisoned by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

He was briefly imprisoned for street agitation, and subsequently returned to England.

briefly moved

The event then briefly moved to Munich, Germany in 2001.

Filming briefly moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana from August 5–9.

After her non-compete agreement with Channel 5 expired, she briefly moved to KARE in 1987.

briefly left   (kısaca sol)

The element of surprise briefly left the Romans exposed.

He did not stand for re-election in 1999 and briefly left politics.

He resigned the position in 1929 and briefly left the foreign service.

briefly a member

Phil was briefly a member of the Steve Gibbons Band.

His father was briefly a member of the football team at Kansas State University.

He was also briefly a member of the Filthy Thieving Bastards, recording one record with the group.

briefly studied

Briggs briefly studied nursing at Boston Medical College but did not complete study.

Li dabbled in music and briefly studied law to please his parents, but ultimately decided to pursue fashion.

Upon her return to the United States, Dehner enrolled at the Art Students League and briefly studied sculpture.

briefly reunited   (kısaca tekrar bir araya geldi)

On the other hand, Vince Alaras briefly reunited with the band between 2013-2014.

In 1997 Hues and Nick Feldman briefly reunited for the release of the compilation .

In 2011, a few members of the crew briefly reunited for MTV's Tribute to the late Ryan Dunn.

briefly seen

The LFA was also briefly seen in the 2016 comedy film Nine Lives driven by Kevin Spacey's character Tom Brand.

Their smoking, overturned vehicle can be briefly seen on an overpass at one point during the highway chase level.

The Kraken is briefly seen in "", wherein it has been killed by Davy Jones under the order of Lord Cutler Beckett.

briefly appears

He briefly appears during The second caucus race.

Dante briefly appears twice in "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot".

Kamal Haasan briefly appears in an uncredited role as Jesus Christ.

briefly known

For this reason, during the French Revolutionary period, the town was briefly known as "Fontfortville".

The station was briefly known as country "The Frog" and "Thunder Country" with call letters WXFG in 1998.

It was briefly known as the Salisbury Exchange, but was renamed when James I opened the building on 11 April 1609.

briefly revived   (kısaca yeniden canlandı)

It was briefly revived from the bankrupt estate between 1960 and 1963.

The label was later briefly revived by the Leas in 1987-88 after RCA dropped Slade.

Carl Pilat's 1913 plan for the park was briefly revived in 1930, but not developed.

briefly engaged

In 1861, she was briefly engaged to the Welsh harpist John Thomas.

"Aretusa" briefly engaged the Ottoman torpedo cruiser in the Red Sea.

They are briefly engaged until Cuddy breaks it off, realizing that she is in love with House.

briefly described

Several additional specimens were briefly described by Jensen in 1987.

This earlier book had briefly described the importance of training the mind as a key part of meditation.

Thomas Thomson travelled in November 1847 and briefly described a place of remarkable beauty for Tibet (p. 210ff).

lived briefly

Marc Cherry was born in Long Beach and lived briefly in Oklahoma.

After his full retirement from the ring, he lived briefly in Washington, D.C.

In 1920 he lived briefly in London, and gave a joint recital with Rubinstein at Wigmore Hall.

studied briefly

He also studied briefly at the University of Chicago Divinity School.

She studied briefly at the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design and the University of California, Los Angeles.

On his return to London he studied briefly at either the London School of Economics or the Regent Street Polytechnic.

briefly lived

Napoleon also briefly lived in the palace in 1813.

The family briefly lived in France before emigrating to Victoria, Australia.

He worked as a cinematographer on news reels during the briefly lived Hungarian Soviet Republic.

taught briefly

He taught briefly at schools in Vadagam and Madhvas.

He taught briefly in Osuna, and then returned to Salamanca to study civil law.

She taught briefly at Hampshire College before joining the Mount Holyoke faculty.

briefly detained   (kısaca gözaltına alındı)

Mitchell was briefly detained, but was not charged.

Flores was briefly detained during the search.

The security guards briefly detained the man before releasing him.

briefly dated

Though they briefly dated, they married other people.

Faron Young briefly dated Billie Jean Jones.

Austin briefly dated Kim Kardashian in 2010.

later briefly

He later briefly became Creative Director of the Zee Television Network.

He later briefly served as president of a mining company in West Virginia.

The label was later briefly revived by the Leas in 1987-88 after RCA dropped Slade.

briefly taught

Blair was briefly taught French by Aldous Huxley.

In 2013, she briefly taught at Carnegie Mellon University.

Walsh attended the Bradford theatre school, Stage 84, and briefly taught there.