İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

bright red   (parlak kırmızı)

The bright red main gate makes it a very visible sight.

It is bright red with black dorsal markings.

The beetle is long and is yellow to bright red with black spots.

bright yellow   (parlak sarı)

The petals have bright yellow hairs near the bases.

The beak, feet and irises are bright yellow.

Gills are a bright yellow colour throughout.

bright green   (parlak yeşil)

The leaves are bright green and up to 4 mm across.

The adult male has glossy bright green upperparts.

The male has glossy bright green upperparts.

bright colors   (parlak renkler)

He uses bright colors, especially for clothing.

Her scenes were filled with bright colors and defined details.

These bright colors also serve as a warning that this fish is venomous.

bright orange   (parlak turuncu)

The bright orange fruits are up to 11 cm long.

Margins toothed, with bright orange sarcotesta when ripened.

Larval head capsules are bright orange.

bright light   (parlak ışık)

A bright light explodes throughout the "Flyer".

All of a sudden a bright light flashed, and the demons ran away.

Such eyes are common to all Chupwalas, and are entirely blind in bright light.

bright blue

His bright blue eyes earned him the popular nickname "Ol' Blue Eyes".

Cherenkov radiation also appears as a bright blue color, for these reasons.

The inflorescence forms a cluster of flowers which are first reddish, and later bright blue.

very bright   (çok parlak)

Centaurus contains several very bright stars.

He was an average student; not very bright, not a dullard either.

Plus, Davies wrote that "the future is very bright for The Museum.

bright spot

In his first season with the Saints, Vilma was a bright spot on a weak defensive unit.

Willy's one bright spot is neighbor child Melody, whose mother pimps her out every night.

The one bright spot was a lopsided win for the Red Sox in the much-hyped Martinez-Clemens game.

bright future   (parlak bir gelecek)

He was viewed as having a bright future there.

Turkey must face its past in order to have a bright future.

For Turkey's bright future, these kinds of works must be done.

bright colours   (parlak renkler)

The church is fantastically painted in bright colours.

The caves had doors of iron painted over with bright colours.

He used bright colours in dabs and dashes and squiggles of paint.

bright pink   (Parlak pembe)

The flowers of this Carpobrotus ("Sour-fig") species range bright pink to mauve.

It has some vibrant colors below the eye which can be made bright pink if threatened.

"The Y Project" opened with “Y Discriminate” a bright pink sculpture in the shape of the letter Y.

bright spots

The new decade of the 1980s brought some bright spots.

There were more bright spots in the 1980s.

However, this was one of the few bright spots of the Pacers' first 13 years in the NBA.

bright white

It produces bright white flowers in the summer.

The bright white calypteres stand out.

This can often lead to a bright reflection which records as bright white.

bright enough

Sun glitter can be bright enough to damage one's eyes.

At about this time it was bright enough to be observed in daylight with the naked eye.

It is 18' in diameter, and at magnitude 6.3 is bright enough to be seen with binoculars.

bright lights

The story intercuts with scenes of Amaro singing to the track stage with bright lights behind her.

The HUSS Rainbow has developed a vast fan base due to its large stature, smooth ride and bright lights.

When asked about his use of dim lighting, he suggests bright lights make the colour of skin appear unnatural.

bright stars   (parlak yıldızlar)

Centaurus contains several very bright stars.

There are several bright stars in Cygnus.

The other bright stars in Capricornus range in magnitude from 3.1 to 5.1 .

bright sunshine   (Parlak güneş)

The duration of bright sunshine is 2058.1 hours in average year.

Annual bright sunshine totals range between 1,900 up to just under 2,600 hours per year.

The sunshine duration is extremely high year-round with some 4,000 h of bright sunshine annually.